How to write a YouTube script?

YouTube is highly competitive. Content creators are trying new strategies, tricks, plans, and whatnot to make their content stand out. Creating ordinary content or copying someone else’s content in 2022 will take you nowhere.

To get as many possible views, you need to make captivating videos that grab and hold attention as long as possible. 

To be steadfast on the platform, you need to focus on improving your content. How can you do that?

Video quality, voice-over, editing style, topic. These are the main parameters to improve your content, but there is one more underrated ingredient that is crucial to determine our content quality, that is “Script.” Yes! YouTube videos also require a script.

People used to think scripts are only used in movies, tv shows, and dramas. We can agree on a point that nowadays YouTube videos are no less than a movie or a drama. Thanks to the talented content creators on the platform.

You still might wonder…

Why do we need a YouTube script?

You must be thinking about first video recording, voice-over, video editing, now a script too?

Top YouTubers have sleepless nights in creating outstanding content. In 2022, it is necessary to step out of the ordinary content in order to make it to the big. 

A YouTube script reduces the unnecessary wordings in your content and saves you a lot of time in creating content.

If you don’t have a script, then you will think, do retakes, use words like “umm, hmm, ahh” as while recording you try to find the best words, gesticulation, pitch, and tone of your voice. 

That means having a killer script is important even for your short videos. 

If you are losing views, comments, likes, and shares then, your absence of a script might be the reason.

But don’t lose hope. You are in the right place. Today we will teach you how to write captivating YouTube scripts which will glue the audience with your videos.

Hacks for writing scripts

You can find numerous ways of writing a script, but we have refined the best hacks for you at writing an outstanding YouTube script:

Identify and rectify your topic

Writing an exceptional YouTube script starts with identifying a topic that touches your audience.

Focus on everyday problems, challenges, and aspirations your audience encounters. By using that kind of information, you’ll quickly develop a list of topics worth exploring.

After discovering a relatable topic, it is time to elaborate on it. Ask questions in your script: ‘What is the root cause of this problem? What measures can we apply to overcome this?’ asking questions with your audience will keep them attentive throughout the video. 

Post identifying and addressing the problem, you give the context. You give the best possible solution for what your audience came for. Try to empathize with your audience. The best content comes from relatable content. 

Grab attention at the beginning 

Most YouTubers know that grabbing an audience’s attention immediately is critical, but few know how to do it well. 

In fact, the first 15 seconds of the video will determine your video’s fortune. If you glued your audience in the first 15 seconds, then there are much higher chances that your video will be watched till the end. 

There are various ways of hooking up your audience. The smartest and easiest way is by introducing a statement or posing a question that’s either shocking or designed to pique interest. 

You can achieve this by finding a soft corner or a pain point so that your audience relates to your content and keeps watching it.

Conversational Tone

Write your script as if you are speaking to one person and not an audience of thousands. You need to deliver a friendly tone to your audience. 

Think about how you would explain concepts and how your audience of one grasps ideas if you were speaking to them in person. As you craft a message for one, you will also find it easier to develop a stronger and more appealing script. 


Presenting and explaining your facts are prominent. But abstain from information overload. Try to make your script funny and entertaining.

If your facts aren’t even strong, but if your audience is laughing and smiling, then they will watch your video till the end.

Add some memes, inside jokes, funny puns so that your audience enjoys watching your videos.

how to write a youtube script


Scripts make creating YouTube videos easier. They provide value, improve your presentation, and save time that would otherwise be spent trying to find the right words without one. 

Thanks for reading till the end. If you are done reading this, you can read our other valuable blogs here:

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How to promote a YouTube channel through social media?

With the everyday heavy rain of people using social media, business marketing has become a hit. Social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Telegram, etc. are pretty successful in giving recognition to many influencers. 

For business, you can choose any platform for the purpose of marketing.

But if you want to grow your YouTube channel through these platforms, we have one specific platform with promising results, that is Instagram.

Instagram, for instance, has over one billion monthly users and about half a billion daily users. Instagram, therefore, comes as a feasible option to promote your YouTube channel, we’ll look more of it after.

how to promote youtube channel through social media

What are the best ways to promote your YouTube channel through Instagram?

There are various techniques, strategies, tips and manoeuvres available on the Internet to grow your YouTube channel. But to save you from information overload, we have filtered the best-proven methods to skyrocket your YouTube channel. 

Mention your channel info

Whereas you can do many amazing things to promote your content on Instagram, it is never enough when you have not provided some information about your YouTube channel. You need to mention your channel link in your Instagram bio, mention your YouTube link in your YouTube stories (don’t forget to make highlights). You can shorten your YouTube link through linktree or because long URLs give an amateurish vibe. 


