What is a YouTube Cash Cow Channel?

Have you ever thought of starting a YouTube channel and couldn’t start it because of social anxiety?

I mean you have the required ingredients of becoming a Youtuber like passion, resources, ideas, etc. but you are not starting just because you don’t want to show your ‘face’.

Some people are comfortable showing their faces, that is coming in front of the camera, but they are lazy and lack the motivation to do the work of making a YouTube video. Be it editing, doing the voice-over, scriptwriting, researching, etc. But they still want to make money as a YouTuber, then “YouTube Cash Cow Channel” is for you!

Now here comes the foremost question…

What is a YouTube Cash Cow channel?

YouTube cash cow channel is a way of having passive income. You must be learned about different ways of passive income like real estate, stocks, cryptocurrency, but I am sure you are not aware of YouTube as a passive income!

Basically, in cash cow channels, you don’t have to do the work by yourself. You have to hire freelancers who are experts in doing all the things needed in the process.

Scriptwriters, video editors, voice-over artists, and whatnot! You can hire expert freelancers in the respective niches on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. From scratch to the final product, you don’t have to move your leg in the entire process. 

Many Entrepreneurs are generating thousands of bucks in revenue by investing in YouTube cash cow channels.

The best part about running a YouTube cash cow channel is that the niche is super unsaturated at the moment, so you can jump on it as soon as possible.

youtube logo

Entrepreneurs are relying more on cash cow channels than real estate because real estate requires a lot of capital compared to Cash cow channels. It is truly one of the best passive income options. 

If you lack the budget of running a YouTube cash cow channel, then you can start the channel yourself, and once you generate revenue from it, then you can automate the process by hiring freelancers.

By the term budget, we mean the cost of hiring freelancers! Some freelancers are paid hourly, and some are paid at a fixed rate. The cost of hiring a freelancer depends on expertise and experience.

If you are hiring someone Top-rated with a 100% Job success score, then the increase in cost is pretty obvious.

Are YouTube Cash Channels legit?

I mean, why not? If you are not violating the terms and conditions, and respecting the policies of YouTube, then you are good to go!

The two most successful YouTube Cash Cow channels are TheRichest and Looper.

These are the channels that are creating fortune through the cash cow channels. You can check out these channels in your own time so that you can get an idea of what works the best.

How to make a Cash Cow Channel on YouTube?

The process is pretty simple! You need a YouTube channel to start your cash cow career.

If you don’t know how to make a YouTube channel then you can learn here:

How to Make a YouTube Channel?

After making your channel, you have to start making videos so that you can enable monetization on your channel!

It is recommended to start your Cash Cow Channel after the monetization is enabled. It takes time to monetize a new channel from the scratch, but here’s a solution; You can buy genuine monetized YouTube channels here.

It will save you a lot of time and then you can start your cash cow career immediately.

Now here comes the main part.

“Automation”. You need a team of freelancers for the automation of your channel. Now how to hire a freelancer?

Go to  Upwork, and post a job for the freelancer you need. Specify your needs, negotiate your terms and conditions and then you are good to go.

You can manage the automation process by yourself or if you are too busy, you can hire someone to watch and manage the automation process.

That’s how you run a YouTube cash cow channel.

Cash Cow Channel Ideas

You can search for the best cash cow channel on YouTube and choose the best one according to yourself. But if we talk about the trending cash cow channel ideas, here are some ideas that are giving significant results:

  1. NBA – You can make videos like Top 10 NBA players of All-time, Top 10 Dunks of 2021, Top 10 injuries of NBA players.
  2. Metaverse – This word is topping the trend charts, NFT, blockchains. These types of topics are ruling the YouTube searches.
  3. News – You can write about Top things happening in Hollywood, most severe car accidents recorded on camera.

And the list continues.

Now you know one of the best ways of passive income. Don’t forget to share this with your friends.

That’s all for today! Stay tuned for more power-packed content.

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How to set up TikTok Business Manager

TikTok is the new kid in the town who is getting pretty good fame.

TikTok is known to be popular in gen z, but now the platform is catching momentum in the business world as well. If you have a new startup that you want to advertise on TikTok, then you are at the right place.

Today we are going to learn how to set up your TikTok Ads manager Account. If you have an account already, you can buy genuine fans and likes on your TikTok account considering once you have quality traffic on your account, then you can bloom your videos easily.

Check them out here: genuine TikTok fans 

How to make a TikTok ad account?

To start your advertising journey on TikTok, you need to make a TikTok ad account. Here’s how you do it:

  • Step 1: Create a login

Go to https://ads.tiktok.com/i18n/signup/ and create a login using an e-mail address or phone number, then verify your information, agree to the terms and conditions and click sign up.

  • Step 2: Create an account

You can create an account by providing your basic information:

Country/Region: Enter the country your business is located.

Time Zone: Enter the time zone where your business is located. Note – Your time zone must be correct, as you cannot change that later. 

Business Name: Enter your business name the same as, or closely related to, your legal business name. If your ‘Business Name’ does not match the actual name of your business, you will not pass the account review.

