YouTube Channel Monetization: How to Get 4,000 Watch Hours and 1,000 Subscribers FAST!

Monetizing a brand new YouTube channel doesn’t have to be difficult. 

If you’re starting out as a youtuber, today you will discover all you need to know to enable monetization quickly on a YouTube channel

Particularly, we are going to cover how to reach that 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers mark that sets you apart from making money on YouTube. 

Getting the firsts subscribers and views needed to join the YouTube Partner Program can be very daunting and time-consuming, but don’t let that gets in your way. Read below to learn how to do it ASAP! 

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How to make money on YouTube

There are several ways to make money from a YouTube channel, including brand sponsorships, donations from your viewers, affiliate marketing, and even by selling your products and services through the platform.

However, one of the most popular ways to make money on YouTube is by joining the YouTube Partner Program

Joining the YPP means that you will be making money from Google AdSense, showing ads in your videos. 

You are totally in control of how many ads you show, where on the video you show them, the format of the ads (skippable, non-skippable, bumper, or overlay), and even if you show ads in the first place. 

The formula is simple: more views equals more money (because a higher number of people will be seeing the ads). 

All the creators who have joined the YPP have other options (besides ads) to monetize their channels. But you can’t monetize your channel through the YouTube Partner Program right away. First, you need to meet certain criteria.

YouTube Monetization Requirements 

First and foremost, the most crucial requirement: you must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months to monetize your YouTube channel. 

Second, your channel will be reviewed by YouTube to judge if it’s eligible to join the program. 

Make sure (before you send the request) that your account is compliant with YouTube’s policies and content guidelines. And third… There’s no third! That’s it. Those were all the requirements you need to satisfy to successfully monetize your YouTube channel and start making money from YouTube.

What Are Watch Hours on YouTube? 

Simply put, watch hours are the number of hours people spend watching your content. 

To monetize your channel you need to have at least 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers, as we said early. 

Here we are going to focus solely on raising watch hours, assuming that if you increase your watch hours, your subscriber count will naturally grow as well. 

What Are Public Watch Hours on YouTube? 

When we say that you need to reach a minimum 4,000 watch hours threshold to monetize your channel, we mean 4,000 public watch hours.

But what does it mean? 

It means that your watch hours must come from public videos. 

Thus, if you publish a video and you later set it to private, the watch hours on that video will not count. 

Furthermore, you can’t make a livestream and then set it as unlisted, because again, those watch hours will not count. 

The Math Behind Monetization Requirements 

Let’s explore exactly what will take to monetize your YouTube channel. 

Average view duration is a metric that measures the amount of time watched from a video before people begin to leave. 

Why is that important? 

Because it tells you exactly which videos your audience likes (which videos they spend time seeing and want to see more of). If you focus on making more videos that they like (relevant, engaging content for your specific niche) your average view duration will rise and so will your watch hours.

(Side note: I recommend your videos to be around 8-12 minutes. That’s because after 8 minutes, you can show an ad mid-roll and that means more potential money). Stick with me here: so you need 1,000 subscribers AND 4,000 watch hours (240,000 minutes) to monetize your YouTube channel. 

Assuming an average 1% conversion rate, you will get 1,000 subscribers every 100,000 views

And assuming a 30-50% retention rate (less than the average 50-60%) in a video that’s about 8-12 minutes long, you will have a 3-4 minute average view duration

So, you need 100,000 people to view around 3 min of your videos to reach 300,000 minutes of watch time, surpassing your 4,000 watch hours threshold. 

And assuming the 1% conversion rate defined above, that 100,000 views will make 1,000 subscribers. But the views you get are extremely low at the beginning. 

The time it’s going to take you to met YouTube’s monetization requirements will depend on different factors, such as your channel’s niche, the quality of your videos, and the number of videos you publish on any given month. 

It can take you from 2 months to a year+ of consistent publishing to reach monetization requirements and join the Youtube Partner Program…

How to Get YouTube Watch Hours 

As a general rule, if you are in a not-so-boring niche and if you publish consistently a ton of very high-quality videos, your channel will grow pretty fast. 

