What software do most Youtubers use to edit?

Video editing is a major and crucial part.

There are many options of video editing software but serious and professional video creators need user friendly service.

Success on YouTube is dependent on major things like attractive thumbnails, eye soothing images, video’s production quality, etc.

So it is very important to select appropriate video editing software.

What are the best editing softwares for a beginner Youtuber?

Some popular software programs are suggested here from which beginners will get ideas about video editing software for their new videos. So, here some examples of software are described-



This software is used for iOS and Android.

It is a popular and trustable video editing software for beginners and also for professional YouTubers.

PowerDirector 365 offers a subscription package which includes new designs, sound effects and background sounds.

This is very affordable and easy to use. PowerDirector is a free software and secure for users.


This software is used for iOS, macOS, iPadOS devices.

 It offers powerful tools for editing the videos without interference in the originality of the file. iMovie is really a good option for beginner YouTubers.

Adobe Premiere Pro

This is a professional, easily accessible and good choice for beginners to create videos. Capability for video editing of it is excellent and endless. Auto colour correct, audio assign, auto reframe etc. are some of its useful features.


Videopad is a good software for beginners as it contains tools that are easy to learn and makes it much easier to create a complete video by simply adding video clips.

Price of the master’s edition is $69.95 and the Home edition is $34.99.

 VideoPad is free for non-commercial use.


 It is the best image editing software and also for editing videos. One can easily access this software. Its tools are effective and useful.

 Price of Instasize starts from $4.99 per month. Instasize also offers a free trial.


It provides powerful, professional and practical toolkits. It is the best video editing software for video creators who want to edit videos on their mobile on the go.

  Specialities of KineMaster are its features such as audio mixing, lighting adjustment, chroma-keying and blending mode.


Filmora9 is mainly designed for video creators, YouTubers, and social media teams. It is powerful and easily accessible.

Filmora9 is free software for beginners but the free version will include a watermark. You can buy the full version to remove the watermark.

Do Youtubers edit their own videos?

Yes! Nowadays most Youtubers edit their own videos.

Vloggers, content creators use many software programs, apps for editing their videos themselves.

Though YouTube offers some tools like the ability to cut portions out of a video, these are extremely basic and anyone who wants videos with excellent quality should use a good video editing software.

There are so many video editing softwares available that it is very difficult to choose one; some are free and some are paid. For beginners, it is important to create better quality videos which will help to increase the number of viewers.

That’s why Youtubers edit their own videos by choosing tools according to their choice so they can freely edit their work.

Importance of video editing

Video editing is cutting some inessential parts of video, adding some necessary images and short videos with the project and creating the final project.

Importance of video editing are:

  • Remove errors:

There are many unimportant portions in the rough videos. Video editing can help to omit that portion.

  • Enrich the style:

Video editing software, apps provide many new essential tools which help to enhance the video qualities, change the style and add designs to the videos.

  • Improves the project:

 Video editing improves the video quality which helps to improve your project.

  • Makes a video impactful:

Proper video editing makes a video impactful. One can reach the audience through the videos. 

  • Composed the Video:

 Video editing is that place which can compose one’s total video and give a magical touch.

  • Give ideas:

 This is the field where you will get an idea about colours effect, visual effects, sounds effects and more.

  • Creativity enrichment:

 It helps to enrich your creative power. You will be more creative.

I personally suggest you make a rough edit and then go for the final edit. Take time and finish it well. A successful youtuber always tries to edit own video properly.

 Video editing is an art. Patience is needed to do this work. So, choose software which is suitable for you and carefully edit your videos.

Even if you know how to edit videos and upload them, you’d still need to meet the minimum requirements to start earning money from YouTube.

The minimum requirements are: 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. 

Now these might sound daunting to some, but you can skip the wait and start earning right away. Simply buy a monetized YouTube channel or Buy 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours now.

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What Kind of Camera do most YouTubers use?

Video editing is the matter of next step.

For making a video we need photography, or videography, for which a camera is a must.

But just buying any kind of camera is not the right decision for any passionate creator.

One should buy camera after researching about it.

You are thinking why your Smartphone is not considered as a camera with better quality.

Actually, it all depends on your content. If you want to create action video, wildlife video you require better camera.

What camera do I need for YouTube?

A question of many beginners, what camera they need to create amazing videos for starting their YouTube channel. So, for beginners and other creators, some examples of camera which are used by most YouTubers in 2022 are given here.

Canon EOS 70D


  • Full HD 1080P
  • 20.2MP CMOS Sensor and Digic 5+ Image Processor
  • 100-12800 ISO sensitivity


  • Dust resistance
  • Good for photography and videography
  • Excellent video quality


  • 4K options aren’t available for this model
  • It’s not waterproof
  • High price rate

Canon EOS M50


  • High ISO settings
  • Full HD 1080P


  • Decent for sports and wildlife photography
  • It provides excellent features


  • It is not waterproof. If the camera is wet, carefully dry it and contact to the service center.
  • Battery life is medium.

