Is TikTok good for Businesses?

TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, but is it worth using for your business?

Since its launch in 2016, TikTok now has over 1 billion users, and the brand estimates the same 1 billion users being active per month.

The exposure opportunities are endless on TikTok. In 2022, the number of shoppers online is estimated to have doubled than it was in 2018 or 2019.

This is due to people changing with the pandemic and now, being online is a must for every business to function and grow. This is exactly why TikTok is a great place to get people to know about your business.

No matter what your business is whether it’s a restaurant, a clothing brand or even a website selling groceries or pans, it is important to have some sort of online presence so potential customers can engage with your business and help you grow and get sales.

But why TikTok?

  • An easy way to build communities – TikTok is easy to use, and it’s short, 30-60 second video sharing style is preferred by most of the people because it’s really time efficient, allowing one to consume a lot more content while being on a time crunch.
  • Perfect place for user-generated content – People nowadays value authenticity over anything else. They are aware of the marketing tactics and thus won’t fall for age-old concepts. TikTok is the biggest source of user-generated content and makes anything you’d advertise be more effective.
  • Advertisements that don’t look like advertisements – Everyone skips through advertisements now. Whether it’s an ad on Spotify or a sponsored segment in a YouTube video, turns out you too might have skipped it. This makes it harder for businesses to reach potential customers. However, on TikTok, businesses are finding new and creative ways to make advertisements that look like a normal TikTok video, but make sure that they deliver the business’ message effectively.
  • Extreme exposure – With an estimated 1 billion users monthly across the globe, availability in 155 countries, 1 million videos being viewed everyday and 90% of TikTok users accessing the app multiple times a day, TikTok is a pool of endless exposure opportunities that no other social media platform can even come close to offering.

How does TikTok work for Business?

There are a ton of different ways that you, as a business, can use TikTok to your advantage.

First and foremost, are TikTok ads. TikTok has a brilliant ad manager with detailed targeting options that are easy to use and really effective, making it cost effective and a first choice for a lot of brands.

TikTok allows for different ad placements.

Top View Ads

Top view ads are video ads that appear once per day when a user launches the app and appear as the first video in the For You page. The ads can last up to 60 seconds. These are especially great for products that require longer periods of attention.

In-Feed Ads

In-Feed ads appear on a user’s For You page. This is the page where users land when they first open the app. The For You page features content that TikTok’s algorithm believes will interest users based on their browsing activity. To learn more about TikTok algorithm and SEO, click here.

In-Feed ads appear like normal TikToks and have a length of 5-15 seconds. Sometimes, In-Feed ads are almost indistinguishable from a normal TikTok.

Branded Effects

TikTok has a ton of AR effects that users can play with. TikTok also allows brands to create branded effects of their products or designs that TikTokers can use while creating videos, essentially advertising the brand’s product and increasing the brand awareness. This is mostly done for Movie trailers where AR effects allow users to turn into a movie character.

Brand Takeover Ads

Brand Takeover Ads appear full screen upon opening the app. Not only can they be targeted, and include a link to direct potential customers, they’re instantly engaging and can’t be missed, so are great for brands seeking mass awareness.

Branded Hashtag Challenges

Hashtag challenges are simple, a TikToker creates a challenge or a fun hashtag with a particular challenge such as a dance move and challenges others to recreate the challenge and post it with the same hashtag.

Brands can use hashtags to their advantage by creating branded hashtag challenges by paying a TikToker to start the trend.

Normal TikToks

Last, but not the least, and it’s free. Creating ads showcasing your product and posting them on TikTok as a normal TikTok video is a great way to get people to know your brand and increase awareness. 

Normal TikToks, however require you to have at least some number of TikTok fans so the algorithm recommends your TikToks to a lot of people. Buy a TikTok account or Buy TikTok fans + likes now.

Tips on TikTok for Brands

Now that we know the various ways you can use to advertise on TikTok as a business, here’s some tips to make it more effective

  • Use proper SEO – By using proper hashtags and SEO tips that we covered in our previous article, you can rank higher than competition and reach more potential customers.
  • Try to use all or as many ad placements as possible – Instead of sticking to just one ad placement, use as many of the ad placements as you can to maximize the reach of your brand.
  • Try to make your ads look like normal videos – While creating ads, try to make it look less like an ad and more like a normal TikTok video so that it may capture people’s attention and make them less likely to skip it.
  • Engage with your audience – Try to engage more and more with your audience. Whether by replying to their comments, answering their questions or DMs.
  • Grow your TikTok profile – People view TikTok profiles with more fans as a lot more trustworthy than those with very limited fans. Use this to your advantage by taking the time and effort to grow your TikTok profile. Or, the easier way is to just Buy TikTok fans + likes.

That’s all for today folks. Stay tuned for more power packed

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How to do SEO on TikTok?