Currency: Select the currency you wish to use in your billing.

Once you have completed this page, then click “register”.

Now you have made your TikTok ad account.

How to link my TikTok account to the TikTok ad account?

If you want to run your ads through the TikTok ads manager account, then you don’t need to link your TikTok account. The account you made through the process mentioned above is self-sufficient to run the TikTok ads.

No linking of accounts is required once the signup process is done.

tiktok ads

How to set up the TikTok Ads Manager account?

  • Step 1: After the signup process, now you have to access the account setup.

From your “Dashboard”, access your “Account Info” under Account Settings.

  • Step 2: Now you have to enter your business detailed information module on the account setup page, by entering the following important information like,

Company Website – Enter the URL of your company’s website in the following format, https://www.google.com/, URLs that do not follow this format will not be accepted during the account review.  

Industry – Choose the industry that best represents the product and services you will be promoting.

Complete Address – The complete address of your business, from your street address to your state/province and postal code. Enter the address that matches your registered business address. 

Business Verification (Optional but recommended) – You can verify your business manager by uploading the Government-issued documents of your registered business. The government document varies from country to country. For example, in the US, only Federal tax Payer identification numbers can only be used. In India, you can enter your GST number. It is not a must process, but if you verified your business, it will allow you to apply for ad credit programs and you can use additional TikTok for business services like the TikTok Creator Marketplace.

  • Step 3: Set up Payment Method

Select your payment method. There are two payment methods, Automatic Placements and Manual Placements.

In Automatic placements, the ad budget gets automatically deducted from your account till you turn off the ad campaign or set limits.

In Manual placements, you manually add Ad budget into your wallet according to yourself.

  • Step 4: Submit

After successfully entering the required fields in the ‘Account Setup’ then click submit. Submitting your account info will trigger an account review. Usually, it takes 24 hours to get a response. During the account review, TikTok will check the information provided by you against their industry and account-related policies.

To avoid any issues in the account review, here are some key tips you can learn while creating your TikTok ad account:

  1. There are few products and services that are prohibited by TikTok’s community guidelines. Check the complete list of the prohibited products here – https://ads.tiktok.com/help/article?aid=9550
  2. The business account name must match the legal name of the business.
  3. The correct URL format of your company’s website, https://www.google.com
  4. Landing page requirements. You can read more about the landing page requirements in section 3.1 in https://ads.tiktok.com/help/article?aid=9552

Once you passed the account review, you are ready to skyrocket your TikTok ads.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more power-packed content.

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How to grow your Instagram [Food blogger Edition]

Instagram doesn’t need any introduction now! Even an introvert knows the power of Instagram.

We know Instagram gave livelihood to many people. Might I add, not only livelihood but luxurious livelihood? Today we are going to discover a category that is blowing up the platform “Food Blogging”.

But the first and foremost question….

What is food blogging?

‘Eating delicious food and reviewing it?’ I agree that this doesn’t sound like an actual job, but trust me, it is!

Food blogging fundamentally means to eat different kinds of food and review it in a form of a video or an article.

This completely depends upon the respective platform, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat are meant for video content. So today we are going to talk about food blogging on Instagram.

How to start a food blog on Instagram?

If you have lost all the hopes of having a physique like Amanda Cerny or Chris Hemsworth, for the sake of never-ending cravings for delicious food, then food blogging might be a dream career option for you.

You can start an Instagram account for food blogging. Since childhood, my parents told me if I keep spending money on food it will make me broke, but did they know in the year 2021 eating food will make you prosperous? Food bloggers are creating a lap of luxury with mere food videos. 

If you think you are the one with the same obsession, you can start your dream career on Instagram.

youtube mobile

You need to make a public account, with a patent name and bio (something related to food). Attractive Instagram usernames always perform the best, try to name your account something eye-catching like foodmachine, rainofnuggets.

After that, consistent quality content will make you achieve your Cloud nine. 

Here a question arises…

That’s all we need for this dream career? The answer is NO! You need to have genuine interactive followers.

There are two ways of gaining genuine followers!

One is to make consistent quality content and attain patience for months or you can buy genuine followers from us, ranging from 500 to 10K.

It will save you from having an inferiority complex and you can focus on eating delicious food. You can check it out here… buy insta followers

How do I promote my food blog on Instagram?

Original and outstanding content always reflects on your outcomes. Creating quality and original content will make you a horse in the long run.

Now let’s talk about the meta through which you will boom your Instagram food blogging career.

Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are blowing up the food blogging industry like a cracker.

People who weren’t food lovers are now claiming themselves as foodies because of Instagram food reels.

India is one country famous for its street food and food bloggers are proving the same with their mouth-watering reels.

Few bloggers stated they didn’t start their Instagram as a career option but for fun and now they have thousands of followers. We cannot count the number of famous food bloggers, but we can name some:

  1. Sanket Sangpal (wake_n_bite)
  2. Rossella Costa (rossellakitchen)
  3. Priyanshu Kumar (therawtextures)
  4. The Hungry Hobbit (thehungryhobbit)
  5. Foody (foodystone)

You can check their Instagram accounts to have a glimpse of their content.