Canon PowerShot


  • LCD screen
  • Mirrorless camera


  • Remote view shooting capacity
  • It has lightweight, which is an advantage for carrying this camera anywhere.

Canon XA10 camcorder


  • Sensor type is CMOS sensor
  • 10 x Optical zoom, 1080p HD Video


  • This device can connect with Wi-Fi
  • Internal storage space is 64GB


  • It has heavyweight, which is a disadvantage for carrying it.

Sony Cybershot DSC- RX100


  • 1.0 type sensor


  • 4K video makes it popular
  • It has useful modes; Slow motion is one of them.


  • Some restricted features which can be applied on images only.
  • Weaker connectivity options

Nikon Z30


  • It can accept full-frame (FX) or APS-C (DX) lenses


  • It has a tiny and lightweight body
  • Simpler menus and dials
  • Supper compact
  • Affordable for beginners


  • Battery life is medium ( 300 shoot) which is not good
  • Autofocus performance is slow.

GoPro Hero5


  • 4K videos
  • 12MP photos
  • Pro quality photo capture in 3 modes.
  • Best for shooting action video


  • Not suitable for artistic project.
  • Not good for all situation.

Usefulness of These cameras

High Resolution

These cameras about that are discussed above provide a better video resolution. Maximum vloggers, YouTubers use 4K video which is supported by YouTube.

Smooth video

These cameras have better quality autofocus mode which are friendly for smooth videos.


Cameras have excellent image sensor to enrich your video quality. These are the reasons for choosing these cameras

Do YouTubers use iPhone for filming?

If you have this type of quarries, its answer is yes!

iPhone is undoubtedly best for filming videos, for YouTubers.

All new iPhone has the capacity of 4K video recording.

This is an advantage for powerful video creation. It helps to zoom, adding effects or crop out any part of video.

iPhone 14 Pro Max is very popular for filmmaking. If you are a beginner and have an iPhone, you don’t need to buy a camera.

Your iPhone is enough for making videos.

Video qualities control the number of viewers of one’s YouTube channel. Subscribers are also increased if your video quality is better.

There are many competitors in this field (YouTube). So you have to do best, create best and editing should be better. Then you will get success in this platform.

If you have any suggestions, please share here without hesitation.

You can read more valuable blogs at eazysmm.com/blogs

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How to be a beauty Youtuber

Basically, beauty Youtubers create their contents on beauty products, fashion, hair style etc.

According to a recent update, in the United Kingdom, beauty Vlogging is a growing and promising industry. 

Popularity of beauty YouTuber has increased in social media. 

Besides earning money, the beauty YouTubers could get a chance as a part in the Annual beauty festival and get fame as an internet celebrity. They can also get opportunities to advertise for many beauty products companies.

10 Tips to be a successful beauty YouTuber

Here are some tips on how to be a beauty YouTuber.


 “Practice makes perfect”, this is a popular proverb.  Anything you want to do, practice it to get success in that field. 

Practice your craft regularly to be a beauty YouTuber whether it’s trying new makeup or reviewing new products. Practice with new products, new techniques, and things. Practice will improve your work.

Make own content

Make a plan before creating your content. Make sure your content is original and not copied.

The number of views you will get will depend on the originality of your content.

Try to shoot the video properly

 Try to enrich your video quality. Make sure that your background is clear and  set up is better. 

You can use necessary light which will help to show your makeup, colours on your skin. 


Upload your videos continuously and try your best to stay motivated.  Always try to engage with your own community. Consistency makes all the difference on YouTube.


After shooting your video, check it and edit it according to your needs. Video editing will help you to omit unnecessary portions from video and add necessary portions with your creation. Video editing is a very important factor for growing your channel. So, don’t ignore this step.

Unique ideas

Always motivate oneself and generate new ideas. Try to create something different. When your work is unique, it helps to attract an audience.

Interact with audiences

Interact with your viewers and subscribers. Try to reply to them. Generate new ideas according to the comments of audiences. You can get about your next content from the comment section.

Follow the trending topics

 Follow what is going on the social media as a trending look. Make your contents based on the trends.

People search for videos according to trends. When you make a video according to their interest, it can help to increase your channel viewers.

Connect with other Creators

 Keep connection with other creators of the same field. You can get new ideas from them. Audience of your channel will be increased.

Gain Knowledge

Continue to gain knowledge about your working field. Read articles, blogs about cosmetics, new products, fashion, arts; research about them.

You can learn from other YouTubers, from social media. Don’t stop the learning process because the learning process is endless. So, keep learning to keep growing.

How do I grow my beauty YouTube channel?


Make a playlist and add all videos of same topic with it. It will help your viewers to get your all videos which helps to increase the number of viewers and subscribers.

Using of keywords

 Create specific keywords so that your videos are showed top when people search about that topic. You can make strong SEO by including the keywords in your title, use same keywords in your description and in tags.