When you make a video for your YouTube channel, it is advised to crop some exciting parts from the video into an aspect ratio of 16:9, which is the aspect ratio of an Instagram reel. 

If you follow Instagram influencers, then you might notice the preview of their YouTube videos posted as reels. For example, “A Day in the Life of a Harvard Law student” then they post the best parts and end the reel with, “Full video link in bio”. This is called Audience Retention from social media.

Relevant Hashtags 

Hashtags connect various pieces of content by bringing you closely related content. We couldn’t emphasise more on the subject of hashtags. Hashtags can also be known as an audience magnet due to their incredible performance.

You need to choose the right hashtags. You can start by using regularly trending hashtags relevant to your YouTube channel content. If you post productive aesthetic videos on your YouTube channel, then #aesthetic, #plants, #lifestyle, #productivity, etc. 

Interact with your followers

Do QnAs, story polls, reaction meters, etc. Try to interact with your audience as much as you can, tell them about yourself, what you do, what other social media handles you have and tell them about your YouTube journey, how you started, how long you have been, and how much their support is important to you.

The more genuine and transparent relationships you will build with your audience, the more loyalty you gain. 


You can announce giveaways on your YouTube channel. For instance, “to win this Amazon gift voucher you need to follow my Instagram and tag 3 friends of yours.”

This is one of the best traffic-driving campaigns one can use! This will give you a huge organic audience with no sweat. You can announce 2 to 3 giveaways per month. 

NOTE: These strategies can only be applied if you have decent, generic followers. You cannot apply them with no followers. If you have a good amount of followers, then you are good to go, but if you don’t, then don’t lose hope. We have got you covered.

Is Instagram the best social media platform to grow your YouTube Channel?

Having been on YouTube for a while, you depict a good understanding of the people that interact with your video content. You need to focus on your video demographics, namely gender, age, and language.

 The female population holds a majority percentage of Instagram users – 68%. Then, if we dig deep, there are bifurcations based on age and language, which is a vital audience characteristic in today’s digital marketing space. 

If a larger percentage of people usually interact with your content on Instagram, then Instagram is the best platform to boost your YouTube channel. Now you know that Instagram may be the right place for you to promote your channel. You deserve to know how you can use Instagram for that purpose. 

We have genuine followers that you can drive straight to your account!

You can check it out here: buy Instagram followers

Now you know how you can boost your YouTube channel with the help of social media!

That’s all for today! Stay tuned for more power-packed content.

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How to increase audience retention on YouTube?

Are you tired of losing the audience from your channel?

You are creating quality content but still; you are facing bad video statistics.

Then you are in the right place! Today we will learn about Audience Retention,

A prominent question arises:

What is Audience Retention?

Audience retention (sometimes referred to as “Viewer Retention”) is the average percentage of a YouTube video that people watch.

Videos with high audience retention scores tend to have increased visibility on YouTube’s platform. 

For example, let’s say you just published a video that’s 14 minutes long. If people watch your video for an average of 7 minutes, your audience retention on that video is 50%.

The more your video is watched, the more audience retention you have. 

retetion on youtube

Here comes a basic query:

Why is audience retention important?

Youtube loves videos that keep people watching.

The word binge is a perfect fit for it. If you are successful in keeping people from binge-watching your video, then your video will manage to be in the top search of YouTube.

Audience Retention consists of watch time (how long your video is watched) and the other is how many times your video is watched, these are the core factors of Audience Retention.

If you managed to maintain the aforementioned factors in your videos, then you don’t need any marketing, Youtube itself will be the promoter of your channel. 

In fact, when YouTube rolled out a change to their algorithm a few years ago, they said:

“We have started adjusting the ranking of videos in YouTube search to reward engaging videos that keep viewers watching”.

Not only that, but YouTube recently confirmed that Audience Retention has become a big part of their algorithm:

“And videos with consistently high audience retention and watch time have the potential to show up more frequently in search and suggested locations on YouTube.”

The Principal has asserted the best ways to grade yourself in the top charts.

So it’s clear that videos with high audience retention rank higher in YouTube search (and get promoted in other places on the platform, like the YouTube homepage, shorts section, and trending section).

Now we know how vital Audience Retention is. Let us learn how to boost audience retention on your channel:

Create a Magnetic Hook

According to YouTube, the first 15 seconds of your video can make or break your video. In the first few seconds, YouTube viewers decide they will continue to watch your video or leave it. 

So if your first 15 seconds didn’t perform well, people will leave your video and that can kill your audience retention. 

That’s why it’s important to start your video off with a compelling hook. 

You can use various types of hooks like “Clearly Stated Value”. This is the most straightforward type of hook. You simply give the viewer what they came for! No bait, no introductory stories, nothing but the actual content. For example, (“In this video, you are going to learn how to make a cheesecake”) 

You can also make a “preview”. Preview what’s coming up later on in the video. If you watch videos of faze rug, MrBeast, Logan Paul, ethos then you will relate to this.