Take Stunning Photos

People love what they see! Take Instagram photos for feed posts and stories. 

  1. Click photos with a nice camera.
  2. Look for the best lighting angels.
  3. Textured backgrounds work the best.
  4. Use food photo editors like Skyline, Helena, Slumber. Aden.

You can try your hands more to make your food look attractive!

Add your location

Always add your location! In case the audience fancied your food and they want to try it and you did not add your location, it will be a huge mistake.

Use Hashtags for content optimization:

Hashtags play a crucial role in the growth of your account. Hashtags work like a magnet at attracting a new audience.

Some of the most famous food blogging hashtags:






How to make money from Instagram Food Blogging?

There are a few proven methods of earning money in and out of food blogging.


New restaurants, bakeries, food outlets, ice cream parlors, cafes look for people to commercialize their businesses.

You can collaborate with them by going to their places, tasting their food, and giving honest reviews of it.

You can add the location and addresses of the restaurants and write a nice recommendation post for it. Charge according to your audience size for the content you post for them. If you are lucky, you may get free food.

Affiliate Marketing

When you get appreciation and fame for your content, then new businesses will approach you to promote their products on your handle. You can make sponsored or paid partnership posts for the products you are promoting. 


After getting favorable outcomes from Instagram, food bloggers also open the door to another source of income that is YouTube. If you have a decent following on Instagram, then you won’t face the struggles that a newbie suffers.

Now you know how to hop on your dream career. If it is really a ‘dream career’ for you.

That’s all for today! Stay Tuned for more power-packed content.

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Top niches to start a youtube channel in 2022

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world. YouTube was launched in 2005 and since then, its popularity is astonishing!

Every minute there are approximately 300 hours of videos uploading, and every day 5 billion videos are watched.

People are opting for YouTube as a full-time career now! So today we are going to talk about Top niches which are going to bloom in 2022. 

But a question arises….

What is a Youtube niche?

In simple language, a niche can be referred to as a ‘category’ in a market.

If you listen to songs, then you must be familiar with the word ‘genre’, the niche is like that.

While scrolling on YouTube recommendation, you notice YouTube shows different types of videos, like technology, food, travel, education, gaming, fashion, religion, and the list goes on. These different types of categories are known as ‘niche’.

How to choose a niche for a YouTube channel?

Your Interest

Don’t be the person who says, “OH gamers are earning pretty good, let me start a gaming channel!” even tho you haven’t played a single game in your entire life.

The extract of this example is, people usually jump on the niches in which they think they will get rich in a month.

YouTube is not a “get rich quick” scheme. YouTube demands a lot of hard work, persistence, patience. Then, after months, you see results. 

Choose a niche in which you carry a lot of interest and passion so that you can grind it tirelessly.

Although it is a prudent decision to make videos on the trending niche, one should have an interest in the particular field, or people usually end their YouTube careers just because they get disheartened due to lack of interest in the niche. 

So choose what you love to do because, if you are not interested in your niche, then eventually the audience will also not show interest in your content.


You should be knowledgeable in the respective field before starting the channel.

For example, if you are making a channel on technology (Gadgets review) and if you don’t have proper knowledge, then learn before you put it out. Even if you are already learned about the niche, then be up to date so that your audience doesn’t lose any latest news.


You always need to monitor your competition. Always look at what they are missing and how you can put value better than them. The niches with high demand and low competition work the best.

If you are still figuring out what niche to pick, here’s a list of the best niches for YouTube in 2022!

What are the best niches for YouTube in 2022?

Language and migration

Learn to speak a language, review language courses, Travel vlogs, destination place sightseeing, history of old heritage, etc. These types of videos usually keep awake people at 1 am to watch them. This niche is decent and interesting to work with.

Grandma’s lifestyle

Sewing a button, wool knitting, how to remove a stain from fabric, old nanny recipes, gardening these types of satisfying and calming activities videos. Everyone is anxious and depressed in this world, and such calming videos will make an amazing niche.


How to make a curtain, how to build a chair, table, bed, what type of knife is best for different types of meat, room decoration, color schemes, accessories for rooms, etc. This is a broad niche where you can make endless videos without running out of ideas.

Miniature arts

Building a Lego set, Star Wars models, jigsaw puzzles, brain puzzles, riddles, funny math problems, and whatnot! People love to see these types of interesting videos.


Live streaming of gaming, podcasts, jokes, interactive QnA, education, learning, cooking, thanks to YouTube’s live streaming features, you can stream everything (which is permissible by YouTube). People even donate to the content creator while live streaming.

But trying hands in such unique niches requires a lot of patience and hard work to see minor results.

It takes months to get your account monetized, so we have pre-monetized accounts with no copyrights/strikes to speed up your YouTube career. You can check it here Buy a YT Channel.

best youtube niche

Unexplored niches on YouTube

Cooking for singles

I know this is sounding strange, but people like single men cooking and living a productive lifestyle. Basic healthy recipes, smoothies, etc.


