What is RPM in YouTube videos?

YouTube RPM means Revenue Per Mille, a measure of how much YouTubers earn on average per 1000 views on their videos.

Another revenue measurement metric is CPM, which means Cost Per Mille.

CPM is how much revenue is generated from ads on your video, and how much your channel charges on average per monetized 1000 views.

It’s the total amount before YouTube takes its cut (which is 45% of the total revenue generated from ads), mainly its advertiser-focused metric.

Whereas RPM is How much your channel makes per monetized 1000 views. It’s the actual amount after YouTube takes its cut, mainly its creator-focused metric.

What is the average RPM?

While the average RPM differs from niche to niche, it can be somewhere between $3.30 and $4.40.

Average RPM depends on many factors which will be discussed later in this article.

What should be the RPM on YouTube?

Based on the traffic’s geography and your channel’s niche, it’s good if your RPM falls in the range of $1-$5.

But that said, there are tons of channels whose RPM is less than a dollar and is in cents like $0.5, $0.6, $0.9, etc.

And there are some channels whose RPM is as high as $10 based on the niche they are operating in.

What determines RPM?

It depends on a few factors like –

Title of the Video

The keyword and the topic you choose to create your video matter a lot when it comes to getting high amount ads through Google AdSense on your videos.

Generally, advertisers tend to bid at high rates when it comes to high-demand keywords while they set their marketing campaign on YouTube.

For example- keywords like personal finance and trading have a very high bid rate, which in return yields greater revenue to YouTube via ads and hence you also get 55% of it.

So higher the demand for a keyword in the market, the higher will be the ad revenue generated from such keyword-focused videos.


Nowadays almost all serious YouTubers focus on writing a YouTube SEO-optimized description below their videos. Having a precise and relevant description for your videos helps Google and YouTube’s algorithm to better understand your content. Based on the meta-data like keywords and tags provided by you in the description, YouTube’s web crawlers (search bots) rank the videos by considering their relevance and content quality. The higher your video ranks in the YouTube search result, the higher the traction your content gets in getting ads.

Market and Advertising Demand

As we read in the above points that high RPM is all about how much Google Adsense is getting paid from advertisers for a particular keyword.

It’s important that you analyze and study the demand in the market, what is that keyword for which advertisers are willing to pay huge dollars, and what is that keyword for which the bidding is high within advertisers on YouTube.

Content and Caption

Whatever you upload on YouTube is scanned thoroughly by YouTube’s bots.

Using machine learning algorithms, these bots try to understand what your content is all about and how well it is structured.

Hence it is very important that you use readable and well-structured captions/transcripts for your videos.

Always try to talk and discuss about your main keyword throughout the video, and make the video engaging by adding proper humor and sarcasm.

In short, the video should keyword focused but at the same time, it shouldn’t sound too monotonous to the viewers.

Don’t over-stuff your content with keywords, or else the YouTube algorithm will score your content negatively.

High-Paying Niches

If you are targeting high RPM, then the first and foremost thing to do is choose a high-paying niche.

You can do some research and analysis over the internet on the high-paying and demanding niches or sub-niches.

A few examples are – Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, Stock Market Investment, Tech Reviews, Digital Marketing, etc.

Low-Paying Niches

It’s not always possible to create content only on high-paying niches, especially if it doesn’t fall under your expertise or area of interest.

Still, those videos do good on the revenue front, if the RPM is less then the number of views should be quite high as the total earning is always the product of RPM and the total number of views.

A few examples of low-paying niches are: vlogging, Prank Videos, Comedy, Gaming, Art, Singing, etc.

How to Find High-Paying Keywords

Keyword choice and RPM are correlated with each other, the more demanding keyword you choose, the higher will be RPM or your earnings.

But how do we get to know which keywords have a high bid rate?

For that, one can use Google Adwords to get the data and stats.

To navigate, go to Google Adwords → Tools & Settings → Planning → Keyword Planner → Discover New Keywords and then enter the keyword you want to search for.

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What is a good CTR on Youtube?

CTR on YouTube means Click Through Rate, it’s simply the percentage of impressions that turns into views.

Now what are impressions and how does YouTube count impressions?

An impression is basically when someone sees your video either in their YouTube feed or on your channel’s page.

For an impression to be counted as a valid impression, the viewer should see more than 50% of the video’s thumbnail and spend at least more than a second on it.

How to calculate Click Through Rate (CTR)?

(Total number of Clicks / Total number of Impressions) * 100.

For example: If the video has a total number of clicks as 100 and a total number of impressions as 1000, then the CTR will be 10%.

What is a good CTR on Youtube?

Well, there’s no such fixed number that fits all the videos and channels as CTR highly varies depending upon the niche.