It all comes down to your ability to keep people watching your content. 

To get YouTube watch hours and subscribers quickly, here’s the only thing you need to remember: Build an engaged audience and community with relevant, high-quality content. That’s it. 

If you make that your primary focus and don’t get distracted, your channel will grow naturally over time. 

Think about your niche and what people in that niche would like to see. Find proven topics for your videos and create relevant and unique content around them. 

Finally, don’t lose that consistency. Try to produce the highest amount of videos WITHOUT losing quality. 

More videos equal more potential views. Therefore, your capability to reach quickly the 4,000 watch hours threshold increases. 

But remember: never sacrifice quality! It is a crucial factor to succeed in YouTube these days, among all the channels competing with yours.

equipment to make youtube videos

Can you buy Youtube subscribers and watch hours?

Yes, you totally can! 

Nowadays it is a very common practice among new YouTubers

The truth is, it can be very discouraging putting all that effort to create content that nobody cares about, and receiving zero compensation for it. 

When you buy 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers, or whatever number you need to reach the monetization requirements, that means your channel can be monetized right away

Because getting that first subscribers and views is the most difficult part of growing a YouTube channel, buying what you need will help you kickstart the whole process. 

Let someone else do the work for you so you can focus on what you do best: creating amazing content that people love to consume. 


For most YouTubers, monetizing their channels is a must. Creating videos takes a long time, and compensation makes it possible for them to keep producing content

But for new YouTubers, meeting the monetization criteria can take up to a year (and maybe even more). 

Getting your firsts views and subscribers is the most difficult part, once you get there the ball keeps rolling and your channel grows exponentially.

If you want to monetize right away and start making money with your first videos, buying watch hours and subscribers may be the best option for you. 

Check our pack of 100% real and organic 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers. You will receive them within 1-2 weeks, with guaranteed satisfaction or a money refund. 

You are a click away to monetize your YouTube channel. 

Let’s continue the conversation in the comments: do you already started your journey as a youtuber? how many subscribers and watch hours do you need to monetize your channel?

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How Much Does It Cost to Buy a YouTube Channel?

So you want to start a YouTube channel, but you can’t help but wonder…

Is it even worth it to start from scratch in 2021? 

How much does a monetized YouTube channel cost? 

Can I purchase a YouTube channel legally? 

If you are passionate about a certain topic or niche and want to start a YouTube channel, let me tell you: there is no better time than today. 

But what if you could start with a little push to help you kickstart the long process of building a YouTube channel? 

Well, luckily, you can! And today we are going to cover exactly that.Stick around to find out how to buy a monetized YouTube channel that allows you to make money from day one and spares you the struggle of getting your first subscribers and views from scratch.

girl showing her youtube channel

Is it worth having a YouTube channel?

You might or might not know that having a YouTube channel is a lot of effort. I won’t sugarcoat it: planning, scripting, filming, and editing videos consistently is hard work.

But here are some facts: YouTube is the second most visited website on the entire planet and the second most used social media network.

And if you think about it, with the experience of the pandemic the number of people that watch YouTube videos increased tremendously. 

Furthermore, most millennials and later generations don’t subscribe to a pay-TV service anymore and replaced their TV consumption with YouTube videos. 

That gives you a huge opportunity to reach your desired audience and grow your business.

With 2.3 billion users across the globe, if you want to expand your reach and scale your business, a YouTube channel is a must!

To be honest, starting a YouTube channel doesn’t guarantee you anything. It is a bit of a risk, but if you are passionate about your niche and enjoy sharing videos about it, don’t overthink it. 

We are in 2021. If you have a smartphone, you can film videos. And from the same smartphone, you can also learn (for free!) how to be successful on YouTube: how to film and edit videos, how to market your channel, etc. 

Kill your excuses!

By the way, we have a blog post that will teach you how to plan and schedule YouTube content: check it out to learn how to organize the videos that you will upload to your future channel.

Again, I’m not saying it is going to be easy, but I’m saying it is going to be worth it. Nobody can predict the future, but if you develop the ability to create engaging and relevant videos for your niche, your channel will likely succeed.

Should you buy a Youtube channel?