TikTok has been one of the most popular social media sharing platforms since its launch back in 2016. And no wonder with millions of creators now flooding the platform, there’s a lot of competition to grow and get big on TikTok.

Here’s where SEO comes in. If you’re not already familiar with SEO, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.

In simpler words, SEO is basically optimizing your website or webpage, or in this case, your TikTok profile so that it is much easier to get to, and ranks higher through search engines.

How do you optimize TikTok videos to get more engagement?

The most important part of TikTok SEO comes down to hashtags. Hashtags will power your ability to optimize your content for the search engine.

Across TikTok, specific people subscribe to certain hashtags based on their interests.

Tapping into high-volume hashtags on TikTok can be difficult, but you can use smaller volume tags to build your traffic and work towards larger hashtags. Confused as to what hashtags to use? Here’s a list of hashtags we found.

But hashtags aren’t everything, there are still many other ways to optimize your TikTok videos, and your TikTok profile in general.

First up, Your profile needs to be fun and interesting. Make sure that your username is easy to remember so people can remember it and come back to it.

A good example is using the username “eazysmm” instead of “eazysmmmmmm221937”. One is clearly much more interesting and easier to remember than the other.

Secondly, quantity. Even though the quality of your content should be your first priority, you should stick to a regular upload schedule as well, this helps the algorithm rank you higher and makes you more visible on TikTok for-you pages (fyp in short) and search engines.

Another thing you can do is cross-promote your content. Even though TikTok has millions of people who use the app every day, not everyone uses TikTok and this is where other social media platforms come into play.

You might have seen a lot of TikTokers post their TikToks on other platforms like Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, or even Snapchat. This is a great strategy that makes you stand out and helps you grow more and more, not only as a TikToker, but also as an overall Social-Media Influencer. 

Collabs are also a great way as they put you together with another higher ranking TikToker and help you gain some of their fans and followers.

Lastly though, it all comes down to how many fans you have on TikTok.

Almost all search engine algorithms and even the TikTok algorithm (which we are going to talk about in a second) puts forward the accounts with the most number of fans.

The higher the number of fans, the better and higher the search engine ranks you. Also, big TikTokers won’t collaborate with you unless you have a certain amount of fans following you.

This makes having more fans on TikTok as important as SEO and hashtags themselves. But don’t worry, we got you covered. Buy a TikTok account if you’re starting new or Buy TikTok fans and likes.

How does the algorithm work?

So now, we’re going to talk about how search engines’ or TikTok’s algorithms work.

It all starts when someone makes a search. Whenever a search query is entered into a search engine, the search engine finds all the pages that it deems relevant and displays them in a hierarchical set of results.

The algorithms used to rank the most relevant results differ for each search engine. For example, a page that ranks highly for a search query in Google may not rank highly for the same query in Bing.

A number of different sets of data are used when selecting and ranking relevant pages. Some of which are

  • The keywords discovered within the page’s content – This is where your optimized profile comes in. It is a lot harder for search engines to find keywords on non optimized profiles, thus ranking them lower.
  • The type of content – Some search engines also take into account the type of content on a specific page.
  • The freshness of the page – How recently was the page updated, this is why being consistent with uploads is necessary.

And most importantly, In case of TikTok, the number of FANS! – This should not come as a surprise.

For a platform like TikTok, the number of fans that a particular user has is a big criteria that decides where that user ranks in different places whether it’s search engine results or for you pages or TikTok’s recommendations.

And that is how most of the search engine algorithms work. Uss these tips and we’re sure you’ll grow and rank higher on TikTok faster than you can even imagine.

That’s all for today folks, Stay tuned for more power packed content.

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How to Find Influencers for free?

Social media is a huge part of everyone’s life.

So much so that in the last decade, more than 3.4 billion people actively use social media which accounts for about 45% of the world’s population.

And with social media being such a big part of people’s lives, no wonder a lot of people look to social media for guidance and decision-making. That’s where social media influencers come in. 

What exactly are social media influencers?

Social media influencers are people who have built a reputation and a fanbase for their knowledge or expertise on a particular subject or niche. They generally make content based on their specific niche and engage with their audience on a regular basis.

This makes them a reliable source for people to check whether a purchase or decision is worth their time and money.

For example, a kitchen utensil review page on Instagram is looked upon a lot when people consider buying kitchen utensils and are a lot more likely to buy the utensil the influencer says is better.

This is exactly why brands love social media influencers because they have the power to create engagement and drive traffic and sales towards a brand.

Finding an Influencer might seem like a daunting task with so many influencers on social media now.

And even though influencer marketing is a paid task, and almost all influencers charge some fees for marketing a brand’s products, finding influencers is free if you know exactly where to look. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

How to find the right influencer for your brand?