Attractive Thumbnails

 Thumbnail of a video creates an impression about the video just like:

  • Quality of the video
  • Topic of the video

Prepare your thumbnails of videos so that your audiences will be attracted. Popularity of your channel will increase.

Engage with audiences

Try to answer all comments. It doubles the comments count. Always engage with your audiences; share your ideas, give ideas, and discuss the topic. It is helpful for growing your channel, your talents.

Share the sources

Don’t hesitate to share any source of anything like any editing software, lights which you are used to create your content. You can share how one will be a beauty YouTuber. This type of video helps one to be popular on YouTube.

Promote your channel on other social media

Share your YouTube videos on other social Medias like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram, your own websites etc.

By doing this your fans, followers of other social media can know about your videos and your channel viewers will be increased.

Collaborate with brands

Brand collaborations are a big thing, especially for beauty YouTubers and getting a brand collaboration can not only get you more viewers, it can also get you good amounts of money.

But brands won’t collaborate with just anybody.

You need to have at least a monetized channel to even be considered by brands to collaborate with you. Buy a monetized YouTube channel or  4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers now!

Among the beauty YouTubers, maximum are female.

This platform gives opportunities to them to make their own business.

Women are empowered through this platform; they are earning and developing their own selves. 

If you are thinking of being successful in the beauty YouTube platform, these Tips are for you.

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How old can a Youtuber be?

YouTube is a free platform where one can get maximum freedom; one can reach the whole world.

But nothing is going better without some restrictions. Every platform should have restrictions; YouTube also has. Age limitation is one of them.

YouTube officially says that children less than 13 year old can not create their own YouTube channel. 

Is there any age limit to be a Youtuber?

When anyone asks if there is any age limit to be a YouTuber, we may say no.

But is it really true? Absolutely not.

YouTube has some boundaries regarding age. Children under 13 years old are not allowed to create YouTube channels due to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.   

While most of the video categories and genres on YouTube are 13+, meaning that anyone over the age of 13 can create and watch those videos, there are some categories that can only be created and viewed by people over the age of 18 or 21 depending on the jurisdiction.

These categories are videos involving guns, slight nudity, or games/animations that showcase blood, violence or gore.

Note that just creating a channel is half the battle, to start earning money, you need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the past year. Buy 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours now to skip the wait and start earning right away.

Reasons for these age boundaries

The reason why YouTube has such strict boundaries regarding age on some categories is because these might be dangerous or disturbing to young audiences. Videos with guns are dangerous and hence, any video containing a physical firearm cannot feature children in it.

Videos containing nudity, violence or gore could potentially be disturbing for children.

As a guardian, what do you have to do to create a YouTube channel for your child?

  1. If your child wants to open a YouTube channel, ask him/her the purpose; why he/she wants to create a YouTube channel. If the child wants to express their talents like acting, dancing then encourage your child. Because it can help to build a bright future for your child.
  2. But there is not any restriction for the parents. They can create an account for any child. Parents can create a Gmail account for their child who is under 13 years old. You can create only a YouTube/ Youtube Kids account for your child but you are not allowed to create a YouTube channel for your child unless you’re the one who will be using and managing the channel.
  3. For privacy, go to the privacy settings. It will help to keep everything private. Only the people who are invited to view the channel are able to see the videos. This is the importance of privacy settings. The comment section may affect children; so turn off the comment section if required.
  4. Parents need to keep a close eye on their child. Be careful what they are doing on this social media platform. Try not to show their faces on YouTube videos. Make sure they don’t post anything containing personal information like their address, school etc.
  5. Always notice them and view all their videos. By doing this you will be aware if they make any mistake and they are also encouraged by thinking that you see their videos.

How can a kid be a successful Youtuber?

If you think how your kid can be a successful YouTuber, here some tips are for you.

Think what you want to create 

Before creating a video, think about the topic of the video; think which topic is suitable for your kids. If your child has any ideas, examine that carefully if there is anything wrong or have personal information. You can get plenty of ideas from social media. 

Make videos with your kid

For a kids YouTube channel, it’s important that you make your presence shown that indeed, a guardian adult is present with a child who’s being featured in a YouTube video.

Make your children aware

Be Aware and make your children aware about their privacy. Teach them what they should and should not be doing on the Internet.

Encourage them

 If your child performs well, cheer them on. Encourage their work.

If your child considers him as a competitor on the YouTube platform or thinks of earning money, it can badly affect their minds; it can create their psychological problem. So be careful about these.

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How to get Youtube sponsors?

What is YouTube Sponsorship

Using YouTube sponsorships, you can generate very handsome revenue from YouTube.

It’s a partnership or collaboration between a brand or an agency and a YouTube creator.

It’s a win-win situation for both the YouTubers and the brands; YouTubers get paid for promoting and explaining the brand’s products or services to their viewers while the brands can get more visibility, exposure and trust-building in front of their potential buyers.