If you are making videos for educational, technical or informational niches then having a CTR anywhere between 5% to 10% is a quite good number.

In the case of entertainment, humor, vlogging or comedy niches, having CTR between 12% to 15% is a good number or anything above 10% counts under good CTR.

How much is the Average CTR on YouTube

As per google, 50% of videos and channels on YouTube have a CTR ranging between 2% and 10%.

To narrow down this range further, anything between 2% to 4% is a good Click Through Rate to have on YouTube.

Is a 10% CTR good?

Yes, having a 10% CTR is good to have in fact, more than good.

High CTRs like 10% mean the YouTube video recommendation system is loving your video and pushing it to the viewer’s feed even if they have not subscribed to your channel.

High CTR means people are loving your title or thumbnail and are very likely to click the thumbnail, hence YouTube’s algorithm thinks other people might also like your content and pushes your video for the same from its side.

Incas, the new set of viewers don’t click on your thumbnail like the previous one, YouTube will start reducing the promotion of that video to other people’s feeds.

Is a 20% click-through rate good on YouTube?

It depends actually, it can be good as well as harmful for your video’s potential reach.

Most of the time having CTRs as high as 20% means people are showing interest in opening your video once they find it in their feed or on your channel.

Videos with CTR greater than 15% mean the video has gone almost viral, getting maximum traction and a high number of views.

But sometimes, a higher CTR above 15% can end up hurting your video. Let’s understand this in more depth.

So what happens is, whenever the CTR is high but the Average View Duration (AVD) is low, this means people are very highly opening the video (clicking on the thumbnail) but they drop out from the video after watching it for a few seconds or minutes.

Most of the time, this implies that the creator is using the thumbnail or the video’s title as clickbait to get more impressions and clicks.

And hence, the YouTube algorithm scores this type of video negatively and stops recommending it to the viewer’s feed.

What is bad CTR on YouTube?

Generally, a CTR falling in the range between 0.1% and 2% is considered a bad CTR.

But it doesn’t mean that the content or the video is bad, it’s just that low CTR means the YouTube recommendation system isn’t pushing your video to the viewer’s feed.

Is CTR a Right Metric to Decide the Number of Views?

Definitely not. While a good CTR helps your video to fetch high traction but it doesn’t give any guarantee on the number of views your video will get in the long run.

CTR gives only a picture of how much the YouTube recommendation system is liking your video.

It doesn’t have much information to offer when it comes to knowing how much the viewers are enjoying or finding that particular video helpful.

It’s because CTR is basically determined on the basis of traffic sources like browse features, channel pages, and suggested videos but not on the basis of YouTube search feature.

But if you notice, we tend to watch videos that we find using YouTube search more than the ones we find via YouTube recommendations or suggested videos.

Hence, videos in the former case have a much higher average watch duration (AVD) than the videos in the latter case.

In short, a high CTR necessarily doesn’t mean that the content will gain a high number of views, and a low CTR necessarily doesn’t mean that the content will gain a low number of views as it passes time on YouTube.

Also, it is seen that smaller channels have higher CTR around 3% to 5% because of their narrow and niche audience.

While the bigger channels have relatively lower CTR which is roughly around 1% to 3% as their subscriber base is quite broad and mixed.Loved it?

Learn more about the tips and tricks of social media management at eazysmm.com/blogs

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How can I become a good YouTuber?

Anyone can easily become a YouTuber these days. In fact, there are around 51 million YouTube channels out there.

But a lot of them are struggling to become good YouTubers and make decent earnings from it.

Irrespective of the niche you choose, there will always be hundreds of people trying to compete in the same category along with you.

To become a good YouTuber, you need to stand out from the masses.

But how do we do that?

Let’s discuss those points, one by one.

Setting up a primary goal

Having a very clear understanding of why you want to be a YouTuber is very important.

Before you get your hands dirty and start publishing videos on YouTube, decide what’s your short-term and long-term expectations are from this platform.

Becoming a good YouTuber is something that requires an adequate amount of time and dedication, it’s a long-term commitment.

So knowing beforehand whether your primary goal is to get subscribers?

Or is it to get a certain number of views? Or does it increase your brand or product visibility? Or is it for personal branding? Or is it simply making this a side hustle?

Having an answer to all these points will help you better streamline and track your progress on YouTube as a content creator.

Choose a niche

This is the heart of any YouTube channel out there. It helps your viewers and YouTube search algorithms understand what your channel is all about, and what topics you cover in your videos.

You might struggle to niche down your content creation journey initially, but take time and understand what is your main expertise, what type of content you enjoy creating the most and most importantly what is something that comes very naturally to you.

Based on these, choose the niche for your channel and start creating videos around it.

Know your “Why”?

Now that you have decided a niche, have a clear understanding of why you are making videos on that niche or topic.