The 15 seconds will be the deal-breaker for you!

The next method is:

Pattern Interrupts

So now, after hooking your viewer for the first 15 seconds, it’s time to make them continue to watch the entire video. That can be done with pattern interrupts. 

What’s a Pattern Interrupt?

“A pattern interrupt is a technique to change a particular style or situation.”

When a viewer gets bored, they switch to some other video. To glue your audience, you need to keep changing patterns in your videos. 

Change in camera angles, B rolls, different settings, on-screen graphics, video editing styles, etc. 

That’s how you can break the pattern. If you will stay on the same pattern throughout the video, it will bore the audience and you will see drastic results in your audience. 

Use a Script 

The unscripted video comprises “umms”, “ahhs”, and “hmmm” in the video. That will unnecessarily prolong the video and eventually make the video boring. 

Work on a well-structured script, with neat topics divided, interesting facts, a little pinch of humour, and of course no “umms”, “ahhs”.

Add Open Loops

Do you know why Netflix shows are so addicting? Because this master move is called “open loop”. An open loop is where you preview something that’s coming up later in the video. Netflix uses the “next episode” open loop, “find out who’s the killer of sofiya in the next episode”. This will make your audience throw anything they are doing and make them watch your videos. 

You can easily add Open loops in your YouTube videos. How? Simply preview something that’s coming up later in your video. 

So now you are the Megamind of “Audience Retention on YouTube”. If you think this video can help anyone, don’t hesitate to share this. 

That’s all for today! Stay tuned for more power-packed content. 

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To join or not to join a YouTube Network

YouTube is helping beings in building their dream careers. There are various reasons behind naming it as a “dream career” be it money, fame, thrill, passion, or whatnot.

YouTube has paid over $2 billion since 2007 to YouTubers! No wonder why everyone is leaving their well-earning jobs and jumping on the platform.

Not everyone is here for the money, some are super passionate about the platform. Some of them flunk in the initial struggling stages of the YouTube journey. But some have that “never giving up” aura, and later they are known as one of the successful YouTubers. 

If you are on a YouTube journey, then you might face problems like monetizing your channels, finding branded sponsorships, quality collaborations, or getting YouTube support. If you are facing similar problems, then you should think about joining a YouTube network! 

You must be wondering, ‘YouTube network?’ Let us learn… 

What is a YouTube Network?

A YouTube network, also known as a “multi-channel network” or “MCN” is an independent business entity that works with creators to grow, monetize, program, and manage their YouTube Channels.

MCNs became popular in the early-2010s when YouTubers started witnessing massive growth through them.

The more YouTubers assembled, the more valuable those companies became.

The logic is pretty simple: when YouTubers started seeing prosperous growth they jumped on the networks as soon as they could. YouTube Network giants, like IGN, Maker Studios, StyleHaul, AwesomenessTV, and Machinima, ended up selling to entertainment entities such as Disney and Warner Bros.

Basically, the YouTube network will act as a mediator between the content creator and parties like YouTube, branded sponsors, biggest influential voices, and many more.

YouTube networks open doors to golden opportunities for content creators.

Now a frequently asked question:

Why do YouTubers join a network?

In the beginning, content creators usually start their YouTube journey on their own. Managing the channel, looking for sponsorships, collaborations, monetizing campaigns, visibility measures, and whatnot.

We also offer genuine monetizing services for YouTube channels. You can check it out here: 

When the creator learns that the channel cannot be grown solely and they need exposure, then they go for the YouTube Networks.

The reason behind opting for the Youtube network is nothing, but the variety of services at one stop. 

If someone is having issues in managing the channel, lacking visibility, incapacity of monetizing the channel, having problems finding sponsors or collaborations, having big issues with YouTube-like channel bans, copyrights, strikes, etc. 

The YouTube network act as a supermarket for content creators.

Benefits of joining a YouTube Network

As we are enlightened by the fact that YouTube Networks helped numerous YouTubers in making big in the industry. So now let’s discuss the key points on how YouTube networks function to uplift the content creators: 

Production houses

Some of the larger networks have their own production houses that YouTubers can use for shooting and editing content. Production houses like IGN and maker studios invite big as well as small YouTubers to do challenges, create entertaining content, and whatnot!

If you are looking for professional cinematography, editing, lighting, perfect sets, etc. Then joining a larger YouTube Network would be a good option for you.

YouTube Support

YouTube does not “endorse” the MCNs on the platform, they do offer a list of certified providers.

