YouTube Marketing: 7 Eye-Opening Tactics for 2021

If you own a YouTube channel and aren’t seeing the growth you expected, maybe you need to improve your YouTube marketing game.

To get fast growth and fast results, try combining a few of the tactics I’m going to show you today. You can stick to only one, but combining them all will give you more traction.

Here at EazySMM, our professional team has years of experience growing YouTube channels. We helped to monetize 750+ channels and provided 2,235,000+ subscribers.

Today we wanted to share some of the tips we learned along the way.

Keep reading to discover the eye-opening YouTube marketing strategies for 2021 and beyond that will help you to get incredibly fast growth.

Get Clear About Your Goal

Like most social media, people go to YouTube for education or entertainment.

If your goal is to promote your personal brand or business, first and foremost don’t create salesy content!

Since social media is a top-of-the-funnel channel, your goal for organic growth shouldn’t be to sell. Most of the organic traffic you get from YouTube will be potential clients in the awareness stage.

At the awareness phase, people need more education and time to understand the value your business or brand brings to the table.

funnel view

Then you need to move this traffic down the funnel, a process that doesn’t happen overnight. You have to be committed to a long-term strategy (if you choose the organic approach) to ultimately get conversions.

The goal for this long-term strategy will be to increase brand awareness: to get organic traffic and familiarize it with your brand. The right content for this goal is high-value, high-quality content.

People avoid videos that try to sell like the plague. Rather, create content that educates or entertains them (or both!).

Maybe in a few months, when they are ready, they will buy. To move people down the funnel takes time. However, this long-term strategy will bring long-term benefits.

The videos you create today can bring visitors to your channel for years to come, in a very powerful compound effect.

On the other hand, you can also opt for a short-term strategy, with goals like getting qualified traffic, lead nurturing, and even some sales.

On a short-term, paid strategy you will use ads that will give you a quick boost in traffic. But keep in mind that if you rely solely on that you will be forced to continue spending money to get traffic.

What’s your goal? What do you want to accomplish with your content? Your goal will ultimately determine the type of content you create.

Invest Time to Deeply Know Your Niche And Target Audience

This is maybe one of the most essential parts you will need to master in your career as a YouTuber. When you know your audience, everything else falls in place.

If your content is aligned with your target audience and brings them value, they will subscribe, like, and comment on your videos, and your channel will grow quickly.

Knowing your audience will bring you success because it will allow you to build a community of raving fans who are engaged and willing to listen to what you have to say.

The first step is getting clear on what exactly your niche is.

Then, if your audience is still small, you can check competitors’ YouTube channels, blogs, social media, and content in general to have an idea of what they are posting in your niche.

Check especially their high-performing content, which will tell you what that specific audience is looking for.

Once you grow your audience, get into the habit of making polls, Q&As, and lives, to hear firsthand your audience’s opinions, interests, and desires.

Make sure to listen to them, and always ask yourself before filming: this video will bring them value?

analyzing traffic sources

Master Consistency

Consistency implies that you set an uploading schedule and stick to it.

You have to be realistic about the number of videos you can create per month.

To research, outline, film, edit and optimize a video takes a long time. Take this into consideration before committing yourself to upload 4 videos per week.

Set specific days for each task and make sure you always have videos to spare. This gives you flexibility: if you don’t have a video ready on the upload date, you know you have something to upload anyways.

Another useful tip is to keep a list with a bunch of ideas. This way, you don’t have to struggle to try to come up with an idea every time you film.

If you like to dive deeper into this topic, we have a blog post about a strategy to organize and schedule YouTube videos, so you can maintain the consistency you promised to your viewers.

Don’t lose consistency! It’s a long-term game, but if you keep going it will pay off eventually. Every video you upload gets you closer to the goal.

Relevant, High-Quality Content ONLY

If you are going to invest so much time in creating content, make sure that content is something that people actually want to watch.

The best way to increase success’ chances is by making sure you are bringing massive amounts of value to your audience.

This is something you probably heard a hundred times before, but it’s the single most important factor that will determine your YouTube channel’s success.

But how do you know what content will bring value?

Well, this is going to depend on your specific audience and niche. Not everyone finds the same content valuable, hence the importance of knowing your audience to know what to film.

Think about what they want, and give them that information in video format. Outline the videos before to avoid rambling, and do your research thoroughly.

Search the keywords for your topic and watch the videos that already exist. Can you do a better video? Or discuss the topic from a different angle?

girl looking at computer screen

Take Advantage of YouTube SEO

YouTube search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a video around certain keywords so when someone searches for a topic with those keywords, your video shows up.

Showing up on search results is extremely important to get views, and ultimately, subscribers.

However, to show up in search results is not enough: the title and thumbnail of your videos have to be enticing enough for someone to click on them.

But returning to our topic, YouTube SEO is a long-term, organic approach that will benefit you if your goal is to get your channel out there and increase your subscribers and growth.

To implement it, first you have to find out what keywords people type on the search bar when looking for videos around your niche.

You can guess, but it’s obviously better to do a bit of keyword research.

This is a lengthy topic that requires its own post. If you like to dive deeper, we have a blog post discussing all YouTube SEO.

The next step after figuring out the keywords you are going to target it’s mainly technical stuff that gets done every time you upload a new video.

In summary:

  • Put your main keyword on the video title.
  • Craft a keyword-optimized description.
  • Use relevant and related tags.
  • Properly categorize your video.
  • Specially design thumbnails to improve your CTR and grab viewers’ attention.

When it comes to YouTube SEO, keep in mind that this is only scratching the surface.

Have You External Audiences to Leverage?

This serves to supplement your organic, long-term approach. If you are already online on other platforms and have sort of an audience (it doesn’t matter how big or small) use it to grow your channel!

If you’re new to YouTube, don’t underestimate the power that your existing audience can have.

For example, you could embed videos on your website or blog, or send newsletters to your email list every time a new video comes out.

Be creative and leverage all the possible external audiences. You can even put a poster about your channel on your physical store if you have a business!

And it almost goes without saying, but… promote your YouTube on all your social media channels.

The Paid Route: YouTube Ads

If you want some quick growth while you are building your organic, long-term strategy, YouTube ads are a great option to reach more people fast.

However, it’s a pay-to-play game.

If you stop paying, your traffic will decline. That’s why it’s so important to complement a short-term strategy like this with an organic, long-term strategy that brings sustainable growth.

All YouTube advertising is done by Google’s Ads Manager. Once in Google Ads, you can start a video campaign and choose your targeting.

The targeting tool on Google Ads is extremely powerful and allows you to get straight to the consideration and intention stage on the marketing funnel.

Google has what it’s called “in-market audiences”. These audiences are built based on the users’ search behavior, by which Google can determine which users are likely to buy in a specific market.

You can also segment people by age, gender, location, interests, etc, so you only pay for those people you actually want to reach. Once you create your ad, make sure of monitoring it constantly to ensure everything is running smooth and the costs aren’t rising too high.

laptop with youtube open


As we discuss in the introduction of this post, by combining all of these different tactics you will be able to grow your YouTube channel much quicker than if you don’t.