In my experience, the most difficult part of starting a YouTube channel is to get that initial 100 subscribers. After that, it also gets pretty tough to reach 1000 subscribers. 

The growth is very slow at first and that can discourage you pretty quickly. 

That’s why I think that buying a YouTube channel is the best way to start as a new youtuber. You get a channel that already has subscribers and views, and you can focus on growing from there.

To make money right from the beginning, make sure that the channel you buy is monetized. 

Buying a YouTube account allows you to be far ahead in the game. Let someone else do the hard work for you!

What is monetization on YouTube?

What does “monetized” on YouTube mean? Well, it basically involves the ability to make money from your channel (mostly from ads).

To enable YouTube monetization, you need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. Once you hit that numbers, you can apply to the YouTube Partner Program.

You also have to sign up for Google AdSense (to make money from ads in your videos) and get reviewed by YouTube.

With a new channel, it will probably take many months until you reach the monetization requirements

If you have the time and are okay working for free for a while, you can start from scratch your YouTube channel and try to grow it the traditional way.

But I don’t recommend this since the likelihood of you quitting before even hitting 100 subscribers is very high. It is indeed discouraging to spend hours creating content that nobody watches.

guy working on projects

Is it legal to buy a YouTube channel?

Purchasing YouTube channels is legal and it doesn’t go against YouTube’s terms and conditions. 

Furthermore, buying and selling YouTube accounts has become a pretty common practice among YouTubers. 

Some channels are being sold for hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars.

There are people who know the YouTube algorithm very well and dedicate themselves to build channels from scratch to sell them later on…

And some people don’t want to do YouTube anymore or simply lost their passion for their channel’s niche. 

These people usually sell their accounts, and there is an immense demand for them.

There are even huge marketplaces to buy and sell YouTube channels

Long story short: you will not have any problems purchasing a YouTube channel. And it can help you tremendously to kickstart your journey as a YouTuber, since growing a YouTube channel from scratch (with 0 subscribers) can be challenging. 

The opportunity to make videos for a YouTube channel that comes with engaged subscribers, willing to watch your videos and interact with your content can motivate you to go further.

And, if you wish, nothing stops you from selling that channel for a higher price once you made it very successful!

How much money does it cost to buy a YouTube channel?

Our monetized YouTube channels cost $439. You can get one of these channels with the flexibility to change the niche to whatever you want, with 0 copyright or community strikes and with 1000+ real subscribers and 4000+ watch hours.

The price of a YouTube channel will depend on many different factors. The number of subscribers and total video views are the most important indicators of the price you will going to pay, but it also depends on the niche, quality of content, and audience engagement. 

What is your budget, and how much are you willing to spend? This will determine the type and quality of the YouTube channel that you are going to get and the traction you will have from the beginning. 

You can also buy subscribers or purchase views to grow even further if you have the budget for it.

paying with credit card online
How Much Does It Cost to Buy a YouTube Channel? 6


If you want to start a YouTube channel, there is no better time than today. 

In 2021 you can legally buy a monetized YouTube channel, and that prevents you from struggling to grow a channel from scratch, which can take many months.

Buy a YouTube channel today and get it delivered within 12-48 hours

After purchasing and once you finish planning your content, simply press the record button and give yourself a pat on the back: you already took the first and most difficult step.

Are you ready? You are literally a click away from becoming a YouTuber!

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How to Create a Badass Content Marketing Strategy [Skyrocket Your Business Growth!]

A well-thought and actionable strategy is a crucial element to almost every aspect of a successful business. And it is the same with content marketing, which involves multiple processes that need to be planned. Without a content strategy, your growth will be notably hampered.

Stop procrastinating and learn today how to create an astonishing content marketing strategy to lead your business’ content creation efforts!

But first…

What is a content marketing strategy?

A content marketing strategy is basically a plan that describes how you will manage all the different moving pieces that creating content involves.

When you run a blog, a YouTube channel, an email list, and two profiles on social media, the amount of work that’s involved can become very overwhelming very fast, making it extra difficult to stay consistent.

Well, a content marketing strategy helps you to deal with that. Just pick a day or two to sit and plan for the content of, let’s say, three months.