What are your offerings to your viewers? Are you adding any value to them through your content?

In short, have a purpose behind the content which you publish on your channel.

Your target audience

Always create only content that fits your target audience’s interests and choices.

To do so, you must know who your target audience is. To find your target audience, ask a few questions like –

  1. Who should watch my videos?
  2. Why should they watch them?
  3. What are their demographics?
  4. What time of the day do they enjoy watching most?
  5. What values do they get from watching videos of your niche?

Know your competition

You can learn and gain a lot from your competitors. Go through their content and try to understand a few things like.

  1. What is working well for them and what is not working fine for them?
  2. What are the content/topics they are missing out on?
  3. What can be done to stand out from them?

You don’t always have to create videos on new or fresh topics, understand what works for your competitors and tweak them to add your flavor or point of view to it.

Create your brand

Treat your YouTube channel like a brand. People like to associate with content that they think is backed by a trustworthy person or brand.

Presenting your YouTube channel as a brand helps your channel to become more recognizable and creditable.

As per YouTube analysis, people are more likely to subscribe to a channel if they have interacted with it at least 4 times in the past.

Now, how are they gonna remember if it was your channel, every time they watched any of your videos?

The answer is simple, brand awareness

  1. Have a suitable and catchy channel name.
  2. Have a good memorable logo.
  3. Set up a relevant banner image on your channel page.
  4. Choose a theme color.
  5. Set up social media pages and post there regularly.

Schedule your content

Use a content scheduler to plan and schedule your videos and social media posts.

Planning videos in advance at least 1 month, helps you to save time by not sitting daily at the start of the day and thinking about what you should create a video on.

In short, using a content scheduler helps you to better organize, track and plan your content creation.

Use (call to action) CTAs

Youtube algorithm rewards and promotes content that keeps the viewers engaged on YouTube for a longer time. So always try to increase your viewers’ view time. To do so, you can add a link to your next similar video in the description box below or the “i” button in the top-right corner so that it’s readily available for the viewer when the current video is about to end.

Interact with your viewers

Always try to engage with your viewers by replying to their comments or queries.

Create polls, YouTube posts and live sessions to interact with and better understand your viewers.

The key here is to think of YouTube as a community and your subscribers as a family.

You can also buy targeted country views, if you are having the scarcity of views.

Promote your channel and videos

Along with producing quality content on YouTube, it’s also very important and advisable to promote it.

For that, you can choose many platforms and methods like paid advertising, spreading it within your network (friends, relatives, family and colleagues), social media posts, email lists, etc.

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How do you collaborate with someone on YouTube?

What does collaborating on Youtube mean?

Youtube creators collaborate on youtube to publish a video featuring other creators from the same niche or topic his/her channel is about.

This helps both the creators to expose their content and channel to fresh new potential subscribers.

Also, this helps them to get more views, more reach and credibility for their content.

Collaborating with fellow creators on Youtube helps you to build a good and strong relationship within the creators’ community.

How many subscribers do you need to collab?

Well, there’s no such threshold as the minimum number of subscribers needed to be eligible for a collab on Youtube, but it’s advisable to have at least 500-1000 subscribers on your channel.

The main thing here is to have a good number of videos uploaded on your channel before you approach any creator for a collab, as no one will be willing to do a collab if you are very new or not serious about posting content on your channel.

In short, the number of views and videos on your channel is more important than the number of subscribers when it comes to collaborating with other Youtubers.

How to find Youtubers for collaboration?

You can use websites and apps like Channelcrawler and Collabspace to find Youtubers who create content for similar niche or topics as yours.

On these platforms, you can search Youtubers based on the filters like country, region, number of subscribers, number of views, niche, language, etc.

Also, you can use community forums like FB groups, Instagram, Reddit communities, Youtube meetups and events to find potential collaborators.

Always select creators who have similar niches and topics as yours otherwise it won’t make any sense for your viewers to watch those collab videos which don’t have anything in common with your channel’s main theme or topic.

Your viewers will start bouncing back or unsubscribing from your channel, which is something that you don’t want to experience even in dreams.

Reach out to your potential collaborators

Once you gather the list of potential Youtubers for the collab, it’s time that you start interacting and engaging with their content and work.

Comment and appreciate their work on Youtube and other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Also, provide constructive feedback like how they can cover the untapped audience, and point them to topics which have great potential for their channel’s growth but they miss out on it often.

This will make them feel that you genuinely care for their growth and thinking here from a long-term professional relationship perspective.

The goal here is to build a friendly and mutual relationship with them even before you start reaching out to them for collaborations via DMs and cold emails so that there will be a good response rate from them.

You can find their email address by visiting their Youtube channel -> About section -> Details -> For business inquiries.

