Guide to Building a Strong Youtube Channel

Regular quality content is needed for building a strong Youtube channel

Even though Youtube claims to have over 2 billion users in over 100 countries, it is evident that businesses still don’t fully utilize the potential of YouTube marketing. The main reason is the amount of time and effort, not to mention equipment and cost, necessary to produce high-quality video material.

Compared to other marketing options such as blogs and graphic content, video production requires skill and many other resources. At the same time, we are witnessing the success of YouTube stars and channels that boast thousands of subscribers and millions of views.

Using YouTube for marketing can be lucrative, you just need a little know-how in building a strong Youtube channel to break through.

What does building a strong Youtube channel involve?

Marketing aims to make your business accessible and visible to a larger audience, but that implies that you have a business, a product, or a brand worth showing off.

So, how to make money on YouTube if you’re still new and inexperienced? It is not impossible to build a strong YOUTUBE channel from scratch and monetize it. However, it will take some time before you reap the first benefits.

The following guide aims to assist you in understanding the process ahead of you. With our help, you should be able to plan your YouTube marketing strategy. This the base:

  1. Whom do you target with your Youtube marketing strategy?
    • know your target audience
    • understand their aims
    • identify the format they prefer
  2. What kinds of videos attract viewers?
    • useful videos
    • high-quality videos
    • regular videos
  3. How should you optimize your videos?
    • is your video relevant to a search?
    • what is the video engagement and feedback?
  4. How to improve your channel’s YOUTUBE ranking?
    • cross-promotion helps
    • promotion to email subscribers
  5. What should you do once your videos get wanted attention?
    • get subscribers with a call to action
    • provide a link to your website
    • remain patient as you build your channel
    • learn how to handle negative comments
    • don’t lose focus of what matters

Who do you make video content for?

YouTube is an excellent medium to boost your brand’s visibility and help you earn through exposure. Hence, one of the most basic economic laws, the law of supply and demand, easily applies to the creation of your YOUTUBE marketing strategy. To get noticed on YouTube, create material that your potential viewers need.

However, to get your brand the highest exposure, you need to offer it to the right viewers. Do you know who your target audience is? 

People who buy your product are the ones you create content for. They don’t necessarily have to be the ones who use your product, just buy it. Typical example? Businesses selling products for babies to their parents are addressing the purchasers, not users.

Give your audience what they want. Your video content needs to speak to them and grab their attention. Sometimes, the video doesn’t have to be related to your product to achieve that goal. If you know who your viewers are, you will easily understand their interests.

Video content is suitable for material not easily described in written form. This type of content fits demonstrations, tutorials, product reviews, and educational topics.

What kind of video content is desired when building a strong Youtube channel?

When it comes to what people expect from YouTube videos, the answer is simple. All videos can be divided into two categories: how-to videos and entertainment videos. Knowing your audience will help you choose the right way to deliver your video content.

Before you even start recording, focus on the expected quality. Whoever comprises your pool of viewers will not be satisfied with low-quality and poorly executed videos. To look and sound professional, you need to invest in quality equipment and ensure good audio and video recording conditions, as well as your presentation. Also, don’t forget the editing, as it is an important part of creating valuable content.

No matter how good your first video is, it is only the first of many steps toward building a strong Youtube channel. The key to drawing attention is through presence. Regular presence means regular production and publishing of video content.

It is the regular production of useful, high-quality videos that will attract and keep your viewers’ attention. However, do not focus solely on your YouTube channel and neglect your website. After all, your YouTube channel is supposed to drive traffic to your website. It needs to be in good shape to accept that newly created traffic. Think in advance and use the help of professionals like to customize your website management and maintenance.

How to optimize your video content for good ranking?

Even though YouTube is a Google-owned network, videos do not always show in Google search. You still shouldn’t give up on simple SEO for Google. The best you can do to make your video relevant to a search is to focus on keywords your audience will use to locate your video. Keywords should be in the title, video description, and tags. Especially focus on optimizing your description, as it provides enough maneuvering space.

YouTube ranking is too important to overlook and thus you should know that YOUTUBE uses several performance indicators. These are overall views, positive to negative rating ratio, viewers to subscribers ratio, viewers to social shares ratio, and comments. So, in order to get YouTube subscribers and watch time, you should invest your resources into high-quality content as it will assure long-time visitors and subscribers.

How to improve your channel’s Youtube ranking?

Two tactics will improve your channel’s YOUTUBE ranking: cross-promotion and promotion to your email subscribers.

Participating as a guest in videos of other YouTubers from the same niche will bring you exposure to their audience.

Moreover, if you already have a good pool of email contacts, promote your videos through a newsletter to bring the audience to your channel.

What to do once your videos get the attention?

Finally, your channel has received the attention you sought. To keep it and have viewers return and subscribe to your channel, you need to ask them to. Be bold and prompt your viewers to subscribe with a call-to-action button. Provide a link to your website in the video description section.

There is no such thing as an overnight rise to glory and YouTube is proving that patient people achieve the highest goals. This article should provide you with a sound base for upgrades you will apply over time. Keep your eyes on the initial goal and you will manage to develop a strong YouTube channel.

And don’t let negative comments bring you down. Making valuable content assures a high positive to negative feedback ratio. Internet trolls and unethical competition should be thoroughly ignored.

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