YouTube networks help in resolving issues with YouTube. Channel bans, strikes, copyrights, etc. can be handled well if you are partnered with a larger YouTube network. YouTube networks work as an arbitrator between the content creators and the platform to resolve the issues. 


Youtube networks can offer creators assistance with growing, managing, programming, and monetizing their channels.

Like what else do you need? You can completely focus on content creation or improving your content, and the YouTube network will act as a guardian to you. 


In an initiative to migrate audiences from one channel to another, MCNs create opportunities for collaboration between different in-network talent. For a small YouTuber working with a larger influencer on the platform, this can be hugely beneficial. 


As Networks have relations with all the big and famous people in the industry, businesses look for sponsor video content on YouTube. This can mean more exposure and brand partnership opportunities than might be achieved as an independent channel.  

NOTE: Don’t go for a YouTube network if you have a limited budget for your channel. MCNs look to get as many potentially profitable creators on their network as possible, In some cases, MCNs have had as many as 50,000 channels signed to their network.

This can be good for the network but can compromise the attention required to individual channels. Basically, they acquire a profit share in your revenue, so if you are a newbie then you won’t be able to get a profitable result. 
That’s all for today! If you are done reading this, You can learn about “What is a YouTube Cash Cow Channel?”.

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How to grow Fitness page on Instagram

Instagram is blowing the internet with its success rate. Many people are getting massive exposure by putting out content on Instagram. Today, we will learn valuable tips on how to grow your Instagram account in the fitness industry. 

Fill out your profile

First things first- fill out your profile ALL THE WAY!

This includes your name, username (your @name), bio (outstanding unique bios always work the best), location, and website.

Try to shorten your URL from the link tree or because long URLs make your websites look unprofessional.

Here’s a little hack about the search algorithms. Your Instagram NAME (not your @name), is a key searchable field in the app!

In simple language, if you search LarryWheels, then Instagram will show you accounts with usernames and names matching with LarryWheels. So it is recommended to use niche-specific names like Jason | Yoga Instructor, Mathew | Personal Trainer. 

Post High photos and videos

One of the most important ingredients for your fitness journey is this.

If your account is a thrown-together mishmash of low-quality blurry photos, screenshots, and quotes, it’s not going to look aesthetically pleasing to someone who landed on your page. Post high-quality photos and videos to make your content look professional.

Don’t ignore the reels! Reels are currently the game-changer of Instagram. You can find many apps to edit and optimize your reels.

Find your aesthetic

Do some research and try to follow some fitness brands or influencers that you would like to impersonate. If you scroll Instagram reels, you will find many accounts that follow some aesthetic and post-eye-cooling content. Stick to a color scheme, logo, content templates.

grow fitness page on instagram


Post your clients before and after photos, reels on a transformation journey, igtv case studies, etc. Testimonials are proof that the clients you train are actually seeing progress with your personal training and diet charts.

Always, always, always get permission from your client before posting them on your account because some clients don’t like any type of privacy hindrance.

Life Hack: Use the Instagram carousel feature to portray your clients before and after results, so your audience swipes through your photos. If you use Instagram ads or Facebook, then you might know the power of the carousel feature! 

Tag people

Tag people if you are reposting someone else’s content. If you are training with fitness influencers, then tag them in your posts with their permission. Likewise, if you are posting your client’s testimonials, then tag them with their due consent. 

Free value to your followers

Always keep adding value to your audience.

One can grow his/her paid business anytime, but even to grow your business, free value is a must! Do QnAs about fit lifestyle, post a story of *Ask me a question* and let people ask you questions about fitness niche.

You can record your answers and post them in stories. It will boost your engagement.

Giveaway of free diet plans every Saturday or Sunday will keep your audience attracted to you. Random live sessions of client counseling will make you outstanding in the field. 

You can even do a live session with your client about their experience while training with you! It will create a genuine, transparent relationship with your audience.

Create a schedule, but feel free to mix it up!

You can create a schedule of the different types of posts you would like to share, so you are not posting the same thing. This applies not only to the content type but also to the post type. Change it up!

Monday: Post a quick workout reel. Explaining exercises, how to use machines properly, what mistakes to avoid, and supplements like pre-workouts, post workouts.

Tuesday: Share a carousel of your client’s progress (make sure you get their permission)!

Wednesday: A typical day-in-the-life of a Personal trainer. What you eat, at what time you wake up, your routine, and whatnot!

Thursday: Share a healthy, delicious meal recipe (how to make a healthy delicious breakfast) 

Saturday: Post client’s weekly progress of weight loss or weight gain.

Instagram Stories

Keep creating or reposting Instagram stories, create highlights of your QnAs, clients’ before and after photos, meal recipes, workout programs, diet charts, motivational quotes, etc. Instagram stories encourage engagement activities. Your stories, highlights, and entire profile will act as a mini-website for you.