Tell them how this collaboration will benefit them

In case you are reaching out to a bigger Youtuber, you need to pitch to them very clearly what’s in it for them.

Since they have a comparatively greater number of subscribers than you, there’s a high chance that they might reject your collaboration proposal.

You need to do some heavy lifting for them, pitch them 3-5 great and well-researched topics which have good search volume, and provide a brief description of all the topics you mention.

Point out topics that you are an expert on and they haven’t covered on their channel yet, tell them the whole video shoot plan and how you will take care of the scripts, shooting, editing and thumbnail part end to end.

This will make them feel that they don’t have to put much effort from their side as you are handling almost the whole process from ideation to production, hence making it a low-hanging fruit for them.

If your channel is not monetized.

Then buy a monetized channel. So that your collaborators can have faith in you. 

Different ways to collaborate

There are different ways to work on a collaboration shoot. 

Creator A and creator B meet in person and shoot together: They shoot two different videos, and the first video will be published on creator A’s channel and the second video will be published on creator B’s channel. However, both creators appear in the first video as well as the second video.

Creator A and Creator B shoot their part separately: Both creators shoot their part separately and upload the raw recording to the cloud (via Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) and share its link. They merge, edit and add new clips to those shared recordings to produce a single video out of it.

Creator A and Creator B do a video takeover: Creator A makes a video for creator B’s audience without involving B and then it’s published on B’s channel and similarly, B also does it.

Creator A and Creator B collab via online meeting: Both creators get on an online meeting and one of them predominantly discusses 50% of the planned topics and then the second creator predominantly discusses the remaining 50% of the topics.

They split the whole video into two parts and publish the alternate parts on each other’s channels.

Release and Promotion: It’s very important to set up a realistic timeline for the whole process starting from ideation rounds to final production. Make sure you both get sufficient time to edit, review and publish the video.

It’s advisable that both of you publish the videos at the same time so that they would be available to viewers if they wish to watch the second part.

Now that the major task i.e., publishing the collab video is done, make sure that both of you get the maximum of your efforts by sharing and promoting each other’s video on your social media account and email newsletter.

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How to create a YouTube channel?

YouTube is a popular online platform at the present time.

This is a platform for entertainment and learning and also for earning good money. 

Some of you have queries about the process of making a YouTube channel.

I will try to clear your doubts. So, if you are thinking of opening a YouTube channel, this article is for you.

How Much Money do you need to start a YouTube Channel?

Many people want to make a career on YouTube.

They have the potential to create valuable content, but they are afraid or confused whether they need to pay anything for creating YouTube channel. 

If you are confusing about this matter, I suggest you that there is nothing for fearing because it is completely free to create a YouTube channel.

Normally, for opening any business we have to invest, but for opening a YouTube channel you don’t have to pay. 

If you want to grow up your channel, enrich your videos then you need to buy some devices like camera, editing software, microphone, tripod etc.

These are the places of investment.

This investment is completely depending on you.

If you want to create a very simple, casual video where picture quality is not more important, you don’t need to pay a high amount of money for the camera. 

You may need to pay more for animation based video due to editing software. 

There are many free editing software is available in online market. But maximum, their watermark will be showed on your videos.  For removing the watermark from video, you need to pay.

Some examples of popular editing software, camera, and microphone are given here.


PowerDirector, Apple iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, VideoPad, Corel, CyberLink, Instasize, Adobe Premiere Rush, Movavi, Video Editor, Adobe Premiere Elements.


  Canon EOS 70D, Canon EOS M50, Canon PowerShot G7X MarkII, Go Pro, Canon EOS 90D, Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100, Nikon Z30. 


 Video quality also depends on sounds qualities. So sounds qualities need to be better and for this, microphone is a necessary device. 

  Some examples are- Shure SM7B, Blue Yeti X, Rode NT-USB, Samson Go Mic etc.

How to get your first views on YouTube?

  Only creating a channel is not enough; channel and video need views. To get your first views, you need to complete some steps. Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to get in order to start getting views on YouTube-

Make an idea what the audience want

 Try to understand the interests of your audiences. Read the comments of audiences and try to understand what they want. Make more videos according to the interests of your viewers. 

Asking viewers to subscribe

 Ask your viewers to subscribe your channel and also say to turn on the notification bell.

Create playlist

 If you want to create many videos on same topic, make a playlist and add them. 


Thumbnail is a key for increasing the viewers of a video.

A effective image is most important for enrichment of video. Create a attractive and effective thumbnail which will increase your audience.

Create a trailer video

Create a short video as a trailer.

This trailer video helps to give an idea to audience about your channel. Viewers will get ideas of:

  • What kind of content you create
  • What are the learning things?