Types of Sponsorships

There are 3 types of sponsorships available for Youtubers:

  1. Product Sponsorships: Under this sponsorship, the brand will send you one of their product to use and then create a review video for it. In return, the brand will offer you that product for free. There’s a high chance that your first sponsorship experience will be of this type if you are a new Youtuber or have a small subscriber base.
  2. Affiliate Sponsorships (Affiliate Marketing): As part of this sponsorship, you will receive a unique affiliate link or a discount code. If a viewer buys that product using either your affiliate link or discount code, you will receive some commission for that purchase. More the sell more will be your revenue generation. These types of sponsorships are relatively easy to get even if you have a small channel.
  3. Paid YouTube Sponsorships: These are the sponsorships where the actual money lies, and that’s why it’s not so easy to attract or get them. Under this arrangement, you will have to talk and discuss the brand’s products or services in your video. Depending upon the paid sponsorship type, the amount of time you talk about their product differs. Let’s discuss them briefly –
  4. Sponsored Mentions: Doing a shoutout for their products or services.
  5. Partially Integrated Sponsorship: Talk about their product for a part of your full video (most effective & healthy ones for YouTubers).
  6. Fully Integrated Sponsorship: Under this arrangement, the brand pays you to talk about its product throughout your video. In other words, you will be creating a fully dedicated video talking about their product.

Reaching out to brands

If you are relatively new to YouTube content creation and have a small subscriber base, it’s you who have to reach out to brands and pitch a proposal to them for getting sponsorship.

Before you start reaching out to brands, make a list of all the relevant brands that sponsor creators in your niche.

Now filter that list based on how good the brands are and how much your audience will enjoy and benefit from listening about them.

Remember that it’s all about your viewers, misguiding and fooling them for the sake of money is the last thing you would like to do on this holy planet.

For that, promote only those brands and products which you believe in and personally would like to use.

Platforms that connect YouTubers and Brands

Reaching out to brands can be difficult if you don’t know any POC from their marketing team. But that shouldn’t create any blocker in getting your sponsors, you can use online platforms that connect YouTubers to brands and vice versa. A few of such platforms are –

  1. Google BrandConnect (previously FameBit)
  2. Looking For Sponsor
  3. Scalefluence
  4. Mysocial

Even if you are struggling with getting your channel monetized. You can buy a pre-monetized channel here

Networking Events

You can leverage networking events and summits like VidCon, VidSummit, etc to interact with Influencer marketing agencies and other creators. This will help you to know more about getting potential sponsorship opportunities.

How to Attract Sponsors

Once you are an established YouTuber with a huge number of subscribers and viewers, you will start receiving inbound leads for paid sponsorship opportunities.

Make some free product reviews or shoutouts for a few of your favorite brands, this will act as proof of work for your potential sponsors who are looking out for new creators to promote their products.

Make sure you have mentioned your correct business email id and social media handles on the channel’s About page so that interested parties can reach out to you or your team without any friction.

Pricing and Negotiation

When it comes to charging for brands, especially for YouTubers getting sponsorship for the first time, it becomes difficult to decide an optimum rate at which you make the maximum possible profit and at the same time don’t end up losing the deal because of high rates.

For that, you can use online platforms like Socialbluebook which are helping creators to decide rates for sponsorship deals.

Based on the past and similar deals they suggest you the average rate, lowest rate and the max rate which you can charge.

Before deciding on the final price, keep in mind that you are not only offering your sponsor a promotion in front of your audience but also you will be investing your time, resources and energy to create video content around their product.

It’s you or your media team who will have to work on the idea, script, recordings, editing and other video production works.

So charge for this effort as well in addition to your brand value.

Review and Sign the Contract

Before you jump on content creation, make sure you sign a legal contract with the brand or the agency. This will help you to prevent business conflicts between you and your sponsor. Once a contract is proposed, make sure you personally go through all the mentioned points and have an open discussion without any hesitation in case you find any doubtful or unclear points.

Content creation, Approval and Delivery

Create the video by following all the guidelines and including all the points mentioned by the sponsor’s team. Once you have the final video ready, send them the unlisted link and get the revision done if there’s any.

Receiving the Payment

Decide with the sponsor or the agency on what will be the payment terms, whether it will be Net 15, Net 30, Net 45 or Net 60. Also, have the mode of transaction finalized before you even start content creation

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When do Youtubers start getting sponsorships?

What’s the numbers of subscribers needed?

There’s no such fixed threshold number of subscribers when it comes to getting brands that sponsor your YouTube video.

More than the number of subscribers, brands care about major factors like your audience type and their demographics, how niche the content you publish on your channel is, what’s your viewers’ average budget, what’s your viewers’ area of interest, what type of help or knowledge viewers seek from your videos, etc.

Although it’s good to have at least 10k-25k subscribers before you start reaching out to brands for sponsorships.