Host a contest

100 push-ups for 30 days, longest plank challenges, pull-ups, dips, and whatnot! You can host many contests and put a prize for the winner. This type of content will make you unique and outstanding in your field.

These were the bullet tips for growing your Instagram Fitness account. Consistency is the key to quality followers, but it will take time. If you don’t want to wait for your success, then we have something special for you! Check it out here:


Don’t neglect the power of hashtags! Hashtags work as a magnet at attracting audiences to your account. There are two types of hashtags: the hashtags that are already famous in the fitness niche like, 




And there are specific hashtags that are used to make your account unique! Create your own specific hashtags so that people can differentiate between your account and others. 

That’s all for today! Stay tuned for more power-packed content.

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How to grow a YouTube channel through discord?

In the digital era of multimedia, we have so many ways to promote our content. If we want to promote our online business, then we can go for digital marketing.

We can even go for affiliate marketing. Platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat help a lot with networking. Even for YouTube, content creators always provide their social handles to build community.

If you are successful in connecting with your audience and building a community like a family, then you will not lose your audience ever. The biggest YouTubers always emphasize on building a community and interacting with them.

Now, how can you do that? If you have a larger audience, then how can you interact with them? 

Replying to comments? Nope! Replying to them one by one would take hours and will mess up your workflow!

Don’t stress it too much! We have got you covered. “Discord”! Probably you would have heard this name before or maybe you would use it or chances are you didn’t know the potential of this app in building a community. But if you don’t know what is discord? Here it is.

What is Discord?

grow discord using youtube

Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app that’s used by tens of millions of people ages 13+ to talk and hang out with their communities and friends.

There are larger, more open communities, generally centered around specific topics such as the YouTube channel community, popular games like Minecraft and Fortnite.

Key features of Discord:

  1. You can voice call with your friends as long as you want with no issues. Of course with the internet.
  2. You can make discord servers. Servers act like social media handles where you share posts and others can react to them. You can make a server to discuss and share any topic, be it memes, songs, games, etc.
  3. There is a paid version of Discord called “nitro”. Nitro gives you access to funny stickers, profile badges, bigger uploads, and many more!
  4. The funny stickers create a funny and healthy environment for the servers.
  5. Discord is available in 30 languages.
  6. Available in various platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, web. So that you can access it from anywhere without a problem.

So these were the few basic key features of discord. You can always try your hands to experiment with new things on the platform.

How to promote a YouTube channel using discord?

Irrespective of the niches, you can use discord flawlessly. Gaming? The platform is mostly used by gamers who live stream! Memes? Discord is known for its famous meme servers. Cooking? You can discuss new cooking recipes. Lifestyle? People share their productive lifestyle routine for motivation.

You just name it! If you are creative, many ways can be discovered through discord.

Now, how can you communicate through discord? Let’s understand this with a Case study:

Hydraflick is a live streamer on YouTube. He has a discord server for his subscribers, where he has assigned bots and moderators to assist all of his subscribers.

Hydraflick interacts with his audience, makes announcements, does giveaways, and whatnot on that particular server. The people on that server also respond and add value to the server. The YouTuber has his own healthy community. 

Now the community keeps growing! So from this case study, you can learn how you can also build a healthy community for your channel.

By the way, if you are thinking of starting your YouTube journey but you are afraid of the beginning struggle? We have something for you!

Check it out here!

Now, after learning the importance of a discord server, the foremost query is:

How to make a discord server?

To create your own server, open the Discord app and create an account if you don’t already have one. Then, click the plus icon in the server selection column on the left side of the screen.

Click “Create a Server” on the left.

Give your server a name under the server’s name.

Optionally, click the circle on the right to upload a thumbnail picture to represent your server. If you join several servers, this will be the primary way you distinguish between them, so pick something unique that identifies your server at a glance.

Once you’ve made all your decisions, click create at the bottom of the window.

So you know that your discord server is just a few clicks away from you!

Now you know how to skyrocket your YouTube channel with this community builder known as Discord!

That’s all for today! Stay Tuned for more power-packed content.

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Aged YouTube Channels vs. New YouTube Channels

Nobody expected that even in 2022 old YouTube channels will hold a gold worth!

People who created YouTube channels in the years 2005 to 2014 are feeling blessed. They are having a feeling of owning some cryptocurrency that blew up in 2022.

Some of us would be getting along with what I am talking about, and some of us would be clueless. Old YouTube Channels? What are they? And why do people who created YouTube channels in the last decade feel so lucky?

Don’t worry! Today we will discuss each and everything related to old or Aged YouTube channels!

Before moving forward, I would like to add there are two types of YouTube channels: One is a New YouTube Channel, and the other is an Old or Aged YouTube channel!  