Here are some tips to help you guide your search for the perfect influencer for your brand.

Know your goals before you start looking

Before you start going through social media and scrolling through an endless list of influencers wondering which one might be best for your brand, write down your marketing objectives and look for the influencer(s) that best suit you for your brand’s needs.

For example, if your brand sells electronics, look for electronics and gadget review influencers.

Meaningful Content

The first thing to look beyond follower size, of course, is the actual content an influencer is sharing.

Scroll through each influencer’s feed (on all platforms) to get a feel for the kind of content they create and support. Ask yourself questions like: “Do you feel comfortable associating your brand with that influencer’s social posts?” “Does their content inspire people’s decision making?”

Find influencers related to your industry

This should not come as a surprise but a makeup-centered influencer is not a good choice for a food delivery business. Finding influencers that are related to your industry is a must for generating traffic and sales for your brand.

Find influencers who promote or have promoted your competitors

Try to find influencers that promote your competitors or have promoted them in the past. This makes it so that you can capture some of the audience from your competitors which might give you an upper hand.

Relevant audience

Even if an influencer doesn’t fully relate to your industry, check to see if the audience that they engage with looks like the audience that you want to capture. If yes, then the influencer might be worth signing for your next influencer marketing campaign.

Still can’t find an influencer? Buy a Youtube Channel, Instagram followers, TikTok fans, or Facebook page likes and become an influencer yourself!

Best tools to find influencers

Here are some of the online tools that we found useful to find influencers.


Upfluence is a full-scale influencer platform, providing a wide range of features such as an influencer search and discovery engine.

It features a massive database of over 3 million influencer profiles.


HypeAuditor is simple and easy to use, it helps you determine the top Instagram influencers ranking them by the number of quality and engaged followers. You can select to either browse through all niches or break them down into 14 different categories. You can also select influencers by country.


Klout can be used to get an idea of how influential someone is on social media. Klout gives everyone who is active on social media a score between 1 to 100. Higher Klout scores mean higher social media influence.

A normal instagram account that posts regularly has a klout score of about 30-40 while celebrities with a ton of influence have Klout scores of 90+.

Post for Rent

Post for Rent effectively maintains a balance between cold business efficiency and authentic influencer campaigns, and the platform itself elevates the influencer marketplace to a new level.

All the boring and tedious stuff involved in the process—finding and managing influencers and their content, poring through profiles and data, researching audiences—is effortlessly accomplished via an interface that’s almost fun to use.

Social Crawlytics

Social Crawlytics allows you to track content and competitors. You can use it to discover which posts are the most popular and shared on particular websites.

Unlike some other social monitoring sites, you run reports on Social Crawlytics by particular domains.

So, for instance, you can analyze your competitors to determine what has been their most successful content and how people have shared it.

That’s all for today folks, Stay tuned for more power-packed content!

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How to get more views on YouTube shorts?

YouTube Shorts, YouTube’s take on the short 30s – 1min video sharing format that was popularized by TikTok.

YouTube shorts are perfect for anyone who is looking to consume content while also not taking too much time doing it. That’s exactly why the short video sharing format is so popular and effective.

But with so many people now creating YouTube Shorts, how do you increase the number of views on your YouTube Shorts?


Keep in mind that even though the max duration for a YouTube Short is 60 seconds, and a lot of people try to reach that maximum 60s duration, YouTube recommends the duration to be much shorter – 15 seconds or less. 


YouTube now has the option to add hashtags to videos. With shorts, #shorts (remember, not #short) is used so that the algorithm knows that the video is, in fact, short. Try not to use excessive hashtags, and put a couple more relevant hashtags to make your YouTube short much more discoverable.

Make Shorts for longer videos

If you already have a lot of longer duration videos up on YouTube, you can summarize them into a short, and link the full video in the description and the end screen to drive more people to watch your videos.


Make sure that you put time and effort into editing the YouTube Short, because YouTube shorts are vertical videos, instead of the traditional 16:9 videos that are uploaded to YouTube, make sure that the cropping and editing is right before you upload a video as a Short.


Last, but not least, Metadata or tags (not to be confused with hashtags) as they are called in YouTube Studio, are keywords that YouTube uses to recommend and search videos on YouTube. Make sure to use correct and relevant tags to make your video more discoverable.

Add Shorts to your channel’s Featured Section

This can be done by going to your YouTube channel’s settings and selecting “Customization”. From there, click on “ADD SECTION” from the Layout tab in the right window, and click Short videos from the list that appears next to add the YouTube Shorts category.

How often should you upload shorts?

If you want to grow on YouTube, you should be regular with your uploads.

Even though there isn’t a ‘golden rule’ as to how often you should upload YouTube shorts, we recommend uploading a short every other day or at least 3 times every week and being consistent with the uploads.