Once you have created your plan, it is production time! I always recommend creating content in bulk. For example, if you own a YouTube channel, you can have film days where you focus on producing three or more videos in a row.

I talk about this in a blog post that you may find useful to effectively plan and schedule YouTube content.

A content marketing strategy needs to be aligned with the business goals for maximum results. If one of your main business goals is to raise awareness of a new brand, one of your content marketing strategy goals can be to focus heavily on content promotion to make the business reach more eyeballs.

Lastly, you have to keep in mind the audience’s needs. The best content is produced by people that have a clear understanding of their target audience. If you know the desires and problems of your public, you will know the content that best resonates with them.

Now with all of that out of the way, we can proceed to the fun part: the actual creation of the strategy!

How to create a content strategy

Content marketing audit

First things first, we want to answer a simple but powerful question: where am I now, regarding content?

There are five main metrics across all of your channels to track closely: acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue. These metrics are the pillar of your business growth and will help you to know and better understand your customers and their buyer’s journeys.

Check all of these areas to identify problems with your content or your approach to content creation. Where can you improve?

  • Acquisition: What channels bring you new users? Are you making the most out of them?
  • Activation: This is the first contact of the customers with your product. How many people have a good experience? Why do bad experiences happen?
  • Retention: Do your customers come back? What percentage of them are you retaining and how many are you losing (and why)?
  • Referral: Are customers recommending your brand to friends and family? How can you create more brand advocates?
  • Revenue: What is the monetization model of your product? How can you increase revenue?

If you detect problems in the acquisition stage, for example, maybe you need to focus on fewer social media accounts to have a powerful presence on every profile you have, or maybe you need a team to help you.

Once you detect the problems, you can begin to think of solutions to incorporate them into your content marketing strategy and implement them ASAP.

Your content’s mission

This can sound a little bit of a cliche, but hear me out. It is very important to think about why you are creating content. It has to be more specific than “because every business is in social media”.

What’s the purpose of your content? To help people? To educate people? About what? Keep this mission statement top of mind every time you create content to establish a consistent brand image.

marketing strategy

Choose your goals wisely

At this stage, you have identified different content marketing problems and possible solutions. Now it is time to translate those into goals.

Always keep in mind your general business goals, and create very specific content marketing goals. Define success, and think about how you can measure it.

For example, success in your business right now can mean building awareness of a new brand (this is a general business goal). In the content marketing strategy, we will formulate a SMART goal like this (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely):

“By Dec 31, 2021, attract 500 new organic visitors to the website from social media each month”.

Select and track your KPIs

What metrics do you want to track? Define them by thinking about which metrics can measure the success of your strategy. In the example above, an obvious metric to track will be traffic sources.

On the other hand, which tools will you use to measure these metrics? And how will you create reports to understand if the strategy is working or needs an adjustment?

Don’t forget to track your metrics at least once a month (and more often, if you can). Keep them in a spreadsheet to identify patterns over time and to find out if you are reaching your goals.

Understand your target audience

And I don’t mean this on a superficial level. As a general rule: the more you know about them, the more successful your content marketing strategy will be because you will know what type of content creates engagement.

Build your buyer personas. Define and describe the different segments of your audience in a comprehensive way.  Which problems do they face, and what solutions do they search for? Where do they hang out, and what content do they like to consume?

It is important to consider these questions and not only the demographic data (although the demographics are super important too!). Segment your audience according to their behavior.

Types of content

According to your content’s mission, which messages do you wish to convey, and what language, tone and style will you use? The content has to be aligned with your purpose and values, and this way you will portray a consistent brand image across all your channels.

Another step to keep a consistent brand image is to think about the design side of things. How your content looks and its format has to communicate your brand image as well.

On the other hand, check the competitors’ content. How can you differentiate yourself from them? Your USP (unique selling point) can help to position your brand’s content from a new angle, different and more interesting to your audience.

Now that you have thought about your audience and its needs, it will be easier to think about the content types that will resonate better with that audience. Which channels do they use to consume content? Make sure your brand is present in the main ones.

