How to create a YouTube channel?

YouTube is a popular online platform at the present time.

This is a platform for entertainment and learning and also for earning good money. 

Some of you have queries about the process of making a YouTube channel.

I will try to clear your doubts. So, if you are thinking of opening a YouTube channel, this article is for you.

How Much Money do you need to start a YouTube Channel?

Many people want to make a career on YouTube.

They have the potential to create valuable content, but they are afraid or confused whether they need to pay anything for creating YouTube channel. 

If you are confusing about this matter, I suggest you that there is nothing for fearing because it is completely free to create a YouTube channel.

Normally, for opening any business we have to invest, but for opening a YouTube channel you don’t have to pay. 

If you want to grow up your channel, enrich your videos then you need to buy some devices like camera, editing software, microphone, tripod etc.

These are the places of investment.

This investment is completely depending on you.

If you want to create a very simple, casual video where picture quality is not more important, you don’t need to pay a high amount of money for the camera. 

You may need to pay more for animation based video due to editing software. 

There are many free editing software is available in online market. But maximum, their watermark will be showed on your videos.  For removing the watermark from video, you need to pay.

Some examples of popular editing software, camera, and microphone are given here.


PowerDirector, Apple iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, VideoPad, Corel, CyberLink, Instasize, Adobe Premiere Rush, Movavi, Video Editor, Adobe Premiere Elements.


  Canon EOS 70D, Canon EOS M50, Canon PowerShot G7X MarkII, Go Pro, Canon EOS 90D, Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100, Nikon Z30. 


 Video quality also depends on sounds qualities. So sounds qualities need to be better and for this, microphone is a necessary device. 

  Some examples are- Shure SM7B, Blue Yeti X, Rode NT-USB, Samson Go Mic etc.

How to get your first views on YouTube?

  Only creating a channel is not enough; channel and video need views. To get your first views, you need to complete some steps. Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to get in order to start getting views on YouTube-

Make an idea what the audience want

 Try to understand the interests of your audiences. Read the comments of audiences and try to understand what they want. Make more videos according to the interests of your viewers. 

Asking viewers to subscribe

 Ask your viewers to subscribe your channel and also say to turn on the notification bell.

Create playlist

 If you want to create many videos on same topic, make a playlist and add them. 


Thumbnail is a key for increasing the viewers of a video.

A effective image is most important for enrichment of video. Create a attractive and effective thumbnail which will increase your audience.

Create a trailer video

Create a short video as a trailer.

This trailer video helps to give an idea to audience about your channel. Viewers will get ideas of:

  • What kind of content you create
  • What are the learning things?

Continuous posts

 Don’t stop creating videos. Create videos regularly to keep your engagement high and keep people coming back to your channel.

Know what’s the hot topic

Always keep up to date with current topics and the virals happening on the social medias.

Invite guests vloggers:

Invite other vloggers in your channel. It will help to promote your channel and increase your channel viewers.

Share your videos on another platform

 Do share your channel link; share your videos in other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter etc. It will help to enlarge your audience. 

Build a community

Build a community with other YouTubers who are in the same field with you.

Works together helps to enrich your knowledge, increase viewers, and subscribers of your channel.

10 tips have been discussed above, from which you will gather knowledge how to create a YouTube channel and how to get your first views on YouTube.

So get ready for doing these.

Create your personal channel and share your thoughts and knowledge with the whole world.

Now that you’ve created a channel, you need to start earning.

But monetizing your YouTube channel is easier said than done.

You need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to start earning on YouTube.

Buy 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours now and start earning on YouTube right away.

Best wishes for your YouTube journey!

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How to start a YouTube Channel for Beginners?

YouTube is a platform to express one’s ideas easily and reach a large audience. One can make a personal brand and can even earn.

YouTube is a learning field which helps the students also.

According to the current data, YouTube is the second most popular social media platform in 2022.

The number of users of YouTube is 2562 million.

  If you are thinking of creating a YouTube channel, you’re at the right place. So, here are some suggestions to help you get started-

  • Reset your Google chrome
  • Create a new Gmail account to avoid the date link with other data. 
  • Create YouTube account:

Visit the website and create a new YouTube account. After creating a YouTube channel, click on the channel icon to verify your channel.

  • SEO:

Then prepare your channel SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the main portion for creating a channel.

Go to the channel and add keywords on the category of your channel which helps to rank in  search results. Make sure whether your content is suitable for children or adults or suitable for both.

Including the keywords which were used previously, create your channel description. 

  • Channel design:

Add a profile picture, banner and video watermark or you can use a logo.

  • Monetization

Now for the thing the majority of people want to know about. How to start earning on Youtube.

YouTube pays its creators through AdSense which basically means that YouTube runs ads on your videos and pays you every time an ad is shown.

To apply for monetization, your channel needs a minimum 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time. It’s only after that you can start earning from your YouTube channel.

But monetizing a channel is not an easy task. It may take months, even years until you start earning from YouTube.

But don’t worry, buy 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours now and start earning right away.

How to make a video for your YouTube channel:

Are you a beginner? How will you start a video? How to create video?

So let’s read step by step:

  • Think about your interests:

Create videos based on your interests. Because you need to enjoy your own video which will encourage you.

So you can create content on your hobbies, interested portions. You can make knowledge based videos.

If you are a student, you can start online teaching through YouTube.

Whatever you want to create, you can create.

  • Plan for your video:

Now plan for a video

  • How you will reach to the audience
  • Whether it should be animation based or you will play in front of the camera
  • Length of the video
  • Proper place for shooting and others.
  • Write own script:

Create your own script; don’t copy from others. But you can get ideas from others. Own creation gives you more confidence. 

Write the script according to the plan of the video. Make sure that key words and the main purpose of your videos is presented in your script.

  • Write down everything:

It is my personal suggestion that you can write down all steps on your laptop, computer or anywhere as a list of all your steps for making a video and after finishing one step cross the step. Thus you will be able to understand what steps are completed by you and what are left.

  • Check everything:

 Check if you have everything (devices, editing software app, contents, script) you need to make it. When you are sure, go for the next steps.

  • Make your video:

When previous steps are almost done, make your video.

Before going to the final task, practise how you will introduce yourself and introduce your content.

  • Edit the video:

 Video editing is crucial work. 

Don’t take it casually.

A proper editing video makes your project stronger which will give you more confidence. You need patience to do it carefully.

If your video shoot is done, edit it carefully. You can remove your mistakes, add some new ones by editing.

You will give many creative ideas. Before uploading, take much time to edit your videos.

  • Upload:

After finishing the last task, when your video is ready for uploading, confidently upload the video.

If you want to create another video based on that topic, creating a playlist, add it to this video.

In Summary, first focus on your interests and create content. Continuously create videos to get more viewers and subscribers. 

If you are a beginner, naturally you have doubts, fears, and confusion.

There are so many websites, answers and options that it is very difficult to trust.

There is a chance for more confusion. I have tried to remove your confusion and give necessary information.

Create your YouTube channel and upload your videos. Enjoy your work. All the best for your journey.

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