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Buy Youtube 4000 Watch Hours Time + 1000 Subscribers For Monetization


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******HOW TO BUY******

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Buy Youtube 4000 Watch Hours Time + 1000 Subscribers


What Benefits will you get when Buy 4000 Watch Hours + 1000 Subscribers On Youtube from EazySMM?

  • Your channel will be advertised on Social Media & Google Adwords to get hours watch time and subscribers 100% from real people.
  • Save your time to apply for monetize as soon as possible.
  • Our campaign real and legible with Youtube policy.
  • Available likes, comments & subscribers for bonus.
  • There are packages from 1000-4000 Hours Watch Time can be easier to choose suit package with your channel.
  • Excellent support 24/7, solve all of the concerns about your channel.
  • Advisory good strategies to grow your channel faster.
  • Hours of Viewing Time & Subscribers Guaranteed LIFETIME FOR GENUINE

How To Buy Youtube 4000 Watch Hours + 1000 Subscribers on EazySMM?

There’re 4 steps to buy, it’s easier even you are newbie:

  1. Choose the package you would like to get.
  2. Fill full information in order form.
  3. Add to cart & checkout.
  4. Choose the payments method and pay.

If 4000 Watch Hours + 1000 Subscribers Isn’t Your Choice, You Can Refer Buy HQ Monetized Youtube Channel 

How to enable monetization on Youtube?

Step 1 :

  • Sign in to your YouTube channel, go to Creator Studio and select the Status and Features section. (
  • Press Enable in Monetization, if you have not selected country location then Youtube will ask you to choose before registering for monetization.

Step 2 :

  • Read and accept the YouTube Partner Program terms.
  • Sign up for an AdSense account
  • Set monetization options
  • Wait for YouTube to verify that your channel is eligible to enable monetization.
  • Your content needs to comply with YouTube’s policy to enable monetization.

buy 4000 watch hours 1000 subscribers

According to Youtube

For those of you who still see “channel under review” in Creator!

You are first time apply for the YouTube Partner Program and want to monetize:
If you see “Channel Under Review” in Creator Studio this means either:

  • You have applied to Youtube Partner Program for the first time and you’re under initial review. If your channel meets Youtube program policies, you should hear back in about one month.
  • You had an initial review and are now in a secondary review. This means Youtube’s review team has not come to a clear decision during the initial review, so we’re putting extra effort and resources into reviewing your channel multiple times before making a final decision.

Your channel was previously monetizing and you’re re-applying for the YouTube Partner Program :

If you were previously monetizing, were removed from Youtube Partner Program, and have waited 30 days to re-apply, you should hear back in about one month.

How To Re-Enable Monetization On Youtube Account Trick | How To Fix Disabled Adsense In 2020

In this post I will tell you how to enable disabled monetization on youtube or how to change or fix disabled google adsense account on youtube monetization tab,

Step 1: Create a new gmail account with new number.

Step 2: Create a new youtube channel with this new gmail account.

Step 3: Enable adsense account on new youtube channel with new name and new number.

Step 4: Wait for adsense account approving maximum 48 hours minimum 24 hours.

Step 5: Now invite from new adsense to your old disabled monetization channel after approving your new adsense account.

Step 6: Now open your old Gmail and check the invite mail by adsense then open the mail and click on invitation link and accept the invitation.

Step 7: Now type the link on your browser link bar after (slash) exaple…

Step 8: Now showing the tab of adsense account change option on youtube monetization page. Click on change then sign in with new active google adsense account.

Step 9: After the link new adsense account you will go back automatically on youtube monetization page. Now showing here your monetization tab has been disabled.

Step 10: Don’t worry just refresh the page and see your monetization tab has been enable.

Click here to watch tutorial video.

buy 4000 watch hours 1000 subscribers

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