#Bonus tip: fill the gaps with your content. If your audience is trying to solve a specific problem, what content do they search for and can’t find? Create valuable resources.

Content calendar

A content calendar answers a very specific question: when are you going to publish, to whom, and about what?

Decide your publishing frequency, and look at your content ideas list to begin the planning stage. If you don’t have one, start it now! In a document, notes app, or team management app that synchronizes across devices, it is easy to quickly jot down any ideas that strike you through the day, don’t matter where you are!

To streamline the whole process, look for holidays and special occasions in the month you are working on. Is there a specific date that you can leverage to create content? Also, keep an eye on trending topics.

Plan first the main pieces of content, and then the follow-up days. Are you running a content series? Schedule it as well.

You can organize this information in a spreadsheet (there are many templates online!). Simply distribute your content ideas throughout the month. Then, assign and allocate resources to make it happen.

If you have a team, designate the tasks to different members, and if you are a solopreneur, assign different days in your schedule to create, publish and promote the content.

Keyword research

Especially if you run a blog, keyword research is crucial to reach your ideal audience, because you target the search terms they use to find valuable content.

Do keyword research beforehand and attach the keywords you discover to your content calendar to simplify even more your content creation process.

content marketing

Distribution strategy

The publish and pray approach won’t get you very far. Think strategically about the places where you can promote your content. After all the hard work, you deserve to reach as many eyeballs as possible.

Selecting where to promote your content is a choice that has to be based on your target audience and where they hang out the most.

Social media is the first and most obvious choice. But with a little research, you can find influencers and key websites in your niche that get your content to a wider public.

Make a promotion checklist and be sure to complete it every time you publish a new piece of content.

Test, fix, and grow

The last step is an ongoing process. After every time you check the metrics to determine if the goals have been reached, you will have the opportunity to do more of what works, and less of what didn’t work.

If you have a significant drop or boost in your metrics, you can check what you published that day and see what caused it. On the other hand, remember that A/B testing is vital to understand what content resonates better with your audience. Always test and improve!

Your content marketing strategy is not set in stone. It should be evolving, a healthy sign that your business is changing for the better.


A content marketing strategy is a key component of content marketing in any successful business. And it doesn’t have to be complicated! With a little practice, you will get the hang of it and learn to efficiently plan, produce and promote your content.

Content marketing is a long-term game. Remember its key principle: the better you know your target audience, the more valuable content you are going to be able to produce for them.

By the way, our social-media-savvy team can help you to start on the right foot! Discover how to get organic followers and likes to quickly grow your social media channels (we work with YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok).

Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments: Do you have any other tips to share with us? What challenges have you faced regarding content marketing?

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Boost Your TikTok Growth: Key Things to Know for 2021

When it comes to TikTok growth, the platform has made several changes to help new creators thrive and reach new audiences. Looking to debunk some stereotypes of TikTok (like “it’s for younger people” and “the content is entertainment-only”) the platform now prioritizes new styles of videos.

Regardless of your niche, the focus on building a community, retaining your audience, and increasing your followers is a crucial formula for growth on any social media platform, including TikTok. Let’s reveal in this article how to grow on TikTok in 2021.

How to grow an account on TikTok

Identify your niche

To increase engaged followers, you have to first find a way to connect your unique personality with the content your target audience is interested in.

Choose 1-2 main themes for your content and stick with them. The people who follow you will follow you for these topics. If you have a TikTok account that focuses on educational business content, for example, your followers will expect that type of content from you.

That doesn’t mean you can’t innovate or experiment with new types of content, but stick with the main topic of your account for the most part. This will keep your audience engaged and interested, and you’ll retain them better.

Decide your content approach

On TikTok, usually content falls into one of three categories:

  • Original content: this type of content uses original sounds and visuals that aren’t super popular on the platform. As we explore in an article about TikTok monetization, the Creator Fund was launched to help this type of content thrive on the platform nowadays.

  • Trending content: utilizes popular hashtags and songs, as well as trending content like challenges that many people do. In other words, it is the typical “TikTok content”.