This shouldn’t be too difficult task because of the short duration of the videos which don’t require effort even close to the effort you need for a regular YouTube video.

Can you grow on YouTube just uploading shorts?

Absolutely, Yes! You can grow on YouTube by just uploading shorts.

Even if you don’t have any normal length videos on your channel and your channel consists entirely of YouTube Shorts, you can still grow on YouTube like normal.

With that being said, a question that pops up a lot is, “How do you earn just doing YouTube Shorts?”. We all know that YouTube pays creators by running ads on their videos and paying them based on the number of views the ads get.

There’s also a criteria for monetizing a YouTube channel (1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the previous 365 days).

Buy a monetized YouTube channel or 4000 watch hours + 1000 subscribers, if you’re interested in that one. 

But there are no ads on YouTube shorts. So HOW does one get paid?

Even though we have gone through this in the past, we’re still going to explain how earning through YouTube Shorts works. 

Creators who create YouTube shorts earn through a fund called “YouTube Shorts Fund” which is similar to TikTok’s Creator Fund.

As YouTube defines it, “YouTube Shorts Fund is a $100M fund to reward creators for their dedication to making creative, original Shorts that delight the YouTube community.

We’ll reach out to thousands of creators each month to tell them that they qualify for a Shorts bonus from the fund.” Essentially, depending on the views and engagement that one’s YouTube Shorts get, YouTube pays them a sum of money at the end of each month.

To be eligible to receive payments from the YouTube shorts fund, 

  • You must have uploaded at least one eligible short in the last 180 days.
  • Your channel needs to abide by YouTube’s Community Guidelines, copyright rules, and monetization policies.
  • Shorts uploaded should not have any other logo/watermark like TikTok on it or else the short will be considered ineligible.
  • You must be 13 or older.

So what if you’re not in one of the countries/regions mentioned by YouTube? If so, then, unfortunately, you cannot earn by just doing YouTube Shorts.

But sit tight, and wait because YouTube says that they will increase the number of supported countries and regions soon. Until then, you can stick to a regular YouTube channel and videos. Buy a monetized YouTube channel now and get started.

That’s all for today folks, Stay tuned for more power-packed content!

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10 ways to promote your YouTube channel

There’s no better time to learn how to promote your YouTube channel.

Why “now”?

Because YouTube is the second most visited site on the web. On average, we’re spending six hours per day watching videos.

Now you might acknowledge why this is the best time to know about the best promotional tactics for your Channel.

Let’s kick off our list with

Engaging titles

If you regularly watch YouTube videos, then you must know how titles play a significant part.

The title is one of the deciding factors that determine whether the viewer will click on the video or not. The title must be tempting enough that viewers cannot resist clicking on it even if they are late for their office.

But don’t put a “clickbait title” because it might result in clicking on the video, but the viewer will be disappointed. We want to make a healthy community. Clickbait titles will fetch you a view, but not a subscriber.

Optimize your video for SEO

SEO on YouTube? Yes, I was also astonished when I read for the first time. We have to optimize our videos for visibility not only on YouTube but even for Google. You will be surprised by the fact that YouTube videos show up in 70% of the top 100 Google search results. 

Optimize your titles, keywords, descriptions with SEO keywords. It will give your channel external exposure.

Engage with the YouTube community

Although you might not think of YouTube as a social network per se, the platform does represent a thriving community. Viewers like, comment, and share the videos. Sounds pretty social to us.

Leaving a like on your comments will make your audience feel special. You can do many activities to engage with the audience, like Pinning comments or replying to comments.

Find out what your audience wants

In the beginning, you can try your hands-on different styles of videos. When you are done with experimenting. Extract the best-performing style and keep making videos on that. 

Not only that, but you can also ask your audience through polls or texts what type of content they seek. 

Customize your thumbnails

We can’t emphasize enough on this one. Thumbnails are the first big thing that comes across to a viewer. Even the person reads the title after watching the Thumbnail. 

Think of your title and description as a perfect combination that does hand in hand. 

By default, YouTube hitches a screenshot from any given video and uses it for the thumbnail. The screenshot is blurry and not appealing as we expect. You can make your thumbnails by using professional tools like Canva and you can also buy professional-looking thumbnails from here.

Cross promoting your videos

When you are at the end of a video, you see the next video recommendations and playlists suggestions in the ‘I’ button. This type of promotion is called cross-promoting of the videos.

Add your playlist links, best videos links in your video descriptions. Cross facilitating works the best on YouTube.

Weekly/Monthly giveaways

Run weekly or monthly giveaways so that you can attract a new audience to your channel. Every newbie YouTuber implements this strategy. 

You can look for sponsors and give away the sponsored product to the audience. 

In return to enter the giveaway content, you ask for a subscription to the channel.