If we come to the nuts and bolts of this topic, it is necessary to learn about them.

Before going to the content, we want to remind you that we’ve launched our YouTube Channel Marketplace:

What are New YouTube Channels?

You must be feeling so clueless about this new and old debate.

But the more you learn, the more you grow. The New YouTube channels are the channels that are created currently or in the recent past years.

So what’s the deal? Isn’t it obvious by the name itself? Yes, it is pretty obvious, but the distinction is made because of the changes adopted by YouTube in recent years.

Changes like 4000 watch hours, 1000 subscribers to get monetized. If you own a YouTube channel or you have gone through the process of achieving 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers, then you must be well aware of the blood and sweat that was put into achieving them! 

Frequent strikes, bans, copyrights, and whatnot! These are just a few traits of “The New YouTube Channels”. But here arises a question: Why has YouTube become more strict than our Mathematics Teacher?

The answer is COMPETITION! If YouTube won’t increase the money barriers like watch hours and subscriber threshold, then everyone will jump on YouTube. 

In recent years, YouTube glimpsed the increase in content creators drastically. To slow the traffic, and retain the funds, YouTube imposed the respective barriers. 

Now let’s discuss:

What are old or Aged YouTube Channels? 

By the name itself, you may get an idea about the same.

Aged YouTube channels are the channels that were created in the last two decades. That’s it! Yes, there are no such unique features about the Aged YouTube Channels, but there are a few benefits that will surprise you without a doubt!

But why would someone buy a rusty dead YouTube Channel? Why would someone even BUY? when one can start his/her YouTube Channel for free? 

aged YouTube Channels

You will get your answers without a doubt. Here, take a look at the windfalls of buying an Aged YouTube Channel:

Benefits of Buying an Aged YouTube Channel?

Here are some benefits that might change your reasoning :

1. Organic marketing

Uploading videos on the old YouTube channel will notify your audience like, “hey this channel has uploaded a video in a while”. This is something like free organic marketing. Don’t worry, it won’t say, “hey this OLD channel has uploaded”. It will behave like a normal channel but in a better way.

2. IP addresses! (Don’t ignore this)

Many people change their IP addresses after a few years to avoid problems like hacking and personal safety. When they change it, there are very fewer chances that they will get a ban or strike. Nowadays, new YouTube channels are pretty prone to bans and strikes. Strikes on old channels are less frequent, making your YouTube career flawless.

3. Improved statistics.

According to many old YouTube channel users, they did a test on statistics by uploading a new video on a brand new channel and uploading the same video on an old YouTube channel, and the results were surprising. The old YouTube channel performed better than the new channel in terms of reach to the audience.

These are the major deal-breakers for buying an Aged YouTube and especially for those who are just starting their careers because new YouTubers face pretty hard challenges in establishing their identity, and for that aged YouTube channels will act as a hand-on the shoulder. 

Now the basic question is, Where can you buy them?

There are several websites where you can buy aged YouTube channels but there is no guarantee whether they are legit or not!

But eazysmm has got you covered! We have genuine Aged YouTube Channels with videos ranging from 1 to 1000+ and channel views from 1,000 to 99,999 with unbelievably affordable rates. 

Check out our marketplace of aged youtube channels: Aged YouTube channels marketplace.

That’s all for today! Stay tuned for more power-packed content.

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How to grow a meme page on Instagram?

Growing a meme page can be a pretty challenging task. If you are starting from scratch with no prior connections, growing it might seem like conquering a fort.

Not only that, there are thousands of Instagram pages which make it even harder.

But making a meme page is like a spiritual deed to put smiles on other people’s faces. When you have a tiring day, or you have a bad day, then watching funny memes can really lift up your mood. People claim that watching memes gives them a sense of therapy and helps them in beating depression. Sounds alarming, right? Not only that, if you managed to reach the top charts, then you can have a decent income out of it too!

Business owners reach out to famous meme page owners to promote their businesses and pay them heavy profits. Most of the famous meme page owners are making a living out of their meme pages.

In this article, you will learn how you can grow your Instagram meme pages from scratch, even in this competitive era.

Here are a few steps on how you can stand out from other meme pages:

Pick a sub-niche

Read it again! Not niche, pick a sub-niche. There are main niches and sub-niches. The main niches are gaming, comedy, cooking, music, memes, dance, education, etc. Then we have sub-niches! We are dealing with a meme niche, but it is important to pick a sub-niche in the same. 

There are various sub-niches, such as couple memes, college memes, science memes, food memes, community memes, and many more. If you will make a dedicated sub-niche for your account, then you will witness remarkable growth! 

Successful meme pages on Instagram tend to post hilarious memes or relatable content that refers to a specific audience. 