  • Promise-to-payoff content: With this structure, you make a promise at the beginning of the video and then deliver on that promise. This model keeps people engaged to watch until the end and it’s more commonly used for educational purposes.

What content structure will your target audience be more likely to engage with? What structure makes the most sense to your specific topic and niche?

The best videos on TikTok aren’t improvised, and just taking out your smartphone to film won’t usually do the trick. First, think about what the video will be about and outline the key things you want to convey. This will reduce the chances of you scattering and losing your audience’s interest.

tik tok growth video

Optimize your hashtags

On TikTok, very few people find content from a hashtag search. Hashtags are rather a categorization metric, which means that the hashtags you use tell the platform to which audience you want to distribute your content.

If your content is very specific, use hashtags that are relevant to the video. Likewise, if your content is broad, recur to hashtags that are broader as well.

Research competitors in your niche for more ideas: what hashtags are they using?

Master video timing

In any social media platform, the formula for success is the right content, in front of the right people at the right time. TikTok isn’t an exception.

Look in your account analytics (you must have a Pro Account to access the analytics on the platform) to discover the hours your audience is more active in. As a general rule, the most popular hours on the platform are in the evening (4-8 PM), but again this will depend on your audience.

On the other hand, don’t be so strict with this. Give yourself space to experiment and see what days and times work best for you and your account.

Keep that consistency!

A regular upload schedule is very important. A platform like TikTok requires you to publish at least 2-3 times per day to scale fast.

It can seem a bit overwhelming to produce that much content, but I urge you to at least try. Produce some videos in bulk, with an hour or two per day you will be surprised at what you can achieve if you outline your video ideas beforehand.

And by the way, if you want to quickly grow your account on the platform and start making money right away, you can buy a TikTok account with enabled monetization and save yourself the time and effort that requires to begin an account from scratch.

tiktok influencer video

Understand video metrics

Video metrics are super important because they help you to understand why your videos work (or didn’t work).

On TikTok’s Analytics, “For You” shows you the percentage of your videos that appear in the “For You” section. These are videos shown to people that aren’t following you but that may be interested in your content.

Aim for a +75% of appearance in the For You section. This will help you to reach a wider audience and to expand the reach of your content, boosting your TikTok growth tremendously.

Keep an eye on “Watch Time” as well. This metric shows you how much time your audience watches your content before leaving. If your watch time is significantly low, it can mean that your content isn’t engaging or relevant enough.

Lastly, “Shares” is an important metric because if a user finds your content so relevant that interrupts their activities to share it, it means that you are doing great. Comments and Likes are also important, but a high number of Shares imply that your content is very engaging and valuable. Keep up the good work!

Limit inspiration sources

On TikTok, a platform designed to be addictive, it can be super easy to lose focus.

Follow a limited number of accounts when looking for inspiration and set a specific time frame to watch videos when looking for ideas. Otherwise, you can waste lots of time that you could have used to create more content.


To grow on TikTok you have to follow certain principles that are common in almost every social media platform: build a community of engaged followers and create valuable content relevant to your audience.

But the platform has some particularities that make growing a TikTok account different from growing an Instagram account or a YouTube channel. Follow the tips on this article and you’ll be on the right track to skyrocket your TikTok account in less time than you can imagine.

Do you have any other tips that worked for you? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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How to Monetize TikTok Videos [Profit Quickly From The Creator Fund!]

TikTok monetization has never been easier! A year ago, TikTok launched their Creator Fund, a program initially built to distribute +$200M to creators across the platform. It’s one of the top ways right now to make money on TikTok, by creating content that you love and by building a community of loyal followers.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! If you haven’t joined the Creator Fund yet, you are in the right place. Today we are going to learn how to monetize a TikTok creator account.

Beforehand you need to know that monetizing a Tik Tok account takes a lot of time and effort, so if you are not willing to spend hours and hours building your account you could just buy an already approved Tik Tok monetized account.

Can TikTok be monetized?

Absolutely! There are several ways that you can generate revenue by using TikTok. Before the Creator Fund was launched, the platform was being used primarily to build an audience and then take it out of TikTok to monetize it.