Series Meta

You can make a series on any topic you want. Make a series and give a hook of suspense at every end of a video. For instance: Make a funny comic series, How to bake cookies from scratch, or the complete topic of organic chemistry in 12 episodes. This type of series boosts the SEO and YouTube algorithm.

Embed your Videos

Embed your videos with your website links, discord group links, telegram chats, Facebook group links, etc. You can even add videos. 

Calls to action

If you are putting out valuable content after giving hours of hard work to your audience, then don’t hesitate to ask for like, share, and subscriber calls. At least give two subscriber calls in the video, one in the middle and one in the end.

Try to give calls to action in a unique way. 

So these were the best-proven methods to promote your channel. But if you are busy with your schedule or you want professional help without any drawbacks, then you can find genuine services for your YouTube Channel here.

Thank you for reading till the end. If you liked the blog, we have more valuable content for you:

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more power-packed content. 

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How To Make A 24/7 Live Stream On YouTube

Live streaming is the new famous girl of the school. People are hopping onto the live streaming like there is no tomorrow. There are two main platforms for Live streams- Twitch and YouTube.

In the live streaming arena, Twitch holds the ruler’s throne while YouTube as a newbie slowly catching up to Twitch. 

Live streaming initially started for gamers, where gamers come online, play games, and interact with the people in the chat.

Even non-gamers like the concept and started watching the live streams.

But after a while when Live Streaming got into the news, not only gamers but also artists from other industries hopped on to it. Musicians, educators, Magicians, etc. are not less popular than gamers.

So next time you find someone playing flute in a live stream, don’t get stunned. 

As we know if a platform or a concept gets saturated, in order to stand out, one needs to do something extraordinary. When a normal 2-3 hour stream became common, viewers started getting withdrawn.

Which resulted in content creators losing followers. Then a few streamers did something that grabbed everyone’s attention and shocked the live streaming industry. Here we are talking about 24/7 live streams. Now here comes a prominent question:

What is a 24/7 live stream?

In 24/7 live streaming, you can broadcast a single pre-recorded video on a loop or add multiple videos that play one after another. It can be various pre-recorded videos, countdowns, and trivia games that don’t require your presence and can be fully automated. 

You can schedule a 24/7 live stream on your YouTube channel in advance and focus on other things, as your stream will start playing automatically, switch the videos by itself, and interact with the audience.

How to make a 24/7 live stream on YouTube?

Doing a 24/7 live stream is not as easy as we think. This requires a lot of attention and assistance. You need multiple software to do a 24/7 live stream.

Not only that, but it is not a single person thing, as one has to focus on content and managing the live stream throughout the week. There are many issues one may face while 24/7 live streaming, such as:

  • Connectivity issues, loss of internet, latency, issues with camera and audio encoder.
  • Power cuts, dead batteries (laptops)
  • 24/7 watch assistance.

A 24/7 live stream needs to be pre-planned with competent help. 

Many paid professional OTT hosting platforms to help content creators to do a 24/7 live stream. You just have to focus on your content and they will handle all the labor behind the curtain. You will even enjoy 24/7 support, too. 

But if you think you can manage it on your own, here’s a detailed guide on how to stream 24/7 live stream with the help of a few software:

Benefits of doing a 24/7 live stream on YouTube?

There are many benefits if doing a live stream as:

Comfortable access

24/7 streams are not limited by time. Any interested user can search and find your videos at any given time. You don’t even have to sit in front of the camera, you can just make a set of your videos and can play them throughout the live stream. 

New subscribers

YouTube will increase your visibility a lot. When people see that the channel is live streaming constantly, it attracts them to watch what’s going on.

If you have valuable content throughout your stream, then people will eventually subscribe to your channel. Nowadays, viewers also measure the hard work of the content creator, and the 24/7 live stream is a perfect example of that.

Watch hours

The fact is obvious that 24/7 live streams will eventually increase the watch hours of your channel.

If you are a newbie Youtuber who is struggling with the monetization threshold of 4000 watch hours, then this will be a great option for you to break that barrier.

If you are one of those content creators who are incapable of getting 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers, we have a game-changing gift for you. You can check it out here.

Engaging viewers

You can engage viewers in several content themes. This will bring versatility to your channel.

Cross Promotion of your content

24/7 live streams are a great way to promote other content on your YouTube channel. Those users who have only watched your older videos or haven’t watched your content at all are more likely to visit your channel for your other videos. 

So that’s all for today. Thank you for tuning in till the end.

You can read more valuable blogs here.

We will be back with more valuable content. Till then stay tuned for more power-packed content. 

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How to promote your YouTube videos using Google Ads?

If you are searching how to promote your YouTube videos using Google Ads, then there are chances that either your videos are not performing well or you are struggling with reaching the monetization threshold (4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers).

There can be many reasons behind the underperformance of your videos.