Sports like Ice hockey, Rugby, basketball, Olympic news, archery, scuba diving, etc. These sports are one of the most unsaturated niches on YouTube. Most sports are seasonal, so you will have a lot of audiences in the peak season.


How to cut your boyfriend’s hair, how to have an affordable Korean hairstyle, how to do hair like Emma Stone, Taehyung, and don’t forget Dwayne Johnson. Endless ideas can be driven from the hair niche if you are interested and capable of doing it.

So you are aware of your goal niche now. The only thing missing is your grind!

That’s all for today! Stay tuned for more power-packed content.

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How to grow on TikTok as an entrepreneur?

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the social media jungle, with over 800 million worldwide monthly active users. From a 13-year-old to a 7o-year-old, everyone is binge-watching the platform. Various niches are doing wonders in TikTok. Be it food blogging, dance tutorials, gaming montages, luxury lifestyle, and whatnot! As every content creator is creating fortune out of it, then why not businesses? Business owners are not behind in trying their hands on the platform. 

Hijabs, scrunchies, viral toys, coffee beans, gym accessories, makeup, jewelry, etc. Every niche is performing well on this platform and thanks to its unique interface. Today, we are going to give you some exceptional tips and tricks on how you can make the best out of this potential platform as an entrepreneur. So the basic foremost question…

How do I grow my business on TikTok?

Before we give you some practical tips and tricks on how to grow your business, we would first like to enlighten you with the fact that you need a decent amount of quality, interacting followers on your account, to implement these tips and tricks.

You have to be persistent in creating quality content to gain followers, but it will take a lot of time and energy. To save both, we have some genuine TikTok accounts ranging from 50-120K followers!

What are you waiting for? Check them here now! Buy TikTok account

Now, without further ado, let’s learn some tips on how you can grow your business better than everyone else:

Work with influencers

I know I know! You must have heard about it already, but this is one of the best ways to grow.

The influencers have genuine followers built up with quality interactive sessions! So what else do you need? You just have to choose an influencer matching best with your brand niche, give them their profit margin, keep growing with multiple influencers and that’s a win o win situation for you and your influencer.

Interact with your audience

Do you know why working with influencers is one of the best ways to grow? The answer is “their engagement with their followers”.

The most crucial factor for driving conversion (sales) is engagement with the audience. An account with 20K followers with a good interactive audience is much better than an account with 50K followers with zero interaction.

83% of the TikTok users have already uploaded a video, so uploading quality content and regular interaction with the audience is a boom in your business.

Experiment with soundtracks

Don’t forget ever! That TikTok is built for soundtracks. But today we will not tell you to choose pleasant music, choose a trending soundtrack.

These are saturated ways of making your videos.

The best soundtrack for your business is nothing else but your own voice! Just explain about your new small business, company, product, etc.

Many TikTok brands are growing like a plague (NOT COVID) just because they are using their own voice in TikToks. If you are not comfortable sharing your voice, you can hire a voice artist for TikToks.

We have to stand out if we want to make a big out of this competitor-filled platform.

tiktok hacks

TikTok algorithm hacks

Post at the right time

Post your content when your audience is online and try not to post in offline hours.

The best time to post is during commute hours, lunch breaks, after work, and even on weekends.

To implement this, you need to know your audience well. If you have a local audience, then you are good to go! But if you have an international audience, then you have to be interactive enough to know their online hours.

Use the right hashtags

For a platform that is famous for its hashtags, that’s the best strategy to grow your business.

As you are not an influencer, so be cautious in choosing your hashtags. You have to choose hashtags relevant to your brand.

For instance, you are promoting a chicken burger brand like KFC, but you chose the hashtag #veganforlife just because it was trending! It will be a blunder. So, choose hashtags wisely. 

Share videos frequently

Create a calendar plan for your content. Strive to post 3-5 times a week. For instance, make an announcement of posting on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

This will make your audience ready and available so that when you post your content, you get the maximum possible engagement. If you fail to post regularly, you will lose the goodwill of your brand. 

Now you know what to do and how to do it if you want to boom your business. 

That’s all for today! Stay tuned for more power-packed content.

Psssst… If you are into YouTube here you are some youtube algorithm hacks, but don’t tell anyone 😉

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Facebook Ads Guide (CBO vs ABO Campaign)

Did that one Harvard computer science student know that today his one-step with his few roommates to connect Harvard students will be so humongous that today 2.89 billion people will be using it? 

Not in his wildest dreams, Mark Zuckerberg would have thought that his little startup will blow up this huge! 

In the last quarter of 2021, approximately 2.89 billion people were active users. In the first quarter of 2021 company stated that 3.51 billion people were using at least one of the core products of the company, i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger.

2012 was the year when the company surpassed the cloud of billion monthly users. Now reaching someone is just a few clicks away. You can keep track of everyone around you or even someone far (NO Stalking).

I know when you hear such gigantic figures, you also have some alarming thoughts that, What can we do with such an enormous population together in one place?


If we are not making the best out of these social media giants, then what are we even doing?Now here are some Facebook statistics that will make you leave whatever you are doing and make you jump on Facebook Ads!