Continuous posts

 Don’t stop creating videos. Create videos regularly to keep your engagement high and keep people coming back to your channel.

Know what’s the hot topic

Always keep up to date with current topics and the virals happening on the social medias.

Invite guests vloggers:

Invite other vloggers in your channel. It will help to promote your channel and increase your channel viewers.

Share your videos on another platform

 Do share your channel link; share your videos in other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter etc. It will help to enlarge your audience. 

Build a community

Build a community with other YouTubers who are in the same field with you.

Works together helps to enrich your knowledge, increase viewers, and subscribers of your channel.

10 tips have been discussed above, from which you will gather knowledge how to create a YouTube channel and how to get your first views on YouTube.

So get ready for doing these.

Create your personal channel and share your thoughts and knowledge with the whole world.

Now that you’ve created a channel, you need to start earning.

But monetizing your YouTube channel is easier said than done.

You need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to start earning on YouTube.

Buy 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours now and start earning on YouTube right away.

Best wishes for your YouTube journey!

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How to start a YouTube Channel for Beginners?

YouTube is a platform to express one’s ideas easily and reach a large audience. One can make a personal brand and can even earn.

YouTube is a learning field which helps the students also.

According to the current data, YouTube is the second most popular social media platform in 2022.

The number of users of YouTube is 2562 million.

  If you are thinking of creating a YouTube channel, you’re at the right place. So, here are some suggestions to help you get started-

  • Reset your Google chrome
  • Create a new Gmail account to avoid the date link with other data. 
  • Create YouTube account:

Visit the website youtube.com and create a new YouTube account. After creating a YouTube channel, click on the channel icon to verify your channel.

  • SEO:

Then prepare your channel SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the main portion for creating a channel.

Go to the channel and add keywords on the category of your channel which helps to rank in  search results. Make sure whether your content is suitable for children or adults or suitable for both.

Including the keywords which were used previously, create your channel description. 

  • Channel design:

Add a profile picture, banner and video watermark or you can use a logo.

  • Monetization

Now for the thing the majority of people want to know about. How to start earning on Youtube.

YouTube pays its creators through AdSense which basically means that YouTube runs ads on your videos and pays you every time an ad is shown.

To apply for monetization, your channel needs a minimum 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time. It’s only after that you can start earning from your YouTube channel.

But monetizing a channel is not an easy task. It may take months, even years until you start earning from YouTube.

But don’t worry, buy 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours now and start earning right away.

How to make a video for your YouTube channel:

Are you a beginner? How will you start a video? How to create video?

So let’s read step by step:

  • Think about your interests:

Create videos based on your interests. Because you need to enjoy your own video which will encourage you.

So you can create content on your hobbies, interested portions. You can make knowledge based videos.

If you are a student, you can start online teaching through YouTube.

Whatever you want to create, you can create.

  • Plan for your video:

Now plan for a video

  • How you will reach to the audience
  • Whether it should be animation based or you will play in front of the camera
  • Length of the video
  • Proper place for shooting and others.
  • Write own script:

Create your own script; don’t copy from others. But you can get ideas from others. Own creation gives you more confidence. 

Write the script according to the plan of the video. Make sure that key words and the main purpose of your videos is presented in your script.

  • Write down everything:

It is my personal suggestion that you can write down all steps on your laptop, computer or anywhere as a list of all your steps for making a video and after finishing one step cross the step. Thus you will be able to understand what steps are completed by you and what are left.

  • Check everything:

 Check if you have everything (devices, editing software app, contents, script) you need to make it. When you are sure, go for the next steps.

  • Make your video:

When previous steps are almost done, make your video.

Before going to the final task, practise how you will introduce yourself and introduce your content.

  • Edit the video:

 Video editing is crucial work. 

Don’t take it casually.

A proper editing video makes your project stronger which will give you more confidence. You need patience to do it carefully.

If your video shoot is done, edit it carefully. You can remove your mistakes, add some new ones by editing.

You will give many creative ideas. Before uploading, take much time to edit your videos.

  • Upload:

After finishing the last task, when your video is ready for uploading, confidently upload the video.

If you want to create another video based on that topic, creating a playlist, add it to this video.

In Summary, first focus on your interests and create content. Continuously create videos to get more viewers and subscribers. 

If you are a beginner, naturally you have doubts, fears, and confusion.

There are so many websites, answers and options that it is very difficult to trust.

There is a chance for more confusion. I have tried to remove your confusion and give necessary information.

Create your YouTube channel and upload your videos. Enjoy your work. All the best for your journey.

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Can you Buy Comments on TikTok?

In a time when a huge number of the population wants to be self-reliant, famous. Just to earn independently and to be able to share their perspective with the world of TikTok, Youtube, Twitch and other online creator platforms like these have opened doors for such possibilities for most.

