How to use YouTube to market your business

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YouTube is more than just a website you can use to watch videos of cats being afraid of cucumbers. It is a useful tool used by marketers all over the world. It is versatile, efficient, and at the same time, entertaining. Long gone are the days when the internet was used only for fun. Now you need to learn how to use YouTube to market your business correctly!

Every business needs a professional YouTube channel.

YouTube is a free platform that allows you to create a beautiful video presentation for your business and draw traffic to your website. You can share company goals and values, create video guides and tutorials, and let everyone know what your business is about.

Aside from the content you can upload, it is also possible to set the color scheme you want, add a company logo, and make it look +aesthetically pleasing.

Title your videos appropriately.

Once you start uploading videos, the most crucial step of all is to title them appropriately. Each video should have proper keywords. Assigning keywords for videos has the same importance as setting keywords for a website.

For titles, it is crucial to follow the latest naming trends. You probably all know the famous “you won’t believe what happened then!” or “top X ways to do something” phrases. These trends have become really popular in the past years, and a lot of channels use them.

When naming videos, it is essential not to use clickbait titles or titles that have the purpose of making someone click on the link by offering false information. Many people think that if they get a person to click on the video, they will get many YouTube likes, watch time, and subscribers. This is not true and will only get you a lot of dislikes.

Titles should be informative, transparent, and descriptive. When a person reads the title, they should know what to expect.

You need a catchphrase.

All professional YouTubers have something they are famous for. A catchphrase, or a simple greeting that no one else uses. They all also have a professionally recorded intro or a trailer at the start of all of their videos.

These elements are vital if you wish to create an emotional connection with your subscribers. They need something familiar they can relate to and expect you to say or do in your videos.

While YouTubers can use pretty much anything depending on what their channel is about, you as a company need a different approach. You can push your company values to create a sentence that will represent your business. That sentence should be your catchphrase, something that will get everyone’s attention. A good example is a slogan “Just do it!”.

Use YouTube videos in your blog.

Blogs are very useful to share information with your clients and attract visitors to your website. However, will your blog reach the audience with just plain articles? That was enough a long time ago. Nowadays, even when you have quality content, you need to know how to sell it.

You can use YouTube to market your business blog by adding videos to the articles. That way, you connect YouTube subscribers with your website and website visitors with your YouTube channel, creating a full circle.

Engage viewers and mention social media channels in your videos

An excellent way to end every video you upload is to invite your viewers to engage in a conversation on social media and share their opinions. You need them to be active, so your channel grows.

However, if you decide on this step, understand that your social media channels will explode with activity. If you don’t have enough employees to respond and maintain all profiles regularly, you will create a different effect. People want a response, especially if they comment on something.

Embed YouTube videos on your website

To use YouTube to market your business, you can also embed videos on your website. This way, a client can choose to view it directly on the page or click on the link and move to the YouTube channel. Since this can be a double-edged sword that can unintentionally take visitors away from your website, it is best to speak with professionals to understand the optimal number of videos.

Furthermore, get in touch with WP Full Care to understand how to embed videos on your website without messing up page layout or loading speed.

Use YouTube to market your business by introducing giveaways.

YouTube users love giveaways! That is the go-to strategy of every YouTuber who wants to engage subscribers to be more active and watch videos till the end. They usually create a contest, ask people for their opinion and comments, and then randomly pick the winner who gets a small prize for being loyal.

As a company owner, you can give discounts, special packages, or even free stuff to your subscribers. The price is small to pay, considering the amount of activity you get in return. Furthermore, you will show your business as rewarding to every customer, and people will do everything to win some of the promotions.

What is the best topic for business-oriented promotional videos?

While YouTube is mostly used to discover how to do something, that is just a drop in the sea of endless opportunities. As a company, your goal is to let everyone know how you do your business. Talk about products and services you offer, and help people learn how to use them.

Furthermore, create promotional videos any time a new product shows up on the website. An additional benefit is that, even if you use YouTube to market your business to the customers, you also show how serious your company is. You might even get quality employees who wish to find a job and pursue a career at your company.

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