But that doesn’t mean we will not get any sponsors if you have a subscriber base of around 1k, you can still start with small brands provided that your 1k subscribers are loyal and dedicated ones.

The second factor is the number of average views your channel gets per video.

It’s become relatively easy to get sponsors once your channel is YouTube verified which happens only once you have 100k subscribers.

In short, it all boils down to no. of quality views and engagement your videos receive on YouTube.

Because those will be the only people who will take interest in the product or brand you promote.

If you are struggling with less number of subscribers. Here is your solution.

How Much do YouTubers Get Paid for Sponsored Videos?

Based on the factors like brand value, channel size and viewers’ persona, different YouTubers are paid differently for sponsored videos.

To give you a rough idea of the pay size, it can be as low as $500 to as high as $10,000 per video.

Another method to determine a price is Cost Per View (CPV).

This could be anything in the range of $0.01 to $0.50. This CPV would be then multiplied by the average number of views your video generates.

YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

You can earn via the partner program which is the primary method to generate revenue from your channel.

YouTube will pay you a part of the revenue generated via ads on your videos.

But to become eligible for this partner program, you must meet certain criteria like having more than 1,000 subscribers and having more than 4,000 valid public watch hours in the past 12 months.

How do brands decide the sponsorship amount

When deciding on how much to pay to influencers or creators for promoting their products, brands keep these few metrics in mind.

Number of Subscribers

This is the predominant factor that brands care about in deciding the sponsorship amount.

The reason is quite self-explanatory, the more subscribers, the more view count which eventually will fetch greater reach to the sponsored content (brand’s product).

Also, the subscribers quite appreciate and trust their favorite YouTuber’s voice and suggestions.

It’s very likely that they will check out the mentioned brand’s website, products and services.

And if the brand has a good landing page and conversion setup, this quality traffic from YouTube will drive an increase in your sales number.

Video Views

While the number of subscribers grabs the maximum attention of sponsors in deciding the sponsorship amount, it doesn’t give the full picture of the reach brands can get by partnering with you.

It’s the number of average views which gives a better understanding of the reach a creator has on YouTube.

Greater reach helps the brand to have a more share of voice in the market for the product they are competing for.

Traffic Source Type

This helps sponsors to know from what sources the creator’s traffic on YouTube comes.

The more organic traffic, the more good quality potential buyers or customers.

Hence brands want to know how much traffic is coming from sources like YouTube search, Suggested videos, External, viewer’s feed and other sources like shorts.

Video engagement rate

Sponsors care for this metric because they very well know that the best metric, to decide how much viewers trust and like the creator is the engagement rate.

How likely are people to like, share and comment on their videos?

The more viewers engage with their content, the more will be chances of them checking out or trying the brand’s products.

Don’t always rush for sponsorships

While it is true that brand sponsorships are like a nitro boost to your revenue generation from YouTube content creation.

But keep in mind that you don’t end up becoming too salesly in front of your loyal and e-family like followers on YouTube. You might end up losing your subscriber base and decreasing your retention rate as people will start dropping in between the video once you start pitching about the sponsored product.

Also, make sure you work with only those brands and products which align with your niche and audience area of interest. It should be always a win-win scenario where you are able to promote and earn a freaking amount of money and at the same time educate your audience on new products and technologies which will make their life more easy and simplified.

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What is RPM in YouTube videos?

YouTube RPM means Revenue Per Mille, a measure of how much YouTubers earn on average per 1000 views on their videos.

Another revenue measurement metric is CPM, which means Cost Per Mille.

CPM is how much revenue is generated from ads on your video, and how much your channel charges on average per monetized 1000 views.

It’s the total amount before YouTube takes its cut (which is 45% of the total revenue generated from ads), mainly its advertiser-focused metric.

Whereas RPM is How much your channel makes per monetized 1000 views. It’s the actual amount after YouTube takes its cut, mainly its creator-focused metric.

What is the average RPM?

While the average RPM differs from niche to niche, it can be somewhere between $3.30 and $4.40.

Average RPM depends on many factors which will be discussed later in this article.

What should be the RPM on YouTube?

Based on the traffic’s geography and your channel’s niche, it’s good if your RPM falls in the range of $1-$5.

But that said, there are tons of channels whose RPM is less than a dollar and is in cents like $0.5, $0.6, $0.9, etc.

And there are some channels whose RPM is as high as $10 based on the niche they are operating in.

What determines RPM?

It depends on a few factors like –

Title of the Video

The keyword and the topic you choose to create your video matter a lot when it comes to getting high amount ads through Google AdSense on your videos.

Generally, advertisers tend to bid at high rates when it comes to high-demand keywords while they set their marketing campaign on YouTube.

For example- keywords like personal finance and trading have a very high bid rate, which in return yields greater revenue to YouTube via ads and hence you also get 55% of it.

So higher the demand for a keyword in the market, the higher will be the ad revenue generated from such keyword-focused videos.