Comments like, “This is so relatable 😭”! Always make the content go viral.

So always choose a sub-niche before starting!

Optimize your profile!

The biggest mistakes done by meme page owners are poor optimization of their pages.

Low-quality profile photos, senseless bios, scammy stories, over-sponsored posts, etc. These mistakes lower down the status of meme pages!Always pay attention to your content quality. Make your profile as appealing as possible to attract people to follow you!

  1. Profile photo
  2. Bio
  3. Theme
  4. Highlights

These are the factors you need to pay attention to! 

Join follow for follow groups

As already said, if you don’t have prior connections before starting your meme page, then you have to work pretty hard to make it to the top! 

You need to join follow-for-follow groups in order to gain some followers for your page. Followers are the foremost priority for your meme page because if you lack engagement in your content, then you won’t be able to grow your account.

Now, what is a follow-for-follow group?

There are groups on Reddit, Discord, Tumblr made for follow backs. People come and post their account links and ask for a follow and in return you also get a follow for your page. You need to post and practice this meta for a few months in order to get a decent number of followers!

There is another way to gain genuine followers! You can gain Instagram organic followers here:

grow instagram page

Post often, but not too much!

The more you post, the best response you get!

Stories, polls, posts, live sessions, videos, reels, etc. posting these will always boost your engagements like a rocket. But keep in mind spamming can be your pitfall. 

Don’t post your content to the extent that your audience gets bored and irritated.

Make a calendar and schedule your content according to even time periods.

Hashtags! Hashtags! Hashtags!

I cannot emphasize more on this one! Hashtags play a magical role in attracting an audience to your meme page! 






In order to maximize your post’s visibility, you need to post effective hashtags in your caption or comment section.

Note: Don’t add banned hashtags or your post will be shown under banned posts. 

The secret behind these hashtags is ‘bots’. Bots are made to reach the trending hashtags. These bots are automated to like the posts with certain hashtags as soon as they are posted. 

With all that being said, the general idea is to target hashtags that have a lot of activity as they’ll garner the most number of likes. 

You can experiment with these hashtags to see which combination of hashtags works the best! 

So these were the few hacks you can apply to make your content stand out.

If you are successful in implementing these few steps, then you will see significant results on your page.

That’s all for today! Stay tuned for more power-packed content. 

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TikTok vs. Instagram reels

Moms are complaining about their children for spending hours on social media! Instagram reels and TikTok are fairly responsible for the same. When I try to be productive, Instagram reels and TikTok are the most distracting.

If you are a heavy user of Instagram and TikTok, then you must be pretty familiar with the addiction of swiping all day. Now you can always find an opportunity where everyone is failing.

You know how addictive TikTok and Instagram reels are, so give a thought to how you can skyrocket your content with them.

But here arises a question of which platform is better?

TikTok or Reels?

Reels vs TikTok is a fairly new battle. Since the success of TikTok has spread from Gen Z to a variety of age groups, Instagram has launched reels in an attempt to win back its audience. Instagram is trying its best to cope with its adversary, which is still steadily rising in popularity.

Instagram reels are also performing well for a few months. Instagram had the time to carve out the best tools and interface to match or outshine TikTok. Now did Instagram succeed, or is it the carbon copy of the concept? And has TikTok made any changes to scare the opponent? We will discuss more when we will learn the differences between the platforms.

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Differences between Reels and TikTok:

Video length:

Although reels and TikTok are based on the same idea, the 30 second limit on reels gives it quite a different premise. It limits the users from posting more content and gives them an unsatisfying feeling.

Whereas TikTok’s 60-second video format allows users to share the complete content story. This 60-second video works best for the awareness spreading accounts, tutorials (I know! It’s still not enough for a make-up tutorial), cooking recipes, etc.

So this TikTok has an edge over Instagram. In TikTok, you can experiment and adapt to new things with that video stretch. We must agree, TikTok has some impressive engagement tactics here.


TikTok’s library is not limited to music from the charts. Its users have complete freedom to create fresh sounds, which sometimes leads to viral trends.

That’s the reason new music artists get prosperous growth on the platform.

Gen Z loves to make funny soundtracks and make them the new viral content. Creators try to hop on the fast-paced trends as soon as possible in order to grow their views and become one of the success stories awarded fame via viral TikTok audio. 

Make no mistake, Reels has a wide variety of audio options but compared to TikTok, it’s not an extensive library. Most of the audios used in Reels are picked over from viral TikTok trends. The system is doing pretty well, but it means its audience is reliant on TikTok to make a video go viral, which will do well in the algorithm.

Instagram is not a music-based platform, so we cannot expect much in terms of soundtracks. Whereas TikTok is also known as a music search engine, people find new music through TikTok videos. Instagram has tighter copyright restrictions because it is based around artists sharing their original work, while TikTok was built on the premise of using copyrighted music.