But with the Creator Fund program, creators can make money directly from the platform. To be eligible to join the program you have to meet certain requirements, but once you do, you can begin to make money right away! The amount of profit you can make depends on several factors (your video views being the main one).

What is the creator fund on TikTok?

The Creator Fund is a strategic move from TikTok that rewards those who introduce new, original content to the platform. The ultimate goal is to attract new users and debunk some stereotypes related to TikTok.

TikTok has been demonized by some for being a platform for 15 years olds that promotes trending content for entertainment-only purposes.

With this in mind, niche and content style are vital elements to make a substantial profit out of your Creator Fund Account. The highest CPM in the platform (and therefore the highest paying content) is “professional” and educational content about finances, investing, and business in general.

The reason for this is simple: TikTok wants to attract a new type of audience who debunks the stereotypes discussed earlier about the platform.

Once you join, keep in mind that you will have more expectations regarding your content: after all, TikTok wants to maximize its ROI and get the most out of its money. Make sure that you are uploading original content that attracts new users, or your video views are going to fall.

tik tok monetization

How TikTok monetization works

As I was explaining above, once you meet certain criteria you can join the program. When you join, for each video you upload you have the potential to make money, depending on how well these videos do.

Even accounts with few followers have the potential to grow on TikTok these days. Thanks to the “For You” section, new users can be watched and scale quickly if they know how to produce creative, original content.

You have of course other ways to monetize your account, but these will work only if you have a large followers count. For example, sponsorships or brand deals are very common among influencers on the platform. You can also collect donations on live streams or promote your products and services through TikTok content.

But with the introduction of the Creator Fund program, you can make money directly from your videos without your followers being annoyed with the self-promo. Besides the way you choose to make money on TikTok, if you are serious about monetizing your TikTok creator account you need to switch to a Pro Account.

This is mainly because with a Pro Account you have access to useful analytics about your performance on the platform. It is crucial to your success that you learn to analyze metrics of engagement. You can grow your audience by understanding which content is the most relevant for your niche.

tiktok monetization

Tiktok Creator Fund Requirements

Some of the eligibility requirements are:

  • To be at least 18 years old.
  • To live in one of the following countries: US, UK, Italy, France, Germany or Spain.
  • To have at least 10,000 followers.
  • To have 100,000+ views in the last 30 days.

These are all the TikTok monetization criteria for the Creator Fund. Once you meet them, you will get an automatic notification from TikTok announcing that you are eligible for the program. You can also join from your Pro Account settings.

Once you join the Creator Fund, you will start to earn money according to the views and engagement on your videos, as long as you still meet the TikTok monetization criteria.

Help! Can I still monetize my TikTok creator account if I don’t meet the monetization requirements?

Of course! You have the following options: you can start a new TikTok account and grow it from scratch until you meet the monetization criteria. If you are from a country that isn’t on the list, don’t worry. TikTok announced that they are still developing the program and are looking to expand it to other countries. You can also choose a different monetization model.

You need to take into account that you need to respect the community guidelines and terms of service of TikTok, otherwise you’d be banned.

And if you want to make money right away? There is also an option for you.

You can buy a TikTok account that meets all the requirements, and start profiting from it today (without starting from scratch or waiting for the program to be available in your country). Our TikTok accounts for sale will allow you to start making money with the Creator Fund today.

Keep in mind that the only way this can work long-term is by being very strategic about the content you upload and distribute. The Creator Fund only rewards the accounts that bring considerable traffic and new eyeballs to the platform.

If you are struggling to grow your TikTok account or if you want to buy a monetized account and do great from the beginning, we’ve got you covered with our tips to skyrocket your TikTok growth 🙂


The Creator Fund constitutes an epic opportunity to monetize your TikTok creator account and make money on TikTok. With this model of monetization, you only need to worry about creating engaging videos that your audience will love, and the followers and views on your account will grow naturally.

And if you don’t meet the monetization criteria, don’t worry! You can buy a TikTok account ready to be monetized. Check our TikTok account for sale, it is 100% legit and the followers and likes are organic.What alternative ways do you know to monetize TikTok? Are you going to join the Creator Fund? Let’s chat in the comment section!

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