However, to get a boost on your channel and maybe to reach the threshold to monetize it, you can always rely on a team of experts that gets you FAST results (days, rather than months!).

Here at EazySMM, we help YouTube channels grow by providing likes, comments, views, and subscribers using 100% legal and or

ganic strategies.

Since our results come mainly from social media campaigns, the subscribers you get will be real, active, and engaged people that are actually interested in your channel and content.

If you want to monetize your YouTube channel, we deliver 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in only 1-2 weeks. Or you can directly buy a monetized YouTube channel.

Save yourself from the struggle of trying to grow organically on your own (which it takes, on average, from 6 months to a year or more) and rely on a team of experts with years of experience in YouTube marketing.

The first subscribers are the hardest part of growing any YouTube channel. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Let’s continue the conversation in the comments: do you own a brand-new YouTube channel? What strategies from this post do you plan to implement?

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Monetize Your Facebook Page: What Are Ad Breaks?

Have you heard about Facebook ad breaks?

Many creators are now monetizing their Facebook pages with in-stream ads in their videos.

To learn what Facebook ad breaks are and to know if your Facebook page is eligible to include ads on its videos, keep reading below!

What Are Facebook Ad Breaks?

Facebook ad breaks are ads you can add to qualifying videos on your Facebook page to make money.

Similar to how YouTubers earn money by putting ads on their videos, Facebook launched a feature that allows creators to monetize their Facebook pages through ads.

What Ads Types Can You Add to Videos?

There are three types of ads you can place in your videos: image ads, pre-roll, and mid-roll ads.Pre-roll ads are video ads that show at the beginning of your videos. Mid-roll ads are basically the same, only they show in the middle of the video. On the other hand, image ads are static ads.

girl recording video

Some Benefits of Using Facebook Ad Breaks

Obviously, the first and biggest benefit of using Facebook In-Stream Ads is that you can make money!

Depending on your page’s size and the engagement of your viewers, you could make thousands of dollars a month with Facebook ad breaks.

On the other hand, you control which videos to monetize. And you can leverage Creator Studio insights to understand how to improve the performance of your video (thus, the money you make).

This is Facebook’s form of rewarding those creators that make authentic, engaging, and relevant content on the platform.

Since Facebook pages are now filled with self-promoting, salesy posts, maybe by allowing creators to monetize their pages the content will be more valuable to users.

You can only monetize videos, which makes sense since videos are the most engaging content.

Facebook’s goal is to keep their users as long as they can on their platform, and this initiative is a good choice for doing exactly that.

For creators, this is an awesome opportunity. But not every Facebook page is eligible to display ads in its videos.

Is My Facebook Page Eligible For In-Stream Ads?

To qualify for Facebook ad breaks, your page must:

  • Be compliant with Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies.
  • Have at least 10,000 followers.
  • Have at least 600,000 minutes viewed on your videos in the last 60 days. This includes live videos but not boosted videos (the views you pay for don’t count).
  • Have 5 active videos or more.

These are the main requirements, but to check the full list you can go to this article on Facebook’s Business Help Center.

On the other hand, not every country and language can use In-Stream Ads. You can check the following list to know if your country and language are available for ad breaks.

What If I Don’t Meet The Requirements?

If you already have a Facebook page that doesn’t meet the requirements, you could try to create a content strategy and incentivize engagement to grow your audience.

This is the organic, free-way, and can take many months to get you the results you want.

On the other hand, you could buy Facebook page likes and followers or Facebook video views, depending on your needs and how far you are from meeting the requirements.

girl using laptop


Facebook In-Stream Ads are an excellent opportunity for creators to monetize their Facebook pages.

The revenue possibilities change according to your page’s size, but it can grow up to tens of thousands of dollars a month.

This allows creators to concentrate on crafting relevant, valuable, and engaging content (and not focusing so much on salesy posts).

And for Facebook, this is a way to incentivize video content that keeps their users on the platform longer.

But to be eligible for Facebook ad breaks you have to meet certain requirements, for example, your page must have at least 10,000 followers and 600,000 minutes of video views.

If you don’t meet those requirements but want to monetize your Facebook page, you could buy a Facebook page that’s already eligible for ad breaks.

This is the shortcut to monetize a Facebook page within 1-2 days. You will receive a clean page that you can change the niche of, and we offer support 24/7 for any issues you could have.

Did you know that you can monetize Facebook videos? Are you already making video content on Facebook?

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Paid Facebook Marketing: How to Leverage Facebook Ads to Maximize Your ROI

Facebook advertising features allow you to grow your content and audience much faster than an organic approach.

If you have the appropriate budget, running paid campaigns will get you far and quickly. With some knowledge, you can craft ads with an outstanding ROI.

However, Facebook Ads are a paid marketing channel that requires some expertise. If you are not careful, you can be throwing your money down the drain.

While this post it’s not a detailed guide on Facebook Ads, it’s a useful introduction to Facebook’s Ad Manager.

We also are going to revise some tips and best practices to ensure you are making the most out of the money spent on the platform.

Setting Up Your Facebook Ad Account

To get one, simply log in to your Business Manager and click “Create Account” in the top right corner to get started.

From there you can access Facebook Ads Manager, a tool that will help you to manage all the campaigns currently running on your Facebook page.

facebook ads manager

If you are not familiarized with Facebook Ads Manager, it can look a little bit overwhelming at the beginning.

But don’t worry about this for now. Let’s focus on how powerful this tool is and how much you can do with it.

How Creating a New Facebook Ads Campaign Looks Like

When you create a Facebook Ads Campaign it will prompt you to choose the main objective you wish to accomplish with your ads. This is extremely valuable for advertisers because it automates many of the elements that building ad campaigns involve.


As you can see here, you can choose between “Awareness”, “Consideration” and “Conversion” objectives.

  • Awareness: Great for people that don’t have an audience yet, this objective allows you to get impressions and reach more people. Useful for: generating traffic.
  • Consideration: This is for those who want to draw prospects and attract potential clients to their businesses. Useful for: generating leads.
  • Conversion: Valuable objective to choose when you have traffic and leads and want those people to buy. Useful for: generating sales.

Once you choose your objective, Facebook’s Ads Manager will guide you through some basic campaign configurations.

After you choose your campaign name and some other things, you will be prompted to create an Ad Set. An Ad Set groups a bunch of individual ads together that shares how, when, and where to run.

To create an Ad Set you first need to segment and create your audience.

This is a very powerful feature of Facebook’s advertising system. If you get this right your ads will have a strong impact and an excellent ROI. When your ads are specially designed to draw the attention of your target audience, and when you properly segment that audience to only show the ads to the people you intend to, this is where the magic happens.

adset configuration

Here you can create an audience based on your business’ specific target market.

The tool allows you to target people based on their location, age, gender, language, and even by interests, behaviors, and demographics such as their job title.

The ideal scenario, if your products/services are specific in nature, will be to have a not-so-broad audience.

The narrower your segment and the most accurate your ad creatives are regarding that segment, the more potential of success you have.


Because if your ad shows only to people that may find it useful, its performance will be a million times better than if you show an ad trying to appeal to everyone.

Facebook has a very sophisticated targeting system with lots and lots of options to segment your audience. Make sure to leverage that!