Low-quality content, baiting thumbnails, controversial content, etc. These can be a few reasons for the poor performance of the videos. But if you are certain that there is no problem with the content and you want to speed up the process, then Google ads might be the one to help you in achieving the desired metrics.  

Creating an advert for your YouTube video is not a new thing, creators use it often to boost their videos. Getting it right, however, is very important. Creators frequently lose money in campaigns as they are not well educated for them.

Our guide will explain the different options at your disposal when setting up an advert. This way, you can learn how to make the best out of your marketing campaign. 

So without further ado, let’s start:

Go to YouTube Studio

You can reach your workspace on YouTube through several ways, but the simplest is to click on your profile photo and in the menu, you will find the “YouTube Studio” option.

You can even click on Customize channel or Manage videos. Both will take you to the YouTube Studio.

Choose a video to promote

In the studio, select the content tab, which lists all of your videos.

Find the one you want to advertise, and click on its option icon- it has three dots. From the menu, click “Promote”. 

Then it will take you to a different web page where Google Ads will prompt you to log in to an existing account or create a new one. Then click Get started.

Customize your Ad’s appearance 

Your marketing campaign should start with a good video. When creating an ad, the first decisions you need to make relate to where the ad should display and what it should display.

In terms of the first question, you can have it play before, during, or after a video. If someone clicks on it, they will jump to a landing page of your choice.

Alternatively, the thumbnail will also play a crucial role in tempting viewers to click on your ad. The thumbnail can quietly sit on the homepage, search results, or beside related videos. 

For the thumbnail placement, you get to choose a still image from your video. You also get a headline with a two-line description. The words are limited, so make them count.

While making all these customizations, you will see a preview of your Ad. You can see how it will appear on the screen of a smartphone or a desktop. Once you are satisfied with the customizations, click on the Next button to fine-tune your promotion further. 

Choose locations and languages

You can choose your target countries where you want your video to be promoted. You can even choose the language. Always make sure your video delivers in the same language. 

Choose the gender, age, and parental status of your target audience

It is important to focus on these parameters. If your content focuses on women’s fashion and you are targeting a male audience, then you are wasting your campaign expenditure. Even the target age is also significantly important.

Target Specific Interests in your Audience 

Once again, you can reach the target audience as broadly as possible. However, this will reduce the efficiency of your ad.

Think of it like this, if your video is all about world war 1 and your video ad is showing to a person who is searching for comedy shows. So even your video is top-notch in your niche but the person who has no interest will not engage with your ad. This will end up in losing money.

Narrow down your audience according to your video category. If you give book reviews, then put down the interest as ‘book lovers’, or if you are giving information about cars, you can put the interest like ‘car lovers’.

You can play around with your interests. If you found an interest that is performing well, you can duplicate that ad and make a few changes to it and launch.

Set your daily budget

Unfortunately, Google Ads is not free. But you can control how much you want to spend per day.

When you allot a daily budget, then the demographics will show the potential reach of your marketing campaign.

Your potential reach is directly proportional to your budget. 

Just fill the budget in the presented field, the system will automatically act according to it. 

Review your ad and set duration

At this stage, you can do a quick overview of the choice you made before submitting the campaign for review. You have to set the duration of the campaign.

Choose a date when you want to stop your ad. Click edit and choose a date. By default, there will be no end date. This will help you to have control over your Ad expenditure. 

Now, after finalizing everything, your ad will go into a review. After getting reviewed, your ad goes live. Now our task is done, now we have to wait for the demographics. 

So this is how you can promote your YouTube videos through Google Ads. If you are afraid that you can’t run Google ads on your own.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. You can buy 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers so that you can get your channel monetized as soon as possible. 

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more power-packed content.

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How to increase YouTube engagement?

YouTube engagement is an integral part of your channel’s growth and success. 

Focussing on YouTube engagement is perfect to build an authentic and genuine relationship with your viewers and community at large.

They will know that they can rely on you for great content that informs and intrigues them and they will reward you for it by returning and converting. 

Now you know how important it is to build a healthy engagement with your audience. Imagine what will happen if you disappoint your viewers and your community.

How bad will it act for your channel growth?

In order to prevent that, you need to learn about YouTube engagement in detail. Today we are going to learn about YouTube engagement. 

What is YouTube engagement?

YouTube engagement is when your audience takes action on your YouTube page or on one of your YouTube videos. 

Here are a few of the most important actions:


Comments reveal when a video emotionally resonates with viewers.

Which can be good or bad depending on the sentiments of these comments.

Even as a viewer, we post comments to show our appreciation of the video. Comments boost the YouTube engagement a ton.

The more comments you get, the more engagement you gain.

To fetch as many comments as possible, you can ask questions from your viewers and ask them to answer in the comment section. This is one of the top-notch ways of increasing engagement through the comment section. 