1. 93% of the Social Media marketers use ‘Facebook Ads’

We are not astonished, because it is common sense. People will advertise in a city, not in a desert!

2. The potential reach of Facebook Ads is 1.9 Million

The largest Facebook audience in 2021 is men between 25 and 34, accounting for 19% of the potential reach. Men using Facebook between the ages of 18-24 make up 15%, while female users between the ages of 24-35 are responsible for 13%.

3. Facebook user mobile users spend 57 minutes on the app per day!

This is not a tiny number. Now you know people are on Facebook for at least approx an hour. Now it’s up to you how to reach them in the best way.

You need a Facebook page to advertise on Facebook and attracting quality traffic takes a lot of time! 

If you want to skip the waiting part, you can buy genuine likes and followers from us with a 100% money-back guarantee! You can check it here – buy facebook likes

Now we know that what is the ‘Power of Facebook Ads’. Let’s talk about some Facebook Ad strategies.


What bid strategy should I use on Facebook Ads?

In simple words, if you want to maximize your return on investment (ROI), then you should first clearly decide what objective you have for your advertisement. Facebook Ads bid strategies work on various goals, each strategy works on a different goal. Facebook bid strategies are as follows:

1. Automated bidding

Maximizes the number of results for your budget. Higher costs of CPA, CPM. Spending your budget fully is the priority.

2. Highest Value (Uses Automated Bidding)

Spends your budget while focusing on high-value purchases.

3. Cost Cap

Controls the cost of your results. Keeps your CPA at or below a certain amount, regardless of market conditions.

4. Minimum ROAS

Controls your return on Ad spend. More control over the purchase value rather than highest bidding.

5. Bid Cap

You can manually Cap how much Facebook how

To know more about bid strategies, you can refer to this: much bids for auction. But it requires the ability to calculate bids based on conversion projected rates and marginal cost.

To know more about bid strategies, you can refer to this: Bid strategy

What is an ABO Campaign?

Ad set budget optimization (ABO) campaign is the original optimization campaign that is present in Facebook ads. In simple language, ABO helps to set the campaign budget on the ad set level.

Within the ad set, you can control how much budget goes into each ad set creative.

Ex: You set a budget of $100 for a campaign, and you have 5 ad sets. Then you allot $20 to each ad set.

What is a CBO Campaign?

Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) was added to the market a few years back and gave a whole fresh taste to the ads. Basically, Facebook automatically finds the best-performing ads and spends according to their performances.

 CBO campaign automatically distributes the budget according to their results and performance. You can even set a minimum and maximum spend limit per ad set.

Ex: You set a $1000 budget for a campaign with 3 ad sets, then the CBO campaign decides on itself where and how much to spend accordingly.

PROS and CONS of ABO and CBO Campaign

PROS of an ABO Campaign:

  1. ABO allows you to fully control your budget according to your needs. This works well in A/B testing so you can allot an equivalent amount to ad sets and audiences.
  2. ABO is good for lower spending amounts. If you are spending $500 or less on your account, then you should stick to ABO.

CONS of an ABO Campaign:

  1. ABO cannot scale as good as CBO. You can scale with ABO too, but CBO is more optimized for scaling.
  2. ABO faces more audience saturation. As you are forcing your budget into one type of audience.

PROS of a CBO Campaign:

  1. CBO is super scalable! With bigger audiences and the ability to duplicate the ad sets, with only well-performing ad sets. It is possible to grow and scale.
  2. CBO protects audience saturation because CBO doesn’t need to force spend its budget into one audience. CBO always finds and new techniques to perform.

Cons of CBO Campaign:

  1. CBO can be very COSTLY!

If you have a low total budget of $500 or less, then don’t go for CBO. We have found CBO works well for a $200 daily ad budget or more. 

Now you know what to choose and why to choose as per your needs!

Stay tuned! For more power-packed content!

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YouTube Algorithm Hacks

Today, we’re going to be talking about one of the most important factors that determines how a video performs on YouTube, and that is the YouTube Algorithm.

In short, YouTube Algorithm refers to the entire system that decides how many times a video should be recommended, who the video is recommended to, and how high it is placed when someone searches for a particular keyword.

So if you’ve seen a random video from 2010 suddenly pop up in your recommendations and see a lot of people in the comments saying how this decade old video is somehow being recommended to them, It all has to do with the YouTube Algorithm.

Because the algorithm decides how many times and to whom a video is recommended to, it’s one of the most deciding factors that essentially decides a video’s FATE. So even if your content is great, but it is uninteresting according to the algorithm, it won’t be recommended, making it so that your video doesn’t reach its target audience and hence, doesn’t get views.

Don’t worry though, as there are plenty of ways to make your video more appealing to the algorithm and optimize it so that it is recommended to its target audience. But before we move on to our YouTube Algorithm Hacks, we need to understand how the YouTube algorithm works.

How does the YouTube Algorithm work?

YouTube’s Algorithm suggests people relevant content that they want to watch through various sections on the platform, which are Home, Search, Trending, Suggested Videos and Subscriptions.

