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Buy Facebook Ad Breaks Eligibility Page

buy facebook ad breaks eligibility page

What Are Facebook Ad Breaks?

Facebook ad breaks allow you to monetize your Facebook video content. Ad breaks are short ads (in the form of pre-roll, mid-roll, and image ads) inserted at natural breaks in your eligible video content. The feature has been around for a little over a year and users were slow to adopt it at first. But now, quite a few Facebook pages are earning 4–5 figures in revenue from ad breaks.

To check your page’s eligibility for ad breaks, go to the Join Ad Breaks page.

If your page is eligible, you’ll see a message to this effect right away.


elegible for adbreak

If you see a message that your page isn’t eligible for Facebook ad breaks yet, this means you need to meet some additional requirements to qualify. Here are the requirements for Facebook monetization:

  • Your page must comply with Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies that are centered around community standards, copyright enforcement, authenticity, and engagement.
  • You must reside in one of the eligible countries and post content in one of the eligible languages. Don’t get discouraged if your country isn’t on the list yet; the list of eligible countries is growing fairly fast. Note: this requirement may have been removed from some pages in the last month.
  • You must publish content on your business page (not your personal profile). Facebook’s public documentation specifies that a page must have at least 10,000 fans. Note: Facebook appears to be testing a 1,000 fan minimum in some regions.
  • Your page must have reached one of these milestones in the past 60 days: 15,000 engagements; 180,000 minutes viewed across all of your videos; or 30,000 1-minute views on 3-minute+ videos.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.

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How to Buy Facebook Ad Breaks Eligibility Page

  1. Click here to purchase our Facebook Ad Breaks Eligibility Page
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Our Guarantee

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  • You are responsible for all actions made on the account.
  • Please read the specification of the accounts above before deciding to buy from our store.

Refund Policy

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1 . How many will i get the page after i pay for?
A. We handle and send you the page in 1-3 days.
2. Are the followers real and active?
A. The followers are real and they can approach with your posts.
3 . Can i change the niche of page? 
A. You can change the niche you would like to develope.
4 . Is this eligibility page and no violation?
A. It’s eligibility page and 100% clean, no violation.

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