TikTok is more about a generation sharing new ideas and spreading entertainment while Instagram is keeping up with TikTok and trying to win back the audience.

Video editing:

TikTok trends usually come with special effects. Reels only has its generic filters used on Instagram stories. Instagram lacks a few video effects as compared to TikTok. For users who are trying to keep up with the trends, sometimes effects are necessary. One of TikTok’s most valuable effects is the touch-up button, which applies the softening effect to your face (makes you look cute). 

You can save your TikToks to your camera roll, though it will have the watermark to protect the rights of the original creator. There is yet not an option to save a reel. Instagram custom thumbnail feature is pretty cool too. You can edit and put custom thumbnail pictures on your reel.

Conclusion: What to choose?

TikTok without a doubt is a superior platform for short video content. With a vast variety of video editing options for copyright-free music and an interesting user interface. However, you can use both platforms!

Try your hands on experimenting with new trends on TikTok, while posting your polished, successful content on Instagram.

If the platforms are not stopping us, then why shouldn’t we use both? Keep making content, keep putting out value! Don’t lose hope. Maybe one day you would share your success story with everyone.

That’s all for today! Stay tuned for more power-packed content.

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Dos and don’ts for Instagram growth

When you hop on a new atmosphere, it is better to know about the ground rules. Just like when you buy something, you read the user manual to avoid any problems. We have made a user guide for your Instagram account so that you may avoid any inconsistencies. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

How do you grow on Instagram?

Everyone is trying their hands on Instagram. Some are using it to kill time, some are using it to learn and motivate themselves, and few are struggling to grow their businesses, content, fame, etc. Here are a few dos and don’ts on how to grow your Instagram:



Consistency is the key to success. This is not a complex process. Consistently posting your content will boost your algorithm like a jet!

The more frequent you are, the more growth you will witness. Instagram notices your account activity, and when it finds out that this account is posting reliable quality content frequently, then it allows the audience to jump on your handle.

Use hashtags

Irrespective of the niche you are dealing with, Instagram Hashtags are the real game-changer!

You are posting as an influencer, comedian, gamer, musician, or even if you are promoting your business products and whatnot! Use hashtags in every niche and in every post of yours.

There are so many trending hashtags that have the potential to attract traffic on your handle like a magnet.

Try to Google trending hashtags for your niche, for example, #foodporn, #memes, #reddit, #makeup, #valorant, etc.

You search and you find trending hashtags for your niche. Do not add irrelevant hashtags for your niche, because if you are a gamer, then adding #savetrees will not make any sense.

Instagram reels

This one is currently the best performing. After witnessing TikTok’s success, Instagram reels are not coming slow. People are spending hours watching reels and they are even spending hours making the reels! Lightning, makeup, scripts, concepts, camera quality, etc.

People are spending hours improving their content. Reels boost the Instagram algorithm in the most perfect way, the reason behind it is nothing but the watch time. This is simple logic, you will offer something in a crowded market, not in a dessert.

Now let’s talk about what you shouldn’t do in order to stun your Instagram growth.

instagram growing


Do not copy

Make your content original! Copying content will not take you ahead longer. Especially if you are a content creator who posts subjective videos, and you are copying content from others, then this will be a huge downfall for you.

People don’t like to see copied content, and if you think people won’t realize it if you picked the content from some other country?

Then it’s a silly thought because again, people are spending hours on reels they will eventually realize it’s copied.

But you can take inspiration from others. If you found a trend or a particular video impressive then you can repost it by giving credits to the original creator, or you can create your own version of it by writing, “inspired by: @content creator’s name”.


Do not indulge in any type of Controversies. Make no statement that will lead you to any problem. People intentionally try to mock you or try to pull you down for a publicity stunt.

I agree it will give you a lot of audiences exposure, but only in a bad way. We are building a healthy quality audience. So stay away from such statements.

Do not break your commitments

If you are interactive with your audience as one should, then you should never break your promises or commitments made to them. Giveaway announcements, weekly live sessions, collaboration details, etc. Always keep up to your promises. If you fail, then you will lose your audience’s trust. Losing your audience is the biggest loss one can suffer.

How to grow Instagram from zero

You cannot get successful in a month or two. There is no get famous quick scheme here.

It is obvious that if you are going to start from scratch, you have to be patient and trust the process. If you are consistently posting quality original content, then be rest assured about your growth. B

ut we have something to relieve you in your hustle.

Instagram is all about quality followers and you can buy 100% genuine followers from us.

You can focus on your content and we will take care of your audience. You can check it out here: Buy Instagram Followers

So these were the few tips and tricks on how to grow on Instagram.

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