By suggesting people the exact kind of content that they want to watch, YouTube makes sure that viewers return to their website regularly, keeping regular traffic incoming to YouTube and so far, it has done a great job at making sure people come back to it almost everyday.

To figure out what content one wants to watch, YouTube keeps a track of its every user. It keeps a track of what genre of videos a viewer watches, what they search for, how long they watch a specific video for, what video a user likes or dislikes and then tries to recommend the user the videos they liked or watched for longer, while trying to recommend less of the videos the person disliked.

Let’s take a look at how the different YouTube recommendation systems work:


When a user first opens the YouTube app or youtube.com, they’re met with a wide array of videos which is often broad, containing every genre of videos, simply because it still doesn’t know what that specific user likes to watch. 

The way YouTube selects which videos to show on the homepage is by using 2 ranking systems:


The primary ranking system for the homepage, YouTube selects videos that perform well based on various trackers such as Views, Likes and Dislikes, Viewer Engagement, Average View Duration and Click Through rate.

By the way… Increase your YouTube video’s performance, Buy Views, Likes, Dislikes and Comments or Subscribers now! 😉


As the viewer starts to watch videos, the home page becomes more and more personalized. For example, if the viewer watched gaming videos, the homepage would start changing so that it includes more gaming videos than other Genres. The gaming videos recommended would still be on the basis of performance.


YouTube, being owned by Google, has a brilliant search system. And the way the search system works is by focusing on keywords and click through rates.


YouTube’s search engine heavily relies on keywords, which are words that define a specific type of video, like “Funny” or “Cute” which are often included in the youtube video’s metadata. And the way the “Funny” or “Cute” videos will be ranked in the search is done by tracking click through rates.

Click Through Rates

So now YouTube has to rank all the videos that have the keyword “Funny” or “Cute” in them, and for that it uses click through rates.

Click through rate refers to the number of times a video is clicked upon being recommended.

So, if you search for “Cute” and you click on a video titled “Cute Cat Videos”, it’s going to rank it higher than other videos because it learned that when you searched “Cute”, you were trying to find that specific video.


YouTube has a separate page titled Trending which updates every 24 hours. It includes videos that performed well in a particular geographic area in the past 24 hours. So, the Trending page for the United States will be different than it is for Canada.

Suggested Videos

Suggested Videos are the videos that appear next to the video that you’re currently watching.

It includes the videos that have been watched in succession or videos based on the same topic and have similar performance.

A song cover video will generally have song covers by the same or different artists in its suggested videos.


If you’re not already familiar, YouTube has the option to subscribe to a YouTube channel for free, which means that if someone subscribes to a channel, any video uploaded by that channel will appear under their Subscriptions Tab and may also show on their home page.

There’s also the option to turn on notifications that will send a notification every time a video is uploaded by the channel notifications are turned on for.

youtube guy showing youtube logo

How to Optimize the videos for the Algorithm?

So now that you understand how the YouTube Algorithm works and how it chooses which videos to recommend to its users, You’re ready to HACK INTO THE YOUTUBE ALGORITHM!

Just Kidding- don’t worry, you’re not going to be hacking anything, but rather, you’ll be using some of the methods that popular YouTubers use to optimize their videos for the YouTube algorithm to get as much audience to their channel as possible. Here’s how you can do that as well…

Creating Effective MetaData

Metadata includes all the information related to a video, such as Title, Video Description, Tags and Annotations. As mentioned above, YouTube uses keywords from the metadata to display and rank videos. Thus, taking the time to optimize the metadata is crucial to making your video stand out.

This includes using metadata related to your video, making the title and description appealing.

It’s very important that you AVOID using metadata that is misleading or not related to your video. For example, using the tag “Cooking” in a car race video will reduce your click through rate and hence, reduce your video’s reputation.


Clickbaiting is a fine line that when done correctly, makes your video perform extremely well, but clickbaiting too much can hurt your video and overall, your channel’s reputation.

Clickbait refers to adding or exaggerating the thumbnail or Title in such a way that the video becomes extremely clickable so that every time it is recommended, it manages to get users to click and watch the video. 

However, there are certain Dos and Don’ts to clickbaiting:


  • Add an interesting title and thumbnail.
  • Make the thumbnail visually interesting and clickable.
  • Exaggerate the title a little bit. 
  • Include what actually happens in the video.


  • Add things that aren’t actually a part of the video.
  • Make unrealistic thumbnails like dragons flying above your head.
  • Use irrelevant words in your title and description.

Increase Video Performance

Last but not the least, Video performance is one of the most important factors the YouTube algorithm tracks while recommending videos to its viewers.

So, it might come as no surprise that channels with more subscribers and viewership perform a lot better than the ones with less subscribers and viewers. 

For example, a video by a channel with 10M subscribers will perform A LOT better than a video by a channel with 100K subscribers even if the latter is a better video. Simply because the former will be recommended to a lot more people and thus will reach its dedicated audience. 

But growing a channel isn’t easy and takes time, you might say… Why wait? Simply go ahead and Buy Real YouTube Subscribers and rank better than your competitors now!

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How do I stop spam comments on YouTube?