After your Ad Set configuration, you will start to make the ad itself.

Here is when you craft your creatives such as images or videos, headlines, and text.

As you can see, Facebook Ads Manager is very powerful and can take your paid marketing campaigns to the next level if you know how to use it properly.

5 Tips For Leveraging Facebook Ads

Remember That Facebook Ads Manager It’s a Pay-to-Play Platform

The major value proposition of Facebook’s advertising system is the fact that it allows you to reach people much faster than if you go the organic route.

However, keep in mind that you have to pay enough. If you pay too little it will almost always be money thrown down the drain, and in some cases, the ROI may even be negative!

This will also depend on your industry and business type. Some industries require large sums of money to beat the competition, while others don’t.

With that said, if you don’t have experience with Facebook Ads, don’t put all your marketing budget here. Start small with something like $1000-$1500 per month.

And if you don’t have that kind of money yet? Does it mean you have to settle with the slow, many-months-journey of an organic Facebook strategy?

Not necessarily. There are other options.

You can buy likes and followers for your Facebook page, or even purchase likes, shares, and comments for your Facebook posts, all for a fraction of the cost ads involve.

All of the engagement and followers are generated by our expert marketing team in a 100% real and organic way. And the best part? It’s delivered to you in a matter of days!

Your creatives have to appeal to your target audience for you to have success

Behind a great ad exists a whole lot of market research and target audience research.

The creatives on your ad have to appeal to your specific audience. To segment your audience correctly on the targeting portion of Facebook Ads, you also have to understand it perfectly.

If your creatives are designed for a specific target audience and you segment it properly, your campaigns will have great success.

Keep the end goal in mind before starting

What’s the main KPI you’d like to target and improve? What do you want to accomplish? Reach, engagement, traffic, app installs, leads, sales… What is your desired, ideal outcome?

Your main goal will change everything on the campaign: the approach, the creatives, and the offer.

For example: maybe you want to generate sales, but you don’t have an audience yet. People won’t buy from you the first time, so you need to build an audience first. Your goal, in this case, will be more likely brand awareness.

Here and with that end goal in mind, your ad will vary. It won’t try to sell something specific, instead, it will aim to get your brand out there and maybe offer some free lead magnets to begin building a relationship with potential clients.

Don’t pitch your most expensive offering right away

This will likely scare your potential buyers. Offer something small or even something free!

Lead magnets such as guides or exclusive videos in exchange for contact information are an excellent way to collect data to later warm the leads up little by little until they are ready to buy.

Take a slow and steady approach to build trust and to establish a relationship with people that have never heard of your brand before.

Check Analytics Frequently

The advantage of platforms like Facebook Ads is that you can easily track and measure your results with extreme precision.

You can keep an eye on everything from impressions to ROI, so take advantage of that.

The data will tell you not only if something isn’t working properly, but also why, so you can make the necessary adjustments and maximize your ROI.

Make sure to install a Facebook Pixel on your website so you can track the performance of your campaigns by knowing exactly which visitors are coming from Facebook.

On the other hand, if you run a Facebook Shop this is done natively. You can track how users who viewed your ads interact with your Shop directly from the Ads Manager.


A Facebook paid marketing campaign is an excellent choice to quickly grow your Facebook page and reach a broader audience.

To pay your way up will give you huge momentum, being able to accomplish in weeks the results that an organic strategy will reach in many, many months.

But you have to have the budget for it. Depending on your industry, Facebook Ads can become expensive month after month.

And if you’re not an expert and can’t hire an expert, it will be very difficult to maximize your ROI for optimum results.

If you decide that Facebook Ads aren’t for you right now but you also want quick growth, there is another alternative.

You can buy likes and followers for your Facebook page that are totally active and real. Our expert marketing team will provide you with your desired results in a matter of days.

Have you ever run a Facebook Ads campaign? If not, why? Share with us in the comments below!

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Facebook Organic Marketing: How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Business For Free!

Do you want to find success on Facebook and reach new eyeballs to build brand awareness for your business, but don’t have a lot of money to spend?

Facebook organic marketing may be your answer. It allows you to promote your business for free, using Facebook’s organic features.

If you tried Facebook marketing before and gave up because you don’t think it works, I encourage you to try again. There’s a lot that can go wrong when you are marketing your business on social media.

Algorithms are complex and it takes some time to get it right. Maybe your Facebook growth has stagnated a while ago or you simply are not seeing the results you want.

We are going to fix that today. You are going to learn everything you need to know to produce tangible results on your Facebook page.

Keep reading until the end to find out the best practices for Facebook pages that will allow you to increase your organic reach and get your brand out there on the world’s largest social media platform.

How Can a Business Benefit From Using Facebook?

On the surface, Facebook looks like a place where people only go to connect with their friends and acquaintances.

But Facebook has tremendous business value. And I say this for two main things:

  • The platform has a great ability to retain users’ attention. People spend an average of 19.5 hours a month using Facebook, and your business can be a part of that time spent.

How To Promote Your Business For Free on Facebook

By doing organic marketing, we basically make the most out of the free features Facebook has to offer.

There’s a personal side of Facebook that people use to post, engage with content, and connect with friends.

But there’s a completely different side to Facebook: the business side.

If you own a business or work for one, please make sure you are taking advantage of the features Facebook can offer!

Go to Facebook’s Business Manager and create an account if you don’t already have one. This is your first step to begin your organic marketing journey.

This will allow you to manage and create your Facebook business assets. Your Facebook page, ad account, your catalog, pixels, among other things, will be managed from here.

Learn to Implement an Organic Facebook Strategy

An organic marketing strategy involves the use of those free Facebook features to market your business and its products or services.

But nothing is really free. An organic strategy it’s going to cost another resource to provide results: time.

In the beginning, the results won’t be very promising, and you will experience low growth rates.

After a few months, though (if you’re consistent and have a solid strategy in place) you will begin to experience compound growth: traffic, fans, and sales will begin to skyrocket.

But remember: you must be willing to put in the effort and time needed to see extraordinary results.

If you aren’t, a quicker way to grow your Facebook page is by buying Facebook page likes and followers. These are 100% organic and real and are delivered to you in a matter of a few days.

Your N°1 Facebook Business Asset: A Facebook Page

Almost everything you do on Facebook regarding business will relate to your page. So take the time to make it beautiful and to complete all the required fields.

From your Facebook page, you can manage all fans’ comments and messages. The “Inbox” section conveniently groups everything so you can reply easily from one place.

In addition to that, you can access “Insights”: a very useful set of analytics that will tell you what is working and what isn’t so you can make necessary adjustments to see further growth. You can also use the “Job” section to recruit big talents for your business. This section is below “Create Post”, with options to go live, to create an event, or even a special offer.

content post on facebook

The biggest, most important section is of course the “Create Post” section. This is where you craft valuable content to connect and engage with your followers.

The success of your page will depend on the quality of your posts.

Facebook gives you a lot of features to add to your posts to make them more engaging:

posting options on facebook

These features will vary depending on your business type and industry. Take advantage of them to bring variety to your posts and keep them interesting!