It is as easy as making an account and start uploading content.

But there are many questions that follow after, like the very query we are here to answer.

Here, we will discuss how you can buy comments for your TikTok page

After we’ve done all the pre-production and have launched your page, the primary goal for us is that our posts reach the audience, then eventually the right people who’d be willing to subscribe, follow and watch your following content.

That is one of the harder jobs in this process.

Organically, it is not in our control if and how many people see our TikTok. 

As you know, TikTok provides only two basic options in deciding who sees your posts.

You can either keep the account completely private or let it be public and wait for the algorithm to do its wonders.

Although now there is an opportunity to buy comments and essentially help the algorithm boost your engagement.

The growth of your TikTok page will still depend on you making good content.

This tool along with your quality content will be the adequate combination for the best results, i.e., you can garner real followers.

The comments you’ll buy will help give perceivable credibility to your posts and account, so new users start engaging with your posts.

Just make sure you don’t solely depend on this method for your success as an aspiring TikTok star.

But, if you are struggling with getting fans and likes on your TikTok. Then, you can get 100% Genuine fans and likes here.

Steps to buying TikTok Comments

Open a trustworthy website that sells TikTok comments and find the area where it asks you to paste or share the link to your post

After locating that section, copy and paste the URL link of your post and paste it into the given section.

Select or enter the number of comments you would like on the post. On some sites, you can choose packages as well.

You can select the quality of your comments. Some sites offer custom comments that you can write and have them be written on your post

Lastly, once you’ve selected everything as per your requirement, Go ahead and place the order by clicking buy now. 

Note: Kindly verify the website and if it’s safe to put your card details before you place the order.

The prices per comment range from $0.06 to $0.03 for about 100 followers.

The price can vary depending on the kind of comment you select to be displayed on your post.

There are random kinds and then there are custom comments which can either be selected by you or you can write your own.

Some websites promise a turnaround within 24 hours of placing the order, though others may take a longer time to show any difference on your post.

Pros and Cons of buying TikTok comments

In my research, I came across other people’s attempts to buy comments.

I must confess the results weren’t very satisfactory. 

While some sites didn’t deliver at all, a few did and some of their comments also didn’t provide much engagement as the comments on the post were bots with absurd texts. The next day those followers started getting deleted by the platform I suppose, for obvious reasons.

But there were also some that did deliver well and helped the creator garner engagement, below are some of them at your disposal, you can check them out to learn more.

Here are a few sites and their base charges you can check out, that have proven legit to other creators and sources:

Tokrush: Tokrush prices start at $2.49 per 10 comments and $16.49 per 100 comments.

MediaMister: MediaMister charges $2 per 10 comments and $13 per 100 comments.

Instafollowers: Instafollowers are the cheapest on the list. Prices start at $1.04 per 10 comments and $6.21 per 100 comments.

Qube views: Qube views charges $2.99 for every 10 comments and $19.99 for every 100 comments.

Trollishly: Trollishly offers packages that range from random comments to custom and then bigger bundle packs. Starting at a random comment pack of 100 is priced at $1.74. The starting custom pack is also $1.74 but with 50 comments provided.

Footnote: Technically, yes you can. It’s just like a regular online-shopping stop. It’s simple, and you can easily find a bunch of sites you can find on Google.

All you have to do is search ‘buy TikTok comment’ and your search page will be flooded with sites that claim to sell comments.

But as there are always scams in gray areas, make sure to verify the source and try buying a small number of comments to be sure of the credibility and reliability of the site.

Thanks for reading till the end.

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How do I get verified on TikTok?

Whether you are an individual or an organization, social media verification is extremely important if you want social proof and credibility.

It will not only build trust, but also help your audience differentiate you from the imposters.

And with over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok is undoubtedly a platform that you need to leverage for increasing reach. 

Getting verified on TikTok is not like getting verified on any other social media platform.

You can request verification from other platforms.

But for TikTok, you have to take a different approach. 

And don’t worry. You don’t need to be Selena Gomez to have your TikTok account verified.

But, you do need commitment and should follow some steps to get that blue tick next to your account.

And this article will cover everything on how you can do it. 

Why you should get your TikTok account verified?

It builds credibility

“A verified social media account provides instant social proof and credibility when anyone looks up to you or your company online.”

Neil Patel

We all know duplicate accounts exists.

Type Elon Musk on the Instagram search bar, and you’ll see 35+ accounts under his name.

What’s worse? Some of them even claim to be official.

But people are smart enough to know that they should trust the ones with a blue tick.

So if you don’t want to be misunderstood as an imposter, get your TikTok account verified. 

Opens up opportunities for collaboration

At some point, you must have had a thought to put your TikTok account to use and earn some bucks.