With over a billion users spread across the world. YouTube is one of the biggest online streaming platforms. It allows users to watch videos and even download them on their devices (in the app only).

Genre ranging from cooking recipes, travel vlogs, unboxing, sports, series, and what not!. You can create your own YouTube channel and upload your videos. You can check blogs on our website on how to create a YouTube channel.

However, if you are a regular user of the platform and you have a habit of reading comments on YouTube videos or live streams, you May have certainly noticed a repetitive pattern. Along with childish insults, lame jokes, or abuses, and questionable viewpoints, there exists a pattern in the comment section.

Most of these comments revolve around the topics such as, how to find a job, looking for a date? paid courses, apps, discord, community links, etc. So basically these types of repetitive spam comments are the work of YouTube Spam bots.

So above lines raise queries like:

What are Spam comments?

Spam is content and correspondences which give a negative experience by making it difficult to find more relative and substantive material. Basically, bulk messages on videos and live streams. For example: 

You are live streaming on YouTube and fortunately; you have a pretty good number of live viewers on your stream and you are trying to have an interactive session with your viewers by reading their comments. Now you see repetitive same content comments, some external links, abuses, lame humor, resulting in pushing your genuine comments so fast that you cannot read one!

avoid spam on youtube

What is a Spambot?

A Youtube Spambot is a computer program that is made to create spam comments on Youtube videos. Most of these spambots consist of a Python script and easy-to-use software products that can be used by anyone to create spam comments.

But the question is…

Why are spam bots even created?

They are created to get your attention and make you perform a particular action online.

It is irritating for users and it brings zero value to the platform, but someone intentionally does it all the time. In many cases, bots are used to automate spam comments on high-traffic accounts.

These accounts often look real. To avoid being flagged as spam, bots mimic human behavior by posting images to their accounts, liking posts, and making connections with other users.

According to Digital information world, millions of accounts on YouTube are fake, it’s becoming a serious security and data protection issue for YouTube.

Bot accounts usually have thousands of followers while the number of posts is ridiculously small. That indicates that the account is most likely not real unless it belongs to a celebrity.

Accounts with many followers and a few posts belong to bot networks that follow each other’s profiles to fool users and make them believe accounts are real.

People operating the bots have one aim ‘to grab your attention’.

How do I stop spam comments on YouTube?

Youtube itself is engaged in solving this problem of spam comments. However the primary solution to spam comments is to encourage users to report them.

For creators:

Spam comments are particularly more problematic for creators as they discourage real users from commenting on videos. It can even harm the reputation of the creator’s videos.

You can stop a lot of spam bots from the community page, which is given in your ‘YouTube Studio’ section, under the ‘settings’ option.

How to block spam comments from your channel? 

Using the ‘Automated filters’ section given on the ‘Community page’ of your YouTube channel’s ‘Settings’, you can block any comment that includes a link. This will remove most bots as it blocks anyone trying to advertise anything.

You are also provided with a ‘blocked word list’. This allows you to create a list of words as it will block any comment that includes the words given by you automatically.

For Viewers:

Although there is very little that viewers can do technically to stop YouTube spam comments. However, if you ever notice any harmful spam comments, you can easily report them.

For this, you just need to click on the three vertical dots given next to the particular comment and select ‘Report’. You can even provide a reason for its report and removal. However it is necessary for multiple people to report bot accounts to get them blocked.

So, if you see these types of comments again? You know what to do.
Stay tunedfor more more power-packed content.

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How many views do you need to make a living off YouTube?

YouTube is one of the most used video sharing platforms today.

Whether you’re sitting on your couch doing nothing or finding a video to watch while eating dinner, chances are, you’re browsing through the countless hours of content that is uploaded on YouTube everyday. And even though from the surface, it looks like videos are uploaded to YouTube for free, YouTube actually pays its creators and a lot of people do YouTube as a full time career. 

YouTubers like PewDiePie, Smosh, Dude Perfect and Mr. Beast are some of the most earning creators on the platform with estimated earnings upto $10M+ annually.

This makes it pretty clear that YouTube can most certainly be taken as a career path and even if you don’t get as big as Mr. Beast and start earning in millions as soon as you begin, you can still get enough money to make a living off just YouTube alone.

But to answer the question “How many views do you need to make money off YouTube?”, we’ll have to dive in a bit deeper and first answer the question-

youtube mobile

How many views do you need to make money on YouTube?

YouTube pays its creators primarily through AdSense, google’s advertising service. But that doesn’t mean that you can just create a YouTube channel and start earning immediately. There are certain requirements that your channel needs to meet in order for you to apply for the “YouTube Partner Program”. Once accepted into the program, your channel can start making money on YouTube. The requirements to apply for the YouTube Partner Program are:

  • The channel must have 1000 subscribers. So as soon as you hit 1000 subscribers on your channel, you can cross this one off the list.
  • The channel must have 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months. This is the one where people have the most confusion. This one basically means that all the videos uploaded to your channel in the past 12 months, live streams included, have been watched by people across the world for 4000 hours or more in total.
  • The channel must comply with YouTube’s community guidelines. YouTube has strict community guidelines on what can and cannot be uploaded to YouTube and your channel must comply with it in order to get monetized.
  • Have an AdSense account set up.