Shows how much your video is enjoyed by your audience.

Before, there was a dislike option as well, where you could measure the dislike as well. The more likes you get, the more your engagement prospers. This is not a new hack, everyone knows about it. 

You can set a like goal for a small reward. For example: “If we hit 5K likes on this video, we are going to do a giveaway this weekend.”

These types of goals work really well and they are used by most of the Top YouTubers. 


This shows how often and where your viewers shared the video.

Shares work across a variety of social platforms, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

You can even. share the link to the video through email and SMS. This is one of the most important engagement factors, as this reflects that your video was engaging enough for people to want to encourage others to watch it.

Subscriber count

YouTube also allows the content creators to dive into whether a video was pleasing enough to attract new subscribers or was disappointing enough to turn off the current followers to unsubscribe from the channel. The metric is a clear indicator to measure your content quality. 

These are the metrics that measure the engagement level on your channel. If you are successful in maintaining these satisfyingly, then you may witness some promising results. 

Tip: Mid video prayers also perform well. Ask your audience to like, share, subscribe, and comment at least twice in a video. 

What is a good engagement on YouTube?

Consistent growth in subscribers, positive feedback in the comment section, a good number of likes and shares are considered good engagement. 

How to calculate your YouTube engagement rate?

An expert said, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

YouTube analytics play a crucial role in measuring the engagement rate of your YouTube channel. 

One of the most common ways is to measure your engagement rate by reach (ERR)

The percentage of the viewers who interacted with your video or other content after seeing it. 

There are two types of engagement rates:

One is Engagement Reach Rate, and the other is Average ERR. 

You can calculate ERR through= Total engagements per post/reach per post*100 


Average ERR: Tota ERR/Total Posts

Congratulations, you just calculated your engagement rate. The ERR can give you a solid idea of how engaging your videos are across all audiences. 

What does a high engagement rate mean?

This basically means you are going to reach cloud nine soon. In simple language, a high engagement rate is a sign that your channel is growing consistently because people don’t interact with boring or terrible content.

If you have a high engagement rate, it means your audience is loving your content and they are convinced enough to share it with others. 

Now you know what YouTube engagement is and how vital it is for your YouTube journey.

Thank you for reading till the end. If you want to browse supplementary blogs, you can check them out here.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more power-packed content!

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Is it better to be a YouTuber or a Twitch Streamer?

YouTube and Twitch are both really big names when it comes to media sharing platforms.

Even though they both work in completely different ways, where YouTube is a video sharing site where you upload videos to a channel, Twitch is almost entirely focused on live, 1-to-1 interaction streams, they are considered solid competitors, and a lot of times, people are confused as to which platform will be better for them.

One rule of thumb would be to check what others are doing, picking the same genre as your content, research around both the platforms and see which one is getting more engagement for your style of content because after all, the one major deciding factor for how much revenue you get off of any of them, is audience engagement.

Do you find it easier to earn revenue on Twitch or YouTube?

Before we begin with a deep dive as to which one is better, we first need to understand how earning revenue works on both Twitch and YouTube. 

Starting off with Twitch, twitch is primarily centered around live streams and thus its revenue system is streamlined for live streams.

The first and the most basic way to earn while live streaming is donations.

Donations, whether to highlight a message or do something else are a great way to encourage people to donate. All the donations you receive will be credited to you with a small cut that your donation provider might take as fees.

And then, you can run ads on your stream, which also generates revenue. Lastly, there’s the option to subscribe to a channel that generally has three Tiers- 

Tier 1 Subscription: $5

Tier 2 Subscription: $10

Tier 3 Subscription: $25

The streamer can set different perks for different tiers like chat badges, exclusive emotes and more.

A thing to note here is twitch charges 50% on subscriptions, which means for every $5 subscription, you receive $2.5.

Now for YouTube, we have covered how YouTube revenue generation works previously a lot, but we’re going to go over it once more in short.

YouTube has a ton of different ways to earn revenue, starting off with ads, which is as simple as “YouTube runs ads on your video, and you get money for it” which comes to around $3-5 per 1000 video views.

Then, there’s a join button that YouTube recently introduced which is similar to Twitch’s paid subscription where you pay to be subscribed to a channel and you get exclusive perks in return for it.

Not just that, YouTube too supports live streaming and has its own donation system called SuperChat.

But, on both Twitch and YouTube, you can’t just start earning as soon as you create a channel.

YouTube has monetization criteria that need to be met first before the channel can be monetized, that is, 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the last 365 days.

On the other hand, Twitch has an affiliate program which you need to be eligible for in order to start earning on twitch, that is,

At least 500 total minutes broadcast in the last 30 days

At least 7 unique broadcast days in the last 30 days

An average of 3 concurrent viewers or more over the last 30 days

At least 50 Followers

Now even though twitch’s criteria isn’t as difficult to meet as YouTube’s, earning on YouTube is a lot easier compared to Twitch.