But one of the most useful features Facebook has is to schedule posts. As a business, this has enormous value (you can find it inside “Publishing Tools” at the left-hand sidebar).

With a nice content strategy in place, you can create a content calendar to draft what you will be posting to social media in the next month.

Then you spend one day, maybe two, scheduling posts on Facebook. They will publish on autopilot the day you choose, so you don’t have to worry about coming up with something to post every day.

Facebook Shop

Another powerful feature of Facebook and one that has been specially designed to keep people on the platform. Users can now shop directly on Facebook instead of going to another website.

This e-commerce feature allows you to create your own collections of products that appear to users in an aesthetically pleasing format.

You can design your shop specifically to reflect your brand look and feel. If you already are familiar with how shops look on Instagram, well, on Facebook it is practically the same.

post on facebook

5 Tips to Grow Organically on Facebook

Create Relevant Content For Your Audience

The key, golden rule of any social media platform, is to understand who you are marketing to (your target audience) and to post valuable content that they will find useful and entertaining.

A crucial thing to keep in mind when creating content is to stop trying to sell. There are other places and times to sell, and your Facebook posts are not the place to do it.

People get very annoyed at Facebook business pages that only post to sell. If you are doing this, you won’t get followers and your reach will stagnate.

Facebook is a place where usually users go to connect with other people. And if you’re interrupting that, you better make sure to provide massive amounts of value.

Develop an Engaged And Loyal Community of Raving Fans

If you’re starting from scratch, I’m not going to lie, it will be very difficult in the beginning to get fans to like your page and to engage with your content.

The best option for you right now to accelerate this process a little bit is to join a Facebook group where your target audience hangs out.

This will give you the opportunity to reach a lot more people than you could with your posts alone.

Most groups aren’t designed for you to spam their members with sales and links, and if you do that you will be banned from the group very quickly.

So go with the goal of creating value. Give good advice and honest feedback to members with an altruistic mindset of helping people out.

If you help them, they will naturally want to know you and reward you for the value created, and they will do so by becoming fans of your page and engaging with your content.

Use Video Content

Facebook’s goal is to keep users’ attention and increase the time they spend on the platform. Video content does exactly that.

Video is huge right now, and if you create valuable videos Facebook will give your posts a boost to reach a larger audience.

These videos have to be all about your audience (not your company) and what they get from the video must be extremely valuable and useful.

Think in terms of WIIFT (what’s in it for them?) while creating any post.

Native Content

This type of content only lives on Facebook and doesn’t try to get users anywhere else.

It was proven time and time again that content with links to other places, like websites or blogs, has far less reach than native posts.

This is easy to understand: as we said earlier, Facebook doesn’t want its users to leave the platform.

In fact, a study proved that Facebook native videos have up to 86,64% more reach!

That doesn’t mean you can’t ever promote your website and sell your products. After that, this was exactly why you created a Facebook page, right?

But make sure the majority of your posts are native to optimize your reach.

Spark a Friendly Debate

Polls, questions and debate-provoking posts are super powerful to incentivize engagement on your posts.

And when a post has high engagement, Facebook’s algorithm will push it to broader audiences. So, these types of posts can tremendously expand your reach.

But unless you are sure of what you are doing, I’d recommend staying away from political, religious or social issues, since they can put you in a compromised situation.


Facebook is, by far, the most popular social media platform out there. If you own a business, Facebook is a must to reach larger audiences.

If you are starting out and don’t have a huge ad budget just yet, crafting an organic Facebook marketing strategy is your best option.

In this post, we explored some organic marketing tips and some Facebook free features you can leverage for your business.

But as with any organic strategy, this can take a lot of time and effort. It will be months of consistently posting and engaging with followers until you can build a solid audience that generates lots of traffic.

If you want to accelerate your Facebook growth with a lot less hassle, there is another way to do it. You can buy Facebook page likes and followers.

The likes and followers are 100% organic and real and will be delivered by our expert marketing team in a matter of days.

What’s your organic Facebook marketing strategy? Share it with us in the comments!

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Does Changing YouTube Thumbnails Affect Video Views?

Why aren’t you getting more views on your YouTube channel? A huge reason can be your videos’ thumbnails.

Thumbnails are one of the most important factors that determine if someone clicks on your video or not.

In today’s post, you are going to learn the value of YouTube thumbnails and how they affect your CTR. With a few easy changes, your view count can skyrocket!

Keep reading to know how to multiplicate your YouTube channel’s growth.

The Value of Thumbnails for YouTubers

You have done your homework.

You have a solid content strategy in place and have already researched your target audience and the topics you can cover for your specific niche.

You are uploading videos consistently and you are making sure that they are high-quality and provide a huge amount of value for your viewers.

Why is nobody watching your videos then?

Shouldn’t your views be higher?

Well, a huge culprit of this stagnation could be your thumbnails.

When someone doesn’t know you or your channel, thumbnails and titles are basically the first impressions they get from you.

If that first impression isn’t good, chances are that people decide to watch another video instead.

When Should You Change The Thumbnail of a YouTube Video?

You should change your videos’ thumbnails when you know you have valuable content but aren’t getting as many views as you want.

Say we are searching for a specific topic on YouTube’s search bar.

While we are looking at the list of videos, the only elements we have to judge if a video from someone we don’t know is worth watching are the thumbnail and the title.

And some people don’t even read the title and only look at the thumbnail.

So if your thumbnail game is off, you may be losing some valuable views and clicks.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your content is, if people don’t click on it, they won’t know.

Therefore, we can assert that thumbnails are one of the most important factors to determine if people click on your videos, watch them, and potentially subscribe to your YouTube channel.

If your thumbnails aren’t clickable, your channel won’t grow!

YouTube Thumbnails and CTR

CTR is a marketing term that stands for Click-Through-Rate.

It simply indicates the ratio of clicks to impressions on a campaign or platform.

On YouTube Studio (where you can view analytics) CTR is the percentage of people that saw a video of yours and clicked to watch it.

It’s extremely important to keep an eye on your CTR because it will determine the success of your channel.

Simply put, if no one clicks on your videos, you won’t get views, nor subscribers… aka your growth will stagnate.

How Do I Know If My Thumbnails Are Converting Properly?

Thumbnails serve a crucial function: to communicate what a video is about and to persuade people to click it.

The golden rule of clickable thumbnails is to deliver, with strong emotions or a controversial statement, the challenges or the actions that the video conveys.

High-converting thumbnails have an essential storytelling element to them, that draws viewers’ attention and makes it a no-brainer for them to click on the video.

Awesome thumbnails serve to evoke curiosity and a need to watch the video to get what the thumbnail promises.

At the same time, good thumbnails help to maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the channel.

That way, returning visitors can know exactly that a video belongs to your channel by only looking at the thumbnails’ design.

These are some of the best practices professional designers follow when crafting custom thumbnails for YouTube channels.

two macs

A strong red flag regarding thumbnails is a messy and confusing design.

If there are too many elements, it simply won’t convey properly what your video is about.

A viewer that can’t understand a thumbnail won’t click on it, because they won’t understand what’s in the video for them.

Think about your own experience when choosing what video to watch: if we don’t know what we will get from a video we don’t feel compelled to click, right?