Once your channel meets all the above mentioned requirements, you can go to your YouTube Studio and use the Monetize Tab from where you can apply for the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube takes about a month before they accept or deny your application.

Some Quick Calculations

After doing some quick calculations, you will need at least 24,000 views on a 10 min video, considering every viewer watched the whole 10 mins of your video to start making money from YouTube. 24K views might sound very little for a big YouTuber with millions of subscribers, but for someone just starting a channel, it may take months or even years to reach that milestone. But don’t worry, with us, you can skip that part and get straight to earning from YouTube. Buy 4000 hours watch time + 1000 subscribers.

Don’t have a channel yet? Don’t worry you can also Buy a Monetized YouTube Channel instead!

How much does YouTube pay?

Youtube generally pays an average of $0.18 per ad shown which translates to around $0.003 – $0.005 per view or $3 – $5 for every 1000 views. This amount, however, depends on various factors such as the number of ads shown, the click through rate of the ads shown, whether the viewer watched the whole ad or skipped it, your video length and ad quality.

Another question we get asked a lot is…

How many YouTube views do you need to make $1000?

Sometimes, people want to get straight to the money and honestly, we can’t blame them for it. So unlike other blogs that have you read through a bunch of text, we’re gonna get straight to the point. On average, you’d need around 200,000 – 500,000 views to earn $1000 from YouTube through AdSense. And then, there’s always live streams with SuperChat where there is no limit to how much one person can tip you, so you might just earn $1000 in SuperChats during a single live stream considering you have a big enough fan base. So grow your fan base right now and skip waiting around Buy High Retention YouTube views right now!

And that’s all for today! Stay tuned for more power packed content.

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How much does it cost to start YouTube channel?

“Hello, Guys! Welcome to my YouTube channel, Today we are back, with some new entertainment, without further a do let’s get started.

These types of voices live in my head rent-free, and the reason behind this is nothing but “YouTube”. YouTube plays an even part in making people lazy and in making them successful too. Some people got inspired by it and made it to the big and some people got lost in procrastination and regretted it.

But if you know how to use it and HOW MUCH TO USE IT, then the chances are 100% that you are going to make a fortune out of it. YouTube is one of the best sources for people to educate themselves about anything in return for nothing. ‘Doesn’t know how to cook porridge? No problem, you got it!’, ’Want to learn to code for free? Consider it done!’, ‘What are the best ways to invest your money? You have it!. 

According to many successful entrepreneurs, one doesn’t need to go to school or university if he knows how to use YouTube. “That’s a big statement I know, right?” But to be honest, I somehow agree with it!

Starting a YouTube channel is also a career option. It’s not a get rich overnight scheme, just like other professions, it also requires hard work and patience to prosper. YouTubers like Logan Paul, Carryminati, Jack Septic Eye, Ksi, don’t need any introduction. These guys started YouTube just for fun, but now they are celebrities. If you have a passion for YouTube videos and want to make a career out of them, so today, we will help you with “How to start a YouTube channel” we will also talk about how much money it costs, so stay tuned.

What do you need to start a YouTube channel?

Starting a YouTube channel is a simple process. Things needed to start a YouTube are as follows:

  1. Sign up process. (It helps if you already have a Gmail address, if not then you need to create a one.)
  2. Click on the “Create a channel” option.
  3. Decide whether you want to use the same name as your Gmail address or you can create a custom name for your channel.
  4. Add your details in the “about” section. (Don’t write that you have a crush on Jacob or Sarah) 
  5. Beautify the look of your channel by adding a cover photo and profile picture.
  6. Upload your first video.

And you are done!

Apart from basic steps, there are some hacks that you can use while making videos. They are as follows:

  • Good Camera: I agree with the point that we can also make videos on our smartphones. But “DSLR IS DSLR” if you have a good budget, then you should invest in clean video quality.
  • Editing Software: Many BIG YouTubers learned to edit videos just because they cannot afford a professional editor. You can try your hands on software like Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Kine Master, etc. 
  • Optimize your videos for search and SEO: Your title of the video plays a crucial part in attracting traffic. For example, the Title “How to learn algebra” is much better than “Algebra Hacks”.
  • Buy a monetized channel: You must be aware of the fact that YouTube has some specific criteria you must achieve before they enable your monetization. So it’s a lot easier if you buy a monetized account and then post your content.

You can check our affordable monetized channels here.

How much does it cost to start a YouTube Channel?

“The mortgage of your house”? NO! Creating a YouTube channel is completely free. Creating and uploading content requires hard work and patience that all it requires.

But as soon as your audience grows, you need to improve your content quality such as,

  1. Professional video editing.
  2. Mic equipment.
  3. Perfect Lightning.
  4. Professional scripts.

So if you will go for outsourcing these services, then it might get a little expensive, but you get exponential growth as well.

PRO TIP: Consistent actions create consistent results.

That’s all for today! Stay tuned for more power-packed content.

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