And the best way (well, actually the most profitable way) to do it is through partnerships.

When people see that your account has authority and credibility, they might approach you for collaboration.

But there is a fly in the ointment if your account looks just like the other 35 accounts with the same name (Okay, we are not all Elon Musk.

But there must be at least one imposter pretending to be you). So, to not miss this opportunity, don’t let copycats steal your identity and get your account verified.

How to get your TikTok account verified?

Getting verified on TikTok is a long game.

Unless you are Beyonce, you will not get a blue tick mark overnight.

I think even Beyonce could use a little time to let people know that it’s actually her.

So here are some steps that will help you get started and guide you on how you can earn that badge of verification. 

1. Be consistent

No matter what niche you choose, you need consistency to grow on the platform.

Have an active account, which means an account that you “must have logged in within the past 6 months.”

If you show up on the platform once in a blue moon, it might be a little harder to get verified unless you are a celebrity or a huge personality. 

Not only that, if you are starting with TikTok and if you want to skip the grinding part.

You can also even buy a TikTok account with followers ranging between 50,000 and 150,000.

2. Build up your followers and show clear signs of growth

There is no written rule that says TikTok will grant verification if you have a huge following.

But having a considerable amount of followers (100k+) with consistent growth (500-2000 new followers every day) can increase the chances of getting verified quickly. If your growth is stagnant or plummeting, it is less likely that you will see that blue tick next to your name. 

3. Have verified social media accounts other than TikTok

If you are aiming for that blue tick next to your TikTok account, I’m assuming you already have blue/gray ticks on your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you don’t, go and get them right now! Or go after you read this article. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter give you an option of account verification.


Do you need a huge following to get verified by TikTok?

Getting verified by TikTok has nothing to do with your follower count. Thank God! But you can increase your chances of getting verified if you have a good number of followers (100k+).

But, that does not necessarily ensure verification. In fact, some popular accounts have millions of followers, but no blue tick mark next to their account. 

Can you buy TikTok verification?

You cannot buy verification for your TikTok account, unlike other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

So watch out for third-party sites that promise to verify your account, especially the ones that send you emails claiming to be from the TikTok team.

TikTok does not ask for money, personal documents any other details for account verification. The social media platform will verify your account for free. 

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Does TikTok work with a VPN?

In November of 2017, a Chinese company called ByteDance which owned an app called TikTok, took over the social media service of one of its largest competitors, Musical.ly.

And a little less than a year later, in August 2018 both the apps and its user base were merged and rebranded as TikTok.

Thus began the origin of now one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world, with over a billion monthly users. 

What is TikTok and why is it so popular? 

TikTok is a video-sharing app, which allows its users to share short videos.

Initially, the maximum time limit was 15 seconds, but that has since changed to extend up to 10 minutes.

Despite that. The average length of a TikTok is 21 to 34 seconds. 

Gen Z is one of the major reasons for the popularity of TikTok with a demographic of over sixty per cent of its total users.

What makes TikTok the go-to social media application in the current day and age is its ability to cater to a variety.

One can post about any aspect of their lives, fitness, hobbies, travel, music, etc, as long as you’re able to adapt your content into a short-form video, the sky’s the limit.

And this also is made much easier with the various inbuilt features that make editing and creating content much easier as compared to other platforms. 

How accessible is TikTok? 

The need for a VPN arises due to TikTok not being as accessible as it used to be compared to when it initially launched.

This is due to various reasons, like it being banned in certain countries, and having content curtailment in others.

The reasons for these restrictions vary from the political views of certain countries toward China to the app deemed to have inappropriate content in some countries.

A few countries with these bans/restrictions are India, Russia, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

There also are other countries who are contemplating a ban like Australia and the European Unions.

So it is safe to say that in case these walls are put up between the users of these regions and the app, there will be a need to find a way around it. 

Does TikTok work with a VPN? 

The most common and easy way to bypass these bans and restrictions is to use a VPN, i.e. a Virtual Private Network.

What a VPN does is it creates a secure connection between you and the internet and disguises your IP address so that it does not appear to anyone else.

It works with the user essentially selecting a country that they would like their device to show as pinging from, and this would in turn reflect on the app being run in that country on that device Like many other apps, TikTok too can be accessed in the countries that have it banned from or restricted use of, using a VPN.

This will change the region of your TikTok and no longer show you using it from the country you are in.

People also use a VPN in countries where the app is already fully functional.

This is an added security step in order to keep their data encrypted and their personal information secure, and hence has become a widely accepted step by a lot of users.

Any risks with using TikTok with a VPN? 

In a lot of instances just because it is possible to use some apps with a VPN, that doesn’t mean it comes with no risk.

Fortunately, TikTok is not such an app and makes it perfectly safe to use.