This is all because of the fact that you can only earn while you are streaming live on twitch, which makes streaming consistently very important if you’re looking to earn well with Twitch.

One more thing is, while you stream, because of timezones, people from different regions can’t be present on your stream.

While on YouTube, and uploaded video continues to earn indefinitely as long as it continues getting views, and even though you need to be consistent with uploads on YouTube too, it’s far easier and more manageable than streaming on Twitch and then, you can always live stream on YouTube too.

But a lot of people fail to meet the criteria to even monetize their channel in the first place. But don’t worry, we got that covered! Buy a monetized YouTube channel or, if you already have a channel, Buy 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers.

Do Twitch Streamers earn more than YouTubers?

A lot of people ask us this question, and honestly, there’s no exact answer to this question.

Because both YouTubers and Twitch streamers keep their incomes a secret, it’s hard to put a finger on who earns more.

What we are definitely sure about, is that no matter which platform you choose, at the end of the day, it all comes down to your audience engagement.

The more viewers you get, the more you earn regardless of which platform you are on.

And that’s it for today folks, Stay tuned for more power-packed content.

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How to upload Twitch streams to YouTube?

Twitch and YouTube are the two giants of video-sharing platforms. Different in the ways they operate, but one can use both of them in order to maximize their earnings, which is through editing their Twitch live stream and uploading the highlights on YouTube as a video. 

But because these two are considered competitors, there are a few questions people have when they think about uploading Twitch stream highlights on YouTube:

Can I post my Twitch streams on YouTube?

Absolutely, there is no restriction as to what and how long of a video you can upload on YouTube, as long as it meets the YouTube community guidelines. So you can definitely upload your Twitch live streams on YouTube.

and second,

Is it legal to make highlights of a Twitch stream and upload it on YouTube?

YES, it is 100% legal to make highlights of a Twitch stream and upload it on YouTube.

There are no legal restrictions on either platform that prevent exchanging content between them.

And, it is highly encouraged that one does so in order to maximize their earnings as a content creator. So, make highlights to your heart’s content.

Now that those doubts are out of the way, let us come back to what we were talking about, which is “How exactly DO you download twitch streams and create highlights to upload on YouTube?”

Firstly, you need to make sure that your live streams are archived. Twitch stores streams which are called VODs (Video on Demand) for up to 40 days. If you don’t have it enabled, follow these steps:

  • Open Twitch and log in
  • Go to your “Creator Dashboard”
  • Click on the arrow in the upper left corner of your screen
  • Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu
  • Navigate to “Channels and Videos”, then to “Channel Settings”
  • Tick the checkbox that says “Automatically archive my broadcasts”
  • Now that you have saved your streams as VODs, you can download VODs by
  • Click on the same arrow in the upper left corner of your screen
  • Select “Content” and then “Video producer” from the dropdown menu
  • Click “All videos” to open a dropdown menu and select “Past Broadcasts.”
  • Find the video you want to save, click the three dots in front of it to open a dropdown menu, and click Download.

Your VOD should start downloading.

There’s another way if you don’t wish to edit your videos yourself or if you have an editor, you can appoint someone as an editor on your Twitch channel. As the editor, they too can access your Twitch channel’s dashboard and follow the above steps to download VODs.

To appoint someone as your editor,

The same arrow in the upper left corner of your screen makes an entrance again!

  • Select “Community” and then “Roles manager” from the dropdown menu
  • Click on “Add New”, type the username of the person you want to appoint as the editor
  • Click on “Add Role” and select “Editor” to appoint them as your editor
  • Click Save

Note that all these options can be accessed through a PC and are not available through the Twitch mobile app.

And if all this is too tough for you, or you want to download someone else’s VOD and you’re not appointed as their editor, you can use an app called “Twitch Leecher”.

Twitch Leecher is a free open source program that can be downloaded here. One can simply copy the link to any VOD on twitch, and paste it in Twitch Leecher which will start downloading it.

One more thing to note here is that even though downloading and uploading your streams to YouTube is 100% legal and encouraged, downloading others’ VODs is immoral and can lead to legal consequences.

So now you have successfully downloaded, edited and uploaded your twitch streams to your YouTube channel and now you can start earning, right? Right?

Wrong! You can’t just straight-up start earning on YouTube. YouTube has monetization criteria that need to be met in order to start earning money off of YouTube.

The criteria is 1000 subscribers, and 4000 hours of watch time in the past 365 days.

Now, we know that the criteria seem daunting, especially to small streamers, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Skip the wait and buy a Monetized YouTube channel and start earning immediately or if you already have a channel, buy 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time hours.

That’s all for today folks. Stay tuned for more power-packed content.

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