A Simple Change in Thumbnails Can Go a Long Way

Being thumbnails so important, it’s crucial that you pay attention to them and make sure that their design is clickable and optimized for a high CTR.

The design also has to be appealing to your target audience and communicate clearly the value they will get after watching the video.

But how do you know that if you aren’t a graphic designer?

At least you commit to learn graphic design and know the ins and outs of thumbnail design, maybe the best option will be to outsource your thumbnails to a team of professionals

A simple change in thumbnails can make a huge difference.

According to a case study of VidIQ, VEVO (one of the largest musical YouTube channels) saw “a 4000% increase in views over a two-week period” when they changed the thumbnail of a video.

A 4000% increase in views! That’s huge!

After that dramatic improvement, they changed the thumbnails of over 4000 videos and these were the results:

outsourcing youtube thumbnail creation
Does Changing YouTube Thumbnails Affect Video Views? 15


Thumbnails are one of the most decisive elements someone has to judge if they click on a video or not.

And if your thumbnails are messy and confusing or have an unappealing design, chances are they won’t convert very well.

To increase your views and CTR, a simple change in thumbnails can work wonders, bringing you extreme growth to your YouTube channel.

If you decide to outsource this vital aspect of your channel to professional designers, here at EazySMM we have a dedicated team specialized in thumbnails.

The thumbnails we provide follow best practices to ensure high-clickability and conversions.

Ready to improve your YouTube game and start receiving the views you deserve?

Check our thumbnails design service here.

Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments section: did you know how thumbnails affect your YouTube channel’s views and CTR? Have you changed thumbnails before? What were the results?

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How To Get 1000 Followers on TikTok

In today’s world of social media, TikTok is the platform with the greatest organic reach out there. Do you know how to leverage that unique feature to create massive growth on your account?

Once you know how to get 1000 followers on TikTok, you overcome the hardest obstacle: figuring out how to reach people and gain followers.

From that point onwards and with high-quality content, the next tens of thousands of followers will come naturally.

You can apply the tips I’m going to show you today on any niche or background, and you will get 1000 followers on your TikTok account sooner than you can imagine.

If you are growing a TikTok account from scratch, or if you have a small audience already but you feel your growth has stagnated, I have some valuable tips for you! Keep reading below 😉

How to Gain 1000 Followers on TikTok (From Scratch)

A constant in this entire post will be learning to come up with better video concepts for your audience.

You need to understand the niche you are in, and that people in different niches will want different types of content.

Discovering what your specific target audience wants will make the biggest difference. Your watch time and your engagement will increase, and so will your following.

With that said, if you know that your videos’ topics are relevant for your niche and you don’t get the views you want, maybe try to experiment with the time that you post. And make sure your video quality is on point.

With that out of the way, let’s begin with the tips!

Recreate a post that has done well for somebody else

tiktok interface

On TikTok’s search bar, type the topic that you want to make a video about, and find content that has done incredibly well on the platform. Ask yourself:

  • What can you learn from it?
  • What do people look for in a video covering that topic?

Recreate those videos improving the description and the hashtags.

And make sure that you incentivize engagement in the last 3-4 seconds of every video. A simple “follow me for more!” is not going to work.

Convince the people that watch your videos to follow you by explaining what’s in your account for them. What’s the next logical thing they will want to see from you, after watching this specific video?

I can almost guarantee you that if you understand what made these videos successful, your video is going to do amazingly as well.


Well, because it has already done very well for someone else.

On the other hand, if you search for a topic that doesn’t have popular videos, maybe it’s not the right concept to target.

What the platform is trying to tell you in this situation is that TikTok doesn’t have an audience for that type of content yet, so maybe you will want to pivot your content strategy a little bit.

You need to learn to spot good-performing content ASAP and to recreate the elements that work.

That’s how you find what you should be posting on TikTok, what hashtags and sounds are trending in your niche, and even what length of videos are popular right now.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel! Take advantage of the type of content that has done well in your niche in the past, and recreate it.

Learn to read these signals and you will be growing super fast.

Post consistently, ideally daily

To do it right, you will want to plan your content ahead of time. Keep an updated list of video topics to target so you don’t run out of ideas.

You may also try to film in batches, so you can upload daily but film maybe once a week. Recording daily can become a strain over time.

With that said, don’t make videos for every person who’s on TikTok. Your videos’ topics must align with your target market and appeal to your specific audience.

Lastly, use hashtags strategically. Find out those that your target audience is already using. Check out our post to learn exactly how to implement a hashtag strategy for TikTok.

Engage with people in and out of your videos

This may go without saying, but it never hurts to remember it.

Reply back to every comment on your videos, especially at the beginning of your TikTok journey.

The engagement on your content will go up, and people always appreciate those that are there for them.

Also, engage with other people’s videos on the ‘For You’ page. This will help people to discover your account.

To grow you have to network, so get your profile out there on other videos.

Do this especially with newer videos that don’t have a lot of comments yet. That will prevent your comments from getting lost between thousands of other comments.

And make these comments meaningful, maybe the creator even pins your comment at the top, giving you some extra exposure!

Use keywords in your captions

Besides hashtags, craft a meaningful description for every one of your videos.

That description should include some niche-specific keywords that help people to find your content.

Additionally, include text in your videos to make them visually engaging and to give a sneak peek of that video’s content.

Lastly, make sure the cover image captures people’s attention and has a bold text title.

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How to Use TikTok Hashtags: 3 Strategies to Skyrocket Your Reach

If you want massive growth on TikTok, your hashtag strategy must be on-point.

Hashtags are an incredibly powerful tool to expand your reach and escalate your TikTok account, but you need to know how to use them correctly to succeed.

Today we are going to cover exactly how to use hashtags on TikTok and explain the different approaches you can take to strategically implement tags on your content.

Apply these tips and tricks to your TikTok profile, and you will get massive reach and exposure by boosting your videos to the ‘For You’ page.

How TikTok Hashtags Work?

Hashtags on TikTok don’t work the same way they do on Instagram, Twitter, or other social media platforms.

On TikTok, hashtags categorize content to distribute it to certain people. Basically, tags on TikTok are a way to index content, and they also help the algorithm locate the appropriate audience for a video.

TikTok gives us creators hashtags to classify the primary ideas on our videos, and then distribute them to viewers who have already engaged with that sort of content.

In short: hashtags give the algorithm an idea of who may be interested in your video.

For this reason, hashtags can change the way your content is distributed on the ‘For You’ page: different tags will push your videos to different audiences, broader or narrower depending on the hashtags you use.

That’s why it’s so important to be mindful of your hashtag strategy: it can exponentially increase the reach of your content on the platform.

Because tags on TikTok work by delivering your content to specific audiences, you can use location-based hashtags if you want to reach audiences from specific places.

As we explain in this blog post about boosting your TikTok growth in 2021, the platform has a very geographical-based algorithm.

Which Hashtags Should I Use On TikTok?

Against the advice on hashtags for Instagram, on TikTok you want to use the most popular hashtags (those with the highest amount of views).

On Instagram, if you have a small account and use a highly popular hashtag, your content will probably get buried below thousands of other posts from popular accounts.