Nowadays almost all serious YouTubers focus on writing a YouTube SEO-optimized description below their videos. Having a precise and relevant description for your videos helps Google and YouTube’s algorithm to better understand your content. Based on the meta-data like keywords and tags provided by you in the description, YouTube’s web crawlers (search bots) rank the videos by considering their relevance and content quality. The higher your video ranks in the YouTube search result, the higher the traction your content gets in getting ads.

Market and Advertising Demand

As we read in the above points that high RPM is all about how much Google Adsense is getting paid from advertisers for a particular keyword.

It’s important that you analyze and study the demand in the market, what is that keyword for which advertisers are willing to pay huge dollars, and what is that keyword for which the bidding is high within advertisers on YouTube.

Content and Caption

Whatever you upload on YouTube is scanned thoroughly by YouTube’s bots.

Using machine learning algorithms, these bots try to understand what your content is all about and how well it is structured.

Hence it is very important that you use readable and well-structured captions/transcripts for your videos.

Always try to talk and discuss about your main keyword throughout the video, and make the video engaging by adding proper humor and sarcasm.

In short, the video should keyword focused but at the same time, it shouldn’t sound too monotonous to the viewers.

Don’t over-stuff your content with keywords, or else the YouTube algorithm will score your content negatively.

High-Paying Niches

If you are targeting high RPM, then the first and foremost thing to do is choose a high-paying niche.

You can do some research and analysis over the internet on the high-paying and demanding niches or sub-niches.

A few examples are – Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, Stock Market Investment, Tech Reviews, Digital Marketing, etc.

Low-Paying Niches

It’s not always possible to create content only on high-paying niches, especially if it doesn’t fall under your expertise or area of interest.

Still, those videos do good on the revenue front, if the RPM is less then the number of views should be quite high as the total earning is always the product of RPM and the total number of views.

A few examples of low-paying niches are: vlogging, Prank Videos, Comedy, Gaming, Art, Singing, etc.

How to Find High-Paying Keywords

Keyword choice and RPM are correlated with each other, the more demanding keyword you choose, the higher will be RPM or your earnings.

But how do we get to know which keywords have a high bid rate?

For that, one can use Google Adwords to get the data and stats.

To navigate, go to Google Adwords → Tools & Settings → Planning → Keyword Planner → Discover New Keywords and then enter the keyword you want to search for.

Loved this? You can read more valuable blogs here.

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What is a good CTR on Youtube?

CTR on YouTube means Click Through Rate, it’s simply the percentage of impressions that turns into views.

Now what are impressions and how does YouTube count impressions?

An impression is basically when someone sees your video either in their YouTube feed or on your channel’s page.

For an impression to be counted as a valid impression, the viewer should see more than 50% of the video’s thumbnail and spend at least more than a second on it.

How to calculate Click Through Rate (CTR)?

(Total number of Clicks / Total number of Impressions) * 100.

For example: If the video has a total number of clicks as 100 and a total number of impressions as 1000, then the CTR will be 10%.

What is a good CTR on Youtube?

Well, there’s no such fixed number that fits all the videos and channels as CTR highly varies depending upon the niche.

If you are making videos for educational, technical or informational niches then having a CTR anywhere between 5% to 10% is a quite good number.

In the case of entertainment, humor, vlogging or comedy niches, having CTR between 12% to 15% is a good number or anything above 10% counts under good CTR.

How much is the Average CTR on YouTube

As per google, 50% of videos and channels on YouTube have a CTR ranging between 2% and 10%.

To narrow down this range further, anything between 2% to 4% is a good Click Through Rate to have on YouTube.

Is a 10% CTR good?

Yes, having a 10% CTR is good to have in fact, more than good.

High CTRs like 10% mean the YouTube video recommendation system is loving your video and pushing it to the viewer’s feed even if they have not subscribed to your channel.

High CTR means people are loving your title or thumbnail and are very likely to click the thumbnail, hence YouTube’s algorithm thinks other people might also like your content and pushes your video for the same from its side.

Incas, the new set of viewers don’t click on your thumbnail like the previous one, YouTube will start reducing the promotion of that video to other people’s feeds.

Is a 20% click-through rate good on YouTube?

It depends actually, it can be good as well as harmful for your video’s potential reach.

Most of the time having CTRs as high as 20% means people are showing interest in opening your video once they find it in their feed or on your channel.

Videos with CTR greater than 15% mean the video has gone almost viral, getting maximum traction and a high number of views.

But sometimes, a higher CTR above 15% can end up hurting your video. Let’s understand this in more depth.

So what happens is, whenever the CTR is high but the Average View Duration (AVD) is low, this means people are very highly opening the video (clicking on the thumbnail) but they drop out from the video after watching it for a few seconds or minutes.

Most of the time, this implies that the creator is using the thumbnail or the video’s title as clickbait to get more impressions and clicks.