The app cannot track if the user has a VPN enabled or not and hence there is no risk of the app banning you for using the proxy. 

Which country’s VPN works best for TikTok? 

There is no specific country’s VPN that is mandatorily required to run TikTok from the regions that have restrictions on the app.

One can connect their VPN to any region that has full access to the platform and through this enable their device to access the complete functionality of the app.

TikTok uses a region-wise content algorithm, so this could also factor into the country that the user picks for his VPN to ping off.

The majority of such users choose the USA to connect their VPN to since the majority of TikTok’s base is from America.

But the whole process of picking a region is entirely up to the discretion of the user. 

If you want, you can also buy genuine TikTok accounts with thousands of followers without an issue. If you want to skip the grinding part, this is your go. 

Overall, TikTok is currently thriving, with its user base increasing rapidly. In the countries where the app is banned, a VPN can be used so that the user can access the full functionality of the application and this method is extremely safe. 

Thank you. Stay tuned for more power packed content

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How to save videos on TikTok?

Gone are the days of yesternight when our gadgets were databases of a plethora of consumed data, when we used to save anything; from a picture seen on the internet to a hefty movie which burdened our phones and made them run like sloths.

With the advent of Netflix, Prime Video, and many other video and social media platforms, we can download and save the desirable content at their respective places.

No more hustling around for the space(memory), cramming data into unknown corners of our devices or memory sticks.

And then having to navigate around like a ship in a storm when looking for a particular thing that we had saved, probably ages ago.

All that is behind us now. We are organised and fully furnished in our data segregation now.

TikTok, one of the most consumed form of social media platforms, with the videos uploaded there tend to get the most eyeballs all over the world.

In barely a few years since its inception, TikTok has managed to take the world and its inhabitants by storm, virtually revolutionising content delivery and content consumption.

Videos ranging between fun challenges(and sometimes fatal) to videos aimed at social change & activism, the TikTok database has it all covered.

What initially started out as a fad for young people and mostly teenagers has its hooks among all kinds of demographic variations.

TikTok has made it possible for individuals or groups of individuals with virtually no social identities to morph into celebrities with a significantly massive global followerbase and audience.

While there are those who appreciate and advocate the TikTok and such platform, there are many detractors too.

But that perhaps is a subject of discussion for some other time.

This post is all about TikTok and how to make the most of it while consuming content over it. In this post we will be answering a few queries about how to save videos on TikTok.

People from all demographics tend to watch and rewatch videos.

A constant and never-ceasing flurry of new videos keep filling up the timeline and replacing the old ones.

Chances are that a video you watched a few seconds ago will get lost in the swarming, beating and buzzing heart of this video behemoth that keeps changing its shape.

This social media quandary raises a few questions.

One of them being, ‘How to save videos on TikTok?’

Let’s get right to it before the videos that we so much like get lost in the abyss of TikTok.

How do I save videos on TikTok?

To put it simply, we will have to download the desired video(s) on our device locally which, I agree, is a thing of the past but, until there is some innovation taking place over at the headquarters of TikTok, this is what we got.

So how do we save videos on Tiktok:

Found a video that you liked so much that you want to save it but don’t know how?

We got you covered! Tap the “Share” icon in the bottom right corner of the screen before the video begins to play.

A symbol that says “Download” should appear in place of the sharing option for social networking platforms.

Alternatively, depending on your version, it can be referred to as “Save Locally.”

As soon as we click on that, the video will start downloading immediately.

Once the download has completed, as you can see in your notification bar, you should be able to find the newest TikTok video on your camera roll once it has finished downloading, so you can keep it forever.

You can check within your preferred gallery app to confirm this.

Where did that TikTok video go?

TikTok doesn’t have an ‘in-app saving’ feature, so whenever we save/download anything from the app, the downloaded video(s) will be saved in your device’s local memory.

By local memory I mean the internal memory that comes with your device.

Better keep in mind what we are downloading, eh?

I am unable to save some videos. Why is that?

Exclusive content is the TikTok currency, and everybody wants to either create the most exclusive content or have it.

So in the perspective of creating and owning content, the content creator/owner wants it to be exclusive and to maintain precisely that, the creator protects the content by not allowing the users to download it by switching off the option in their profile settings.

It basically prevents the audience from downloading their content through the app, or in the broader terms, legally.

However, there are multiple tools available on the internet that will let you download the restricted videos but they also come with potential infringement clauses and likely lawsuits.

For personal use and gratification, saving any kind of available content shall not incur any legal troubles for you.

But, always remember to give due credit to the creators when and if using their content for publishing purposes.

You can also buy fans and likes for your TikTok account if you struggle as a newbie. 

That’s all for today. Thank you for reading until the end.

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