But on TikTok, popular hashtags will actually increase your reach and your ability to get more eyeballs to your content.

But remember: don’t only use hashtags in your videos. Always include a description, and make sure to locate it BEFORE hashtags.

Should I Repeat Hashtags?

You can repeat them for sure, but don’t simply copy and paste the same group of hashtags in each and every one of your videos.

The best option is to mix and match different hashtags for each video, according to the video’s main point or idea.

If your content is broader in nature, use broader hashtags as well.

Remember that getting too specific with hyper-niched hashtags and using them over and over again may shield you from reaching larger audiences on the platform.

How Many Hashtags Should I Use On TikTok?

As a rule of thumb, don’t exceed 6-7 tags.

Too many hashtags create a wall of text that obstructs almost half of the video. People automatically swipe down when they see a screen full of tags.

Hashtag spamming also take up great portion of the caption space and prevent you from crafting a good description.

Videos with 12+ hashtags also don’t get the same amount of views, neither reach the same amount of people that they could if they were fewer hashtags included.

That’s because, as we explained earlier, on TikTok a lot of tags will limit your reach and decrease your views (since your content will be showed to fewer people).

Types of Hashtags on TikTok

There are three types of tags, based on their level of popularity and reach: broad hashtags, featured or trending hashtags, and niche-specific hashtags.

Broad or ‘culture’ hashtags

Everybody knows them: these are the viral ones that have over 1B+ views and are being used by top-tier creators.

Trending or ‘featured’ hashtags

Featured tags are associated with specific trends or challenges (you usually find them on the ‘Discovery’ page). They change all the time and have a short life span, usually 2-4 new ones appear every day.

Niche-specific hashtags

The narrower of all tags, they are specifically related to what your profile is all about (for example: personal finances, gaming, entrepreneurship, nutrition, etc).

Either type of hashtag serves a mission and a purpose on the platform. There aren’t ‘better’ types of hashtags, and the ones you choose will depend on your content and profile.

3 Hashtag Strategies for TikTok

Choosing the top 3 recommended hashtags when you publish it’s NOT a strategy to succeed on the platform.

Do your research and find the best tags for each video you publish. Always test and improve.

tiktok hashtag strategies

Hashtag And Keyword Research

This is the most popular type of approach, and if you have a clearly defined niche or central idea to your profile or videos, it’s your best option.

Here is a framework for this hashtag strategy that works wonders:

  • Browse keywords specific to your niche

Search keywords related to your niche on TikTok’s search bar and go to ‘Hashtags’.

  • Compose a hashtag list

From those results, identify the most popular hashtags and arrange a list of 15-20 specific tags related to your niche.

  • Explore related videos

Search the hashtags from your list and explore the videos related to them. For each video, take note of the hashtags they are using and the popularity of that video in particular.

We do this because in the first search some popular niche-specific hashtags won’t appear. When you search a keyword it will show you hashtags that contain that keyword, but not those that are related.

What are the most successful accounts in our niche, and what are they doing?

Of course, don’t use the exact tag group they used on their videos. But this is the best way to find new hashtags that maybe you weren’t aware of.

  • Mix and match the hashtags you found on your content

And repeat this research often, because hashtags on TikTok change all the time.

Blend of Different Hashtag Types

This strategy consists of combining the three types of hashtags we discussed earlier (broad, featured, and niche-specific hashtags) in one video.

This allows you to introduce different audiences and increase the reach of your videos, providing you with a broad spectrum of attention on the platform.

Broad and trending hashtags will expand your reach and show your content to new audiences, while niche-specific hashtags will improve the engagement of your videos by showing them to people who are really invested in the niche.

A good rule of thumb is to include 1-2 hashtags from each category. You can also try 3 featured tags and 3 niche-specific tags.

Remember to use the top hashtag of each category (the ones with the most views).

Think in the aesthetic of your video and in terms of user experience: if people see a wall of hashtags they are going to swipe down quickly and you will lose their attention.

So, if the hashtags take too much space or are too long, use less of them.

No Hashtags

This strategy is commonly utilized to force TikTok’s algorithm to learn to what audiences show your content based on trial and error.

If there’s no hashtags, the algorithm will need to try your content on different demographics to see which types of viewers engage more with it.

Sometimes if you don’t give the platform enough information with hashtags, keywords, and captions, it will push it to try your content in audiences that you may not reach otherwise.

And always remember: hashtags don’t matter more than the type and quality of the content you’re creating, the watch time you get, and the number of people seeing your content.Hashtags are only an add-on to a really good video.

tiktok hashtags how to use them


Try these strategies and play with them. If you post three times per day, use one different strategy each time. See what works best and keep doing that.

Remember the principles discussed in this post and you will exponentially improve your reach and growth on TikTok.

Hashtags are a very powerful tool to build your TikTok account. But if you need a little push and want quick growth, you can buy TikTok fans and likes.

They are 100% real and organic and will help you to kickstart your monetization journey on the platform.

Let’s continue the conversation in the comments below: Do you use hashtags? What is your current strategy, and how will you modify it after reading this article?

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YouTube Sponsorships: How to Get Sponsored as a Small YouTuber

If you own a small YouTube channel, it may seem like you can’t get sponsored on YouTube until you grow a big audience.

But don’t worry. You can still get a juicy brand deal to make money with your YouTube channel. Today we are going to be talking all about YouTube brand deals for small channels. Don’t miss out on this information! It could change the way you approach sponsorships.

How Many Subscribers Do You Need to Get Sponsored on YouTube?

When you’re a nano or micro-influencer you’re in the most vulnerable position in your career because you just lack experience on brand deals.

[Side note] If you have anything between 1,000-10,000 subscribers you’re a nano-influencer. On the other hand, if you have between 10,000-50,000 subscribers consider yourself a micro-influencer.

Many businesses can take advantage of you if you don’t know how to approach them the right way.

And at this point, you probably also don’t have a network of other content creators to go for advice and to rely on for support.

This type of advice of someone who knows better can help you to make substantially more money on your brand deals. Be aware of these things in your search for sponsorships.

With that out of the way, there isn’t a defined number of subscribers you need to have before pitching to brands to get sponsorships.

As we are going to discuss, you don’t necessarily have to have a huge following, but if your follower count it’s too little, brands may ignore you.

If that’s your case, consider buying real, organic YouTube subscribers to kickstart your journey of money-making on YouTube.

Think Like a Business Owner

You may believe that’s almost impossible to get a brand deal at this point in your YouTube career, but that’s not true!

With the popularity of influencer marketing increasing more and more with each passing day, the possibility of getting brand deals is high, even with a small channel.

The size of your audience isn’t the only factor that brands look for anymore.

Although to do it successfully, you need to take your YouTube channel seriously and act like a business owner. Don’t undersell yourself. But, how to price your channel when you perceive your value as small, based only on your audience’s size? Let’s shift your mindset.

youtube partnerships

Audience Size Is NOT The Only Thing That Matters

Sure: influence comes first, income comes second.

But influence in the form of huge audiences isn’t the only thing brands are looking for nowadays.

What’s your influence? Think about this long and hard.