And hence, the YouTube algorithm scores this type of video negatively and stops recommending it to the viewer’s feed.

What is bad CTR on YouTube?

Generally, a CTR falling in the range between 0.1% and 2% is considered a bad CTR.

But it doesn’t mean that the content or the video is bad, it’s just that low CTR means the YouTube recommendation system isn’t pushing your video to the viewer’s feed.

Is CTR a Right Metric to Decide the Number of Views?

Definitely not. While a good CTR helps your video to fetch high traction but it doesn’t give any guarantee on the number of views your video will get in the long run.

CTR gives only a picture of how much the YouTube recommendation system is liking your video.

It doesn’t have much information to offer when it comes to knowing how much the viewers are enjoying or finding that particular video helpful.

It’s because CTR is basically determined on the basis of traffic sources like browse features, channel pages, and suggested videos but not on the basis of YouTube search feature.

But if you notice, we tend to watch videos that we find using YouTube search more than the ones we find via YouTube recommendations or suggested videos.

Hence, videos in the former case have a much higher average watch duration (AVD) than the videos in the latter case.

In short, a high CTR necessarily doesn’t mean that the content will gain a high number of views, and a low CTR necessarily doesn’t mean that the content will gain a low number of views as it passes time on YouTube.

Also, it is seen that smaller channels have higher CTR around 3% to 5% because of their narrow and niche audience.

While the bigger channels have relatively lower CTR which is roughly around 1% to 3% as their subscriber base is quite broad and mixed.Loved it?

Learn more about the tips and tricks of social media management at eazysmm.com/blogs

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How can I become a good YouTuber?

Anyone can easily become a YouTuber these days. In fact, there are around 51 million YouTube channels out there.

But a lot of them are struggling to become good YouTubers and make decent earnings from it.

Irrespective of the niche you choose, there will always be hundreds of people trying to compete in the same category along with you.

To become a good YouTuber, you need to stand out from the masses.

But how do we do that?

Let’s discuss those points, one by one.

Setting up a primary goal

Having a very clear understanding of why you want to be a YouTuber is very important.

Before you get your hands dirty and start publishing videos on YouTube, decide what’s your short-term and long-term expectations are from this platform.

Becoming a good YouTuber is something that requires an adequate amount of time and dedication, it’s a long-term commitment.

So knowing beforehand whether your primary goal is to get subscribers?

Or is it to get a certain number of views? Or does it increase your brand or product visibility? Or is it for personal branding? Or is it simply making this a side hustle?

Having an answer to all these points will help you better streamline and track your progress on YouTube as a content creator.

Choose a niche

This is the heart of any YouTube channel out there. It helps your viewers and YouTube search algorithms understand what your channel is all about, and what topics you cover in your videos.

You might struggle to niche down your content creation journey initially, but take time and understand what is your main expertise, what type of content you enjoy creating the most and most importantly what is something that comes very naturally to you.

Based on these, choose the niche for your channel and start creating videos around it.

Know your “Why”?

Now that you have decided a niche, have a clear understanding of why you are making videos on that niche or topic.

What are your offerings to your viewers? Are you adding any value to them through your content?

In short, have a purpose behind the content which you publish on your channel.

Your target audience

Always create only content that fits your target audience’s interests and choices.

To do so, you must know who your target audience is. To find your target audience, ask a few questions like –

  1. Who should watch my videos?
  2. Why should they watch them?
  3. What are their demographics?
  4. What time of the day do they enjoy watching most?
  5. What values do they get from watching videos of your niche?

Know your competition

You can learn and gain a lot from your competitors. Go through their content and try to understand a few things like.

  1. What is working well for them and what is not working fine for them?
  2. What are the content/topics they are missing out on?
  3. What can be done to stand out from them?

You don’t always have to create videos on new or fresh topics, understand what works for your competitors and tweak them to add your flavor or point of view to it.

Create your brand

Treat your YouTube channel like a brand. People like to associate with content that they think is backed by a trustworthy person or brand.

Presenting your YouTube channel as a brand helps your channel to become more recognizable and creditable.

As per YouTube analysis, people are more likely to subscribe to a channel if they have interacted with it at least 4 times in the past.

Now, how are they gonna remember if it was your channel, every time they watched any of your videos?

The answer is simple, brand awareness

  1. Have a suitable and catchy channel name.
  2. Have a good memorable logo.
  3. Set up a relevant banner image on your channel page.
  4. Choose a theme color.
  5. Set up social media pages and post there regularly.

Schedule your content

Use a content scheduler to plan and schedule your videos and social media posts.

Planning videos in advance at least 1 month, helps you to save time by not sitting daily at the start of the day and thinking about what you should create a video on.

In short, using a content scheduler helps you to better organize, track and plan your content creation.

Use (call to action) CTAs

Youtube algorithm rewards and promotes content that keeps the viewers engaged on YouTube for a longer time. So always try to increase your viewers’ view time. To do so, you can add a link to your next similar video in the description box below or the “i” button in the top-right corner so that it’s readily available for the viewer when the current video is about to end.