If you’re an aspiring influencer or a lifestyle entrepreneur, or someone looking to build a personal brand, bundle your influences in the offering you pitch to brands.

Have you built influence on other platforms, besides YouTube? Maybe you have an email list? Have you made other digital marketing collaborations or partnerships? Use that to your advantage.

The Power of High-Quality Content

Another way of making money from brand deals isn’t by the influence you have but by your ability to produce content and creatives.

Audience size indeed attracts brands, but what also attracts them is high-quality content.

Go to brands in your niche and look at their social media posts and the content on their website to evaluate the type and quality of their content.

Now, look at the content of influencers in the same niche.

Can you do content at the same level? Could your content potentially communicate what that brand needs to communicate at the same, or (even better) quality?

Brands commonly use snippets of YouTubers’ product reviews, for example, in their ads campaigns. It’s a common practice, but the video has to be very high-quality and be a reflection of the brand’s values.

Are you making high enough quality work to get the attention of a brand and deserve to represent that brand? How can you improve your content?

If your work is too good to ignore, you will be noticed!

Brands want people that share the same values, that can become spokespersons of that brand. They want brand advocates and ambassadors.

Does your content embrace the lifestyle that the brand represents?

Engagement Is More Important That Subscribers Count

It’s not about the size of your following, it’s more about the engagement that following has with you and our content.

Can you demonstrate that when you talk about a brand, product, or anything you’re doing, people will engage with it?

Do people follow your recommendations?

If not, brands will see no value in your channel. People have to be emotionally committed to the things you recommend in your channel. That is what makes you valuable to a brand.

You have to create a reason, besides your follower count (especially if that isn’t your strength right now), and put it in front of those brands you desire to work with. Make sure your content is high-quality enough, that you have a clean and professional social media presence, and that your aesthetic is aligned with the brands you approach.

Now, Let’s Get to Work!

Let’s tie all of this together with a practical exercise.

To begin, make a list of at least 50-100 brands you’d like to work with.

Then, make a mood board on Pinterest or wherever you choose. The lifestyle you portray on social media will make you a good fit for these brands, based on their aesthetic?

If not, readjust. Choose other brands, truly aligned with your personality and values.

As we said earlier, the content, how you dress, and the aesthetic in general, have to be aligned with what the brands you aspire to work with want to communicate.

Lastly, start to create content and build a relationship with these brands. Make product reviews, tag the brands on social media, reply to their posts early with a meaningful comment… In short: make yourself visible.

When you eventually talk to them to build a business relationship and close a brand deal, you will not be coming out of the blue.

Pitch Time

Now that you have the basics covered, you can start to think about your pitches.

Craft a compelling pitch to send to the brands on your list. Your pitch should amplify your channel’s strengths.

How? Well, it has to express that your channel attracts the exact ideal audience that the brand is looking for, and solves a specific problem that audience has (so they will listen to you and your recommendations).

Make it personalized for each brand, this is what will determine your success rate.

Nobody likes to receive a copy-pasted template! I can’t stress this enough.

And, probably the least glamorous part of all this: send emails every day until you get an answer.

You will be rejected, so don’t sweat about it. It is part of the process.

For each brand that rejects you, you are closer to encountering a brand that’s a perfect fit for you.

pitching a youtube collaboration


As you probably realized by now, you don’t necessarily have to have a huge following to get brand deals.

Nowadays, more important than reach is the community you build around your YouTube channel.

Brands prefer to work with rather small influencers that may not have a huge following, but the following they do have is engaged and follow the influencer’s recommendations.

Another conclusion of this post is that the brands you pitch have to be aligned with your style, aesthetic, values, and personality.

To be a good fit for a brand, you promoting their product has to make sense according to your audience and niche.

And lastly, don’t forget to hustle and send personalized pitches until you get an answer!

If your YouTube channel is really small at the moment and you don’t have a community build yet, consider purchasing real, organic YouTube subscribers to grow your channel and kickstart the journey of making money on YouTube.

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How to Come Up with YouTube Video Ideas: 7 Tactics to Find Proven Topics

No matter your niche, sometimes it can be difficult to come up with new content ideas for YouTube.

You feel like everything is already out there, and nothing you create can be original anymore. This is partially true, but what matters it’s not the originality of the idea, but the originality of the execution and the uniqueness of your point of view.

And to be honest, there is an unlimited amount of ideas to make videos about. You just have to find them.

In today’s post, we show you the most effective methods to research content ideas for your YouTube channel. Give this a try, and you will never run out of video ideas for YouTube!

The Right Mindset to (Strategically) Search Proven Topics for YouTube

It’s crucial that you enter onto this whole find video ideas thing with the right mindset.

To build a successful YouTube channel, you can’t simply press record and start filming whatever it’s on top of your head.

You have to plan, schedule, and outline your YouTube videos ahead of time.

Research allows you to increment views: simply because your channel’s videos will be strategic, featuring proven ideas that people are actually searching for.

Did you know that a billion hours of YouTube videos are watched per day? That’s a lot of video consumption!

youtube in numbers

If you don’t notice success on your channel just yet, then the problem probably isn’t that the market for your videos is non-existent or over-saturated.

The problem may be your videos’ topics.

You have to make the right videos and be talking about the right topics.

This is the only way to stand out. To come up with video ideas that actually get views is the only way to help you grow your YouTube channel.

So, the lesson is to make sure to research before you press record.

Ask yourself: Is this a good video idea for my audience, or not? Do my people care about this topic? These questions will help you to figure out what videos to make next.

Because in the end, those creators who understand their viewers better, win.

7 Tactics to Find Proven Topics for YouTube Videos

YouTube Autocomplete

The first method we are going to discuss can be found inside YouTube itself.

YouTube’s search bar has a huge (but subtle) superpower: it tells you exactly the topics people are searching for.

Try it right now! Start typing your channel’s niche or topic of interest in YouTube’s search bar. It will begin to show you searches related to that query.

Those are actual things humans are typing in the search bar to find YouTube videos, and because of that, they are proven topics.

#Bonus Tip: put extra spaces after your search terms to go deeper and find more video ideas. Let’s see an example: say we have a channel in the social media niche. We want to make a video about methods to grow an Instagram account. We can start typing ‘how to get Instagram followers’ and see what YouTube suggests to us:

youtube autocomplete

Based on these results, we can assume that people are interested to know how to get Instagram followers ‘for free’, ‘fast’, ‘in 2021’, and also ‘how to get likes’.

All of those ideas appear from a simple search. Repeat this method with other topics related to your niche and see what you found.

Trending Channels And Videos

Another never-ending source of inspiration are channels and videos from other creators.

Search topics that are relevant to your niche and look at the videos and channels that pop up.

Those channels and videos are probably being watched by your subscribers as well, and it can’t hurt you to browse popular content in your niche to see if your channel is missing out on something.

When you find a popular channel in your niche, go to their videos and sort them by their most popular uploads. What are the videos with more views, and why?

Try to understand what appeals to viewers in your niche. That will help you to come up with relevant ideas.

Continuing with our example from before, in the social media niche, a popular one is Vanessa Lau’s channel. For our search ‘how to get Instagram followers’, one of her videos pops up. When we go to her channel and sort her videos to see the most popular ones, this is what we found:

trending images and videos

Almost all her most popular videos are about Instagram. You can see clearly what are the most searched topics: how to gain Instagram followers, how to get the swipe-up feature, how to get more likes, how to grow an account from scratch, how to write an Instagram bio, etc.

That tells us what people in this niche are interested in.

Obviously, we don’t recommend you to copy another channel’s videos, but it can be a good exercise to find new topics if you’re stuck.


TubeBuddy is a tool that integrates with YouTube and offers an extensive list of features to help YouTube channels succeed.

This tool can assist you on all stages of your YouTube journey.

It has a keyword research tool to find video ideas, a feature to help you publish your videos quickly and effectively, an optimizer tool to ensure you get better rankings, and it also helps you with video promotion and even with A/B testing.

For our current purposes, we are going to focus on Keyword Explorer, TubeBuddy’s keyword research tool. Once you install the extension in your browser, go to YouTube Studio and click on the TubeBuddy icon on the top right corner. It will look something like this:

tube buddy interface

Now, click on ‘Keyword Explorer’ and type your desired topic to see all the data. We are going to type our search from earlier, ‘how to get Instagram followers’.

keyword explorer interface

You can see here that the ‘Overall Score’ for our keyword is high. Below you can see why: it has high search volume and medium competition.

Make videos including keywords with a green Overall Score to have better chances to rank.

In the ‘Related Searches’ section, you can explore more keyword ideas. Click on each one to analyze them individually and make an informed decision on which ones to target.

Above that section, you will find four tabs. ‘YouTube’ and ‘Google’ show you how the interest in that keyword has changed over time.

On the other end, ‘Video Topics’ and ‘Common Tags’ provide you with even more keyword ideas to make videos about.


This is another YouTube-specific tool that also offers several features to improve your chances of success in YouTube.

VidIQ is a powerful ally to research keywords related to your channel’s niche. Once you have an account, you can find the Keyword Research Tool on the ‘Keywords’ tab.

#Bonus Tip: next to the ‘Keyword’ tab is the ‘Daily Ideas’ tab. Here you can find new video ideas every day, according to your channel’s niche.

vidiq interface

Here we used, once again, our search term ‘how to get Instagram followers’. The tool provides related keywords, including their search volume and competition.

VidIQ gives you an ‘Overall Score’, the same as TubeBuddy, that tells you if it’s viable to target that keyword and rank for it.

Remember that a high Overall Score reflects low competition and high search volume, the best combination for ranking videos on YouTube. Anything over 40 is good.

In summary, the closer the Overall Score number is to 100, the higher the possibility to get views and rank for these key phrases.

Therefore, VidIQ not only gives you keyword ideas but also supplies the data to choose between the best.

The tool also shows you trending videos for the keywords you research, which gives you even more video ideas.

With the browser extension installed, you can search keywords directly from YouTube with VidIQ’s ‘Keyword Inspector’.

vidiq options

Sort this list by Overall Score to target the highest performing keywords.

Another useful feature is the ‘Trending’ tab you can find every time you visit a YouTube channel. It shows you the videos on that channel with the highest views per hour.

Next to ‘Trending’ is the ‘Stats’ tab, where you can see useful statistics about your competitor’s channels.

brian dean youtube channel

In this example, some videos were uploaded years ago, while others were uploaded months or even days ago.

The older and more viewed videos on this channel cover ‘how to get more views on YouTube’ and ‘YouTube SEO’, and are 3 and 4 years old, respectively.

What do older videos with higher views per hour tell you? Basically, that those videos are ranking well and discuss a topic that many people search for, even after years.

And people tend to prefer up-to-date videos, so they might favor a newer video over another that’s multiple years old (here’s an opportunity for you to take advantage of!).

By studying your competitors in this way, you can make a related, newer video on a proven topic you know people are actually searching for.

Although VidIQ’s features are pretty limited in the free version, it’s a nice tool to try.

Note that sometimes the results from VidIQ and TubeBuddy can differ a little bit (as with every SEO tool). It’s a good practice to run your ideas on multiple tools to make sure you are targeting the right keywords.

Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a platform that allows you to examine questions people make about topics related to your niche.

Besides giving you video ideas and related keywords, this tool can help you to outline your videos.

answer the public interface

Introduce your niche or a related topic in the search bar. It will give you a graphic with questions related to those keywords, that will look something like this:

answer the public results

If we made a video on that topic, the outline can come naturally from these questions.

This will ensure our script cover topics people are interested in, and they will find our video very valuable and relevant if we answer what they need.

Below ‘Questions’, you also have graphics with ‘Prepositions’ and ‘Comparisons’ that come from the keywords you entered on the search bar earlier. On the bottom, you also have a section with related keywords to find even more content ideas.

Google Keyword Planner

Google’s Keyword Planner is a keyword research tool (completely free to use) built into Google’s advertising system. To use it, first you need to have a Google Ads account.

Once you have it, log in. You can find Keyword Planner on the dashboard:

answer the public results

Similar to the tools we used earlier, Google shows you ‘Average Monthly Searches’ and ‘Competition’ data for the keywords you entered on the search bar, and for the additional related keywords.

Try to aim for keywords with at least 5,000-10,000 searches per month.

But it depends on the niche as well, so as a general rule, stick to keywords with low competition and high search volume.

You can sort the table of related keywords that Keyword Planner shows you by clicking on ‘Avg. Monthly Searches’ or on ‘Competition.

Here we sort it by Avg. Monthly Searches to view keywords with the highest search volume first:

keyword planner dashboard

This tool can help you not only to find new video ideas but also to validate your keywords by knowing if they are worth pursuing or not. This data comes from Google, not from YouTube. But many views on YouTube videos come from Google searches, and YouTube is owned by Google anyways.

Extra SEO tools

By now, you surely recognize this post’s main point: to find content ideas and proven topics (those that can get you the views required to exponentially grow your channel) it’s necessary to research first.

Basically, keyword research helps you to make videos that people will be searching for, without guessing involved.

There are many, many keyword research tools out there.

Some are completely free, like Keyword Tool.

And others have a limited free version, like Ubersuggest, SEMRush, and KWFinder.

AhRefs is an excellent option too and extremely well-known in the SEO world, but not even the trial it’s free.

All of these keyword research tools are similar to the options we discussed above.

You can input search terms relevant to your niche and the tools will tell you which keywords are performing better based on search volume and competition.

Another very useful feature of these tools is to analyze URLs from popular websites in your niche.

You can see the most visited pages or blog posts of those websites, giving you (hopefully) new video ideas and topics you can cover on your YouTube channel.

If you want to learn specific SEO techniques for YouTube, check out our blog post on YouTube SEO.


Now that you are loaded with several methods to find keywords and content ideas, you can begin to make videos non-stop for your YouTube channel.

Make sure to organize all of those ideas in a document to refer to later, so you don’t have to research every time you want to make a video.

And before writing down your ideas, analyze them. Look at the keywords with higher search volume and low competition and take notes. You can use them in your title, description, and tags to improve your ranking.

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