Interact with your viewers

Always try to engage with your viewers by replying to their comments or queries.

Create polls, YouTube posts and live sessions to interact with and better understand your viewers.

The key here is to think of YouTube as a community and your subscribers as a family.

You can also buy targeted country views, if you are having the scarcity of views.

Promote your channel and videos

Along with producing quality content on YouTube, it’s also very important and advisable to promote it.

For that, you can choose many platforms and methods like paid advertising, spreading it within your network (friends, relatives, family and colleagues), social media posts, email lists, etc.

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How do you collaborate with someone on YouTube?

What does collaborating on Youtube mean?

Youtube creators collaborate on youtube to publish a video featuring other creators from the same niche or topic his/her channel is about.

This helps both the creators to expose their content and channel to fresh new potential subscribers.

Also, this helps them to get more views, more reach and credibility for their content.

Collaborating with fellow creators on Youtube helps you to build a good and strong relationship within the creators’ community.

How many subscribers do you need to collab?

Well, there’s no such threshold as the minimum number of subscribers needed to be eligible for a collab on Youtube, but it’s advisable to have at least 500-1000 subscribers on your channel.

The main thing here is to have a good number of videos uploaded on your channel before you approach any creator for a collab, as no one will be willing to do a collab if you are very new or not serious about posting content on your channel.

In short, the number of views and videos on your channel is more important than the number of subscribers when it comes to collaborating with other Youtubers.

How to find Youtubers for collaboration?

You can use websites and apps like Channelcrawler and Collabspace to find Youtubers who create content for similar niche or topics as yours.

On these platforms, you can search Youtubers based on the filters like country, region, number of subscribers, number of views, niche, language, etc.

Also, you can use community forums like FB groups, Instagram, Reddit communities, Youtube meetups and events to find potential collaborators.

Always select creators who have similar niches and topics as yours otherwise it won’t make any sense for your viewers to watch those collab videos which don’t have anything in common with your channel’s main theme or topic.

Your viewers will start bouncing back or unsubscribing from your channel, which is something that you don’t want to experience even in dreams.

Reach out to your potential collaborators

Once you gather the list of potential Youtubers for the collab, it’s time that you start interacting and engaging with their content and work.

Comment and appreciate their work on Youtube and other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Also, provide constructive feedback like how they can cover the untapped audience, and point them to topics which have great potential for their channel’s growth but they miss out on it often.

This will make them feel that you genuinely care for their growth and thinking here from a long-term professional relationship perspective.

The goal here is to build a friendly and mutual relationship with them even before you start reaching out to them for collaborations via DMs and cold emails so that there will be a good response rate from them.

You can find their email address by visiting their Youtube channel -> About section -> Details -> For business inquiries.

Tell them how this collaboration will benefit them

In case you are reaching out to a bigger Youtuber, you need to pitch to them very clearly what’s in it for them.

Since they have a comparatively greater number of subscribers than you, there’s a high chance that they might reject your collaboration proposal.

You need to do some heavy lifting for them, pitch them 3-5 great and well-researched topics which have good search volume, and provide a brief description of all the topics you mention.

Point out topics that you are an expert on and they haven’t covered on their channel yet, tell them the whole video shoot plan and how you will take care of the scripts, shooting, editing and thumbnail part end to end.

This will make them feel that they don’t have to put much effort from their side as you are handling almost the whole process from ideation to production, hence making it a low-hanging fruit for them.

If your channel is not monetized.

Then buy a monetized channel. So that your collaborators can have faith in you. 

Different ways to collaborate

There are different ways to work on a collaboration shoot. 

Creator A and creator B meet in person and shoot together: They shoot two different videos, and the first video will be published on creator A’s channel and the second video will be published on creator B’s channel. However, both creators appear in the first video as well as the second video.

Creator A and Creator B shoot their part separately: Both creators shoot their part separately and upload the raw recording to the cloud (via Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) and share its link. They merge, edit and add new clips to those shared recordings to produce a single video out of it.

Creator A and Creator B do a video takeover: Creator A makes a video for creator B’s audience without involving B and then it’s published on B’s channel and similarly, B also does it.

Creator A and Creator B collab via online meeting: Both creators get on an online meeting and one of them predominantly discusses 50% of the planned topics and then the second creator predominantly discusses the remaining 50% of the topics.

They split the whole video into two parts and publish the alternate parts on each other’s channels.

Release and Promotion: It’s very important to set up a realistic timeline for the whole process starting from ideation rounds to final production. Make sure you both get sufficient time to edit, review and publish the video.

It’s advisable that both of you publish the videos at the same time so that they would be available to viewers if they wish to watch the second part.

Now that the major task i.e., publishing the collab video is done, make sure that both of you get the maximum of your efforts by sharing and promoting each other’s video on your social media